D&D 5E How Will D&D Beyond Implement Monsters of the Multiverse?

We know that D&D Beyond will be selling the standalone digital version of Mordenkainen Presents: Monsters of the Multiverse on May 17th.


What we don't know is how this release will affect its current digital offerings, and so far they've been silent on the matter, despite questions on their forums and on social media.

Will they update all the existing races and monsters on the platform to the new versions? Will the new versions exist as alternate versions? Typically DDB does the former -- content tends to be updated to the latest version. If that's the case, however, there's no advantage to buying the new book. Plus many folks won’t want their content updated to the new versions.

But so far it's a mystery -- how is this new content to be implemented? With the digital book on preorder now, it's a question that more and more people are asking.

DDB commented on their Discord server:

"We will be following instruction from Wizards of the Coast on how to handle content. I am assured that they will make an announcement on that, then we'll take their lead on how to handle it."
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Customers who want the newer versions of the monsters, newer images, newer tokens, races, etc., will need to purchase the new module for Mordenkainen Presents Monsters of the Multiverse. If a customer owns both the new module and the old modules, then they will see multiple listings for search results and will need to choose which version they want to use.

The Dungeon Master will be able to use the Allow Content or Block Content flags in the library to turn off or on those options within the Library for any players in their campaigns.
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Besides dndbeyond, FG seems like you could possibly select the book to open and load, so that might be the way I go if that’s remains the case.

thanks Doug :). Replied while I was typing.


I think FG is doing it correctly. I'd be shocked if we got updated monster statblocks without buying the new book. Which, frankly, is the right approach, imo.
The problem is D&D Beyond has always said they will digitally update anything to the latest version for free. I get not giving away the book and potentially new info on how to calculate CR but the stats blocks should be updated gratis.

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