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I think I remember reading somewhere that you can' use a shield in the smaller secondary arms. So it seems like the best way to make use of 4 arms is to have a twohanded weapon, a light weapon, and a spellcasting focus item. Any disagreement on that?

Can Thrikreen wear armor or do I have to rely on my Carapace?

Level 1 abilities Str 17, Dex 12, Con 14, Int 10, Wis 14, Cha 8
Ranger proficiencies insight, nature, survival
Wild Spacer gives tough feat, wild space adaptation, and perception skill
Natural explorer forest ( Should I take deft explorer instead?)
Favored Foe (replace favored enemy)
Fighting style is two-weapon fighting. Maybe maul and sickle.
Subclass Swarmkeeper.
Level 4 feat is Crusher (str)
Natural explorer grassland
8th level +2 to strength
Spells at 8th Ensnaring Strike, Hunter's Mark, Zephyr Strike, Barkskin, Summon Beast, Faerie Fire, Mage Hand, Web

Haven't planned any further than that.
No dips into other classes have jumped out at me as especially useful. So, I've kept single class. Would you recommend otherwise?
Anything else you would change?

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As per rules, you cannot duel wield with a two handed weapon, even if you have enough arms. Standard rules still apply. What you can do is duel wield two light weapons and use a shield at the same time.

Thri-kreen can wear armour, but your DM might rule that it must be fashioned for that species, humanoid armour would not fit their body shape. If they do wear armour it replaces the AC from their carapace, it does not add, and they cannot use their chameleon ability.
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I am running a Thrikreen Swarmkeeper ranger in our local game stores adventure league game. I did the dex build, so with shield a high ac was there from the start. I choose archery as the fighting style; after Tier 1, I multiclassed into rogue for a few levels, and then back to Ranger. The hunter;s mark and sneak attack really work well together with the swarm damage, so your first attack usually does your weapon die plus 4d6. The expertise from rogue and the equivalent from one of the ranger options really makes the stealth/perception top notch, especially if you can use the camouflage carapce. It;s a fun build. Our campaign is set in the AL Season 8 Waterdeep. It is by no means a min max build but it was fun, all because I picture a humanoid insect surround by a swarm of praying mantis's. Have fun!

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