D&D (2024) How you going to roll... 5.24 into your game(s)?

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Jolly Ruby

I'm planning to adopt 2024 edition, but not as an early adopter. I'll wait until they drop the the first additional source book, when the community already know what to expect and how to round the edges. I'm not starting any more campaigns in 2014 edition, but I'll wait until the active ones end to adopt the new ruleset.


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We use dndbeyond, can't think of any reason not to just move it all over. Even if we didn't, can't think of any reason not to.


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We're Frakensteining it baby!!!
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Goblin Queen (She/Her/Hers)
I’m going to switch to the new core rules as default. If you want to use a race, subclass, or feat from a pre-revision source, just use the most recently printed version. I don’t anticipate my players wanting to play pre-revision versions of classes, but if one did, I’d say use the older version as-is; no mixing and matching features with the revised version.

What changes have they seen? I haven't played in the last two weeks.
One thing I noticed on my daughters sheet, was the Ki counter. A couple weeks ago it was boxes you could tic, now it's a counter with +/- to track ki points. I'll ask my wife and other daughter what changed for them when they get back home. They commented something was different from the last time we played (sorcerer and druid for them). It wasn't really big changes but I did find it interesting.

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