D&D Movie/TV Honor Among Thieves Getting China release and Chinese Movie Poster


The box office numbers don't show that little detail, so the true value of that is the extra social proof of having a bigger box office number especially on opening weekend.

Yup if the make 200 million everywhere else and same in China the could barely break even.

Idk how much the marketing budget is.

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Also, 25% of 100s of millions is still lots of money.

The studios care about the (real) bottom line. If success in China is a mere 10% boost to box office revenue, that can easily turn films that lose money into films that make money.

Might be a wild burst of optimism. D&D has very little cultural relevance in China.

China can be a very profitable market, but the hard censorship can cause serious troubles, and Chinese goverment isn't easy to be pleased. And if you want to be very friendly with China, then South-Korea and Japan will be not very happy.

In the past the Chinese company "Perfect World" was the publisher of Newerwinter Online, but after now it is Gearbox Publishing. Now I am reading in the wikipedia Perfect World Entertaiment was sold to Embracer Group.

And this is not only about economy, but also "soft power", the power to change the culture of other countries. Hollywood is not wellcome by Chinese goverment, even when that really tries to be "Chinese-friendly".

If TTRPGs became popular in China, you can bet high spheres will think something about a harder controll to avoid "bad influences among the young generations".

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They probably could do separate Chinese and Japanese settings. They both have pretty big fanbases in the West. I actually think an official, culturally-sensitive Japan sourcebook (I'm sure there's some Japanese or Japanese-American fan who would be stoked) would be huge, and given that our nations have reasonably good relations wouldn't have the same dangers.

Some times when I see some videos in youtube I wonder how would be a D&D-version donghua. Why not Hasbro talking with different animation studios for a mini-serie style "Star Wars: Visions"?


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