Hilarious typos in D&D books

Russ Morrissey



You guys, “peeing” isn’t the typo. The “an” is the typo. It should read “You see a two-wheeled infernal war machine ...”

Also, if you want typos, pick any random page in the Eberron book. You’ll be guaranteed to find at least one, and it may even be hilarious!


Jewel of the North
Not an official D&D rulebook, but an official TSR book, so it counts ;) In all of the original Dragonlance novels, they keep calling a halberd a "hauberk" Every time. Although, it is mighty impressive for Flint to cut a draconian in two with a hauberk...
In the french translation, I remember the translator always mixing gnomes and goblins. Some scenes in book quickly became quite confusing. :p


Posted without comment. Or with little comment, at least. This from Descent into Avernus.

Here's the thing, when I first read that (and up until this point) I didn't get that it was a typo- I thought, cool- Wotc are at last acknowledging the everyday bodily functions of normal folk (and crazy NPCs). I was going to play the guy with a gurning nonchalance, continuing his unabashed toilet as the PCs pull up on their Infernal War Machine du jour.

Kinda, check this out- see how unafraid this guy is of you.

No, really...

Cheers Goonalan


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