House Millithor in COSQ: part 3

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House Millithor/House Morcane Order of Battle
Matron Ki'Willis Millithor (also claiming to be Matron Morcane): Casts Magic Circle versus Good and moves into the audience hall.
Carcelen Millithor: Attacks Kiernan Morcane.
Tierak Morcane: Attacks Leonon Morcane
Bebilith: Attacks Leonon Morcane
Bebilith: Attacks invisible spellcaster
Marckarius Millithor: Attacks Kiernan Morcane
Dariel Millithor: Puts sleep venom on his blade.
Belarbreena, female drow Aranea: Fighting the invisible spellcaster.
Yasraena, female drow Aranea: Blasted by lightning
Kilcif: Recovers himself once the Matron moves forward.

Most of the drow rush into the audience chamber and engage the vampires in hand to hand.

Another lightning bolt flashes in the corridor outside the audience hall and Yasraena the drow Aranea is slain.

Kiernan smiles at the Matron and runs out of of the audience hall. Leonon is close behind him as the two vampires run out of the exit from the audience hall in the direction of Dorina's quarters.


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The Matron's eyes narrow in fury at the frailty and incompetence of her new servants. Then she looks at the Bebiliths to see if their behavior indicates that the invisible spellcaster remains in the room or if he's also fleeing. If she doesn't know or believes that he has also fled she will pursue the vampires, intent on catching them before that can prepare another ambush. She makes sure that Kilcif stays at her side.

If the Invisible spellcaster is still around she will attack him.
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ooc: Which lesser spellcaster is the Matron tossing a wand to? The only other spellcasters around are Carcelon and Tierak, both of whom are high priestesses and their skill rivals the Matron's skill.

The invisible spellcaster isn't in the room, he/she was in the hallway outside the room. All the Matron knows about the fight in the hallways, is that one of the Bebiliths and both Araneas were fighting a spellcaster in the hallway.

In the Audience Chamber
Matron Ki'Willis Millithor:
Carcelen Millithor:
Tierak Morcane:
Bebilith #1:
Marckarius Millithor:

In the hallway outside the Audience Chamber
Dariel Millithor:
Belarbreena, female drow Aranea:


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As the Matron, Tierak, Kilcif and others retreat out of the audience hall to join the fight in the hallway against the invisible spellcaster.

Dariel has moved up to flank the spellcaster against the surviving Aranea and the Bebilith. The combat is taking place in the guardroom to the east of the entrance to the audience hall.

The Bebilith pins the spellcaster in its claws and begins to tear at the trapped spellcaster.

Then the Bebilith suddenly can snaps its claws furiously, completely closed and open, as if the trapped prey somehow escaped.

The Bebilith heads off down the south east hallway, as if in pursuit of some opponent you can not see or hear.


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Brother Shatterstone

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Kilcif: Bugbear/Male (Barbarian/Ranger/Rogue)

Kilcif keeps close to the matron looking to prove himself once again. His anger and frustration of his recent failures has his blood flowing as he looks for something to crush and transfer his frustration upon.

OOC: Kilcif will try to keep his rage in check till they meet up with Dorina but if the battle proceeds bad he will rage.


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Ki'Willis turns to Tierak, her usual serene demeanor disguising the festering cesspool of hatred that's eating away at her sanity.
"Send both Bebiliths after the vampire, to will keep it from reforming before it reaches reinforcements and render it temporarily irrelevant. Have them retreat if they encounter heavy opposition and return here in five minutes. They shall guard our backs as we march against Dorina."

She turns to the surviving Aranea.
"Fetch Durdyn, Guldur and Quertus."

In the mean time we will heal our wounded."

She lends two of her wands to Tierak and Carcelon and uses a third herself. If Marcarius needs healing she will substitute a second-level spell for a cause moderate wounds.

ooc: input?
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"Matron, sending the bebiliths against Kiernan and Leonon without additional support may not be wise. If they fight intelligently it's not unforseeable that they'll be able to destroy the bebiliths before we arrive. It becomes even more likely if there are additional guardians in Dorina's chamber. Dorina has almost certainly reached her coffin by now, and if she hasn't there is little the bebiliths can do to delay her.

Carcelon takes the wand from the Matron and moves over to begin healing Yasraena (if she hasn't hit -10 yet) or Belarbreena (if Yasraena is dead).
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