D&D General Hilarious typos in D&D books

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Pretty sure they were trying to invoke this image:


Von Ether

First, what a mess when aiming that into the wind. Second, it would be squinting. I am sure some would say it's technically peering. But go ahead and try to "peer" into a hot, hard wind and keep your eyes open.

Use of a/an and consistent use (or omission, though I'll judge for that too) the Oxford comma are two of my peeves.

I think my favorite D&D typo is the (previously-mentioned) global replacement of mage with wizard leading to every instance of damage being "dawizard" in the 2e Encyclopedia Magica, Volume 1 book.

You guys, “peeing” isn’t the typo. The “an” is the typo. It should read “You see a two-wheeled infernal war machine ...”


Kobold Enthusiast
As someone who spends immense amounts of time proofreading when my actual job is supposedly "engineer" I am always amazed how few typos get through in all of these books. Someone is really on the ball.

If people are looking for typos, Kobold Press' books are full of them (and that's one of the leading 3rd parties). It really shows how much more $$$ WotC has for editing and how much longer they must be spending with drafts than 3rd party press can afford. Tough job.

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