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Paizo How will OGL 1.1 affect Pazio, PF1 and P2?

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It would appear to me that if the OGL is not defended then it has failed of its original purpose. If Paizo and all the indi OGL games start operating on licences other than the OGL then OGL has failed.

Art Waring

I asked this same question in the lawyer thread, and didn't get an answer, but it is a very important and difficult question for Paizo right now.

They have the most on the line, because their entire catalog of content is published under the 1.0a OGL, including video games that I think use the OGL as well.

Art Waring

I don't think Paizo's priority right now is rushing a considered legal strategy to Art Waring on the interent. ;)
Oh for sure, I know I'm pretty insignificant, I may have chosen my words poorly, as I only meant that it's an important question, and I am sure Paizo are working on it as we speak.

Sorry for any confusion.

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