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5E Homebrew feats as good as Sharpshooter and GWM


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I don't actually have any. I'm just trying to brainstorm some feats for other fighting styles that are in the same power range as Sharpshooter, Great Weapon Master, and Polearm Master.

Any ideas?

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Hmm. If you allow Shield Master's shove to be before your attacks, that makes it pretty good. Maybe allow the shield bonus to Dex saves on any effect rather than one that only targets you?

Versatile weapon master: You have mastered techniques that take advantage of the leverage that using both hands grants to a lighter weapon.
When taking the Attack action using a weapon with the Versatile property in two hands, you may make an additional attack with it as a bonus action.
You may choose to deal Slashing, Bludgeoning or Piercing damage when you deal damage with any melee weapon.

Dual Wielder: Same benefits, plus
When you take the Attack action whilst wielding a weapon in each hand, you may reroll one attack roll. You may choose to use this reroll after knowing whether the attack hit or missed the opponent.

Thrown weapon master: You are adept at utilising the range of a thrown weapon as a natural extension of its own reach.
You may draw a weapon with the thrown property as part of making an attack with it.
As a Reaction, you may make one attack with a weapon with the thrown property that you are currently wielding at any point during your, or anyone else's turn.
You may make Shove or Grapple attempts with ranged weapon attacks. If you successfully grapple an opponent, you have pinned them to the floor or another surface rather then gripping them yourself, and so you cannot move them, but they are not automatically freed if you are incapacitated or moved.

Protection master: You are adept at defending others and reacting to your opponent's maneuvers.
You may take a number of Reactions equal to your proficiency bonus each round.


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When you are wielding a melee weapon without the two handed or heavy properties and your off hand is empty:
  • Gain +2 to hit with the weapon.
  • When missed by an attack from an adjacent foe, you may spend your reaction to make an opportunity attack against them with the weapon.

Stone Stance
When wielding a melee weapon, you may use your bonus action to enter a Stone Stance. Until you end it as a free action or move (voluntarily or involuntarily), the following is true:
  • Your Attack action grants one less attack.
  • You gain +2 to AC and DEX saves.
  • You have Advantage on attempts to resist shoves, prones, or grapples.
  • You reduce all forced movement by half your movement speed, or your full movement speed if you are a dwarf.
  • When missed by a melee attack you may make an opportunity attack without expending your reaction. You may make the attack even if the attacker is not within your reach.

When wielding only weapon or weapons with the light property:
  • Add proficiency to all damage rolls with the weapon or weapons.
  • Gain +4 AC against ranged attacks.
  • Gain +10 damage when you score a critical hit with the weapon or weapons.
  • When you take the Attack action, you do not trigger opportunity attacks due to movement until the end of your turn.

Completely non-tested or balanced. :) Have fun.

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