D&D (2024) How you going to roll... 5.24 into your game(s)?

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My intent is to select a good enough pre-written campaign that offers at least levels 1-10 and try the new ruleset out (with brand new characters).

The point will be to test drive the 2024 rules so no legacy player-side content: I will specifically ask the players to consider the relatively limited choices ("only" 48 subclasses!) as "refreshing".

What I mean is hopefully WotC will have switched things up so the old staples are no longer obviously best choices.

Micah Sweet

Level Up & OSR Enthusiast
I'm not buying the new books, but I do run an extensively homebrewed Level Up game. So if I get access to the new books some other way, and they have any ideas worth incorporating into my game, I'll consider it. But it's not worth spending $150+ for it, and Gygax knows how much more for the anticipated endless "update" books. I danced that dance back in 3.5. I won't do it again for 5.5.

Pretty deep into the Shattered Obelisk so I'm not sure. I might update my players to the new classes, haven't decided yet. Interestingly though, my wife and daughter noticed that D&DBeyond character sheets have some small changes from the Last time we played. If Beyond changes significantly that will also be a determing factor if we outright upgrade or slowly integrate 5e24 into our on going game.


Loves Your Favorite Game
As a player, I'll be (gently) pushing to run my current characters under the new rules. Unlike my paladin, my monk won't have the updated subclass, but the rest of the changes are enough on their own to entice me. I'm already the rules resource for the both of those DMs, so odds are they'll both go "Sure, we trust you."

As a DM, I will likewise propose switching over, especially because the majority of characters I'm running for do have updated subclasses, and the one who doesn't is the most rules adept. That group is level 5, about to start Shattered Obelisk.

However, in either case, if there's any degree of serious pushback, I'm not going to argue hard for it.


Ravenous Bugblatter Beast of Traal
We finished up all of our 5e games. One couple (two players in my game, the DM and a player in another) were having a baby, so when the campaigns ended we didn't start a new one immediately.

The DM is looking at a bunch of the new D&D-like games that have sprung from the OGL debacle that will address some foundational issues that the 2024 updates do not like high level play or how the low number of encounters per day he rules throws off balance between the classes.

I have the same issues with 5e, and am either going to match their system so they only have to learn one new one, or run 13th Age 2ed. The first edition of 13th Age has been my favorite D&D-like game even above 5e, which I loved.

I have nothing against D&D, and probably the first time the core books go on deep sale, be it in 2025 or 2026, I'll buy the non-DnDBeyond versions of them. But I don't see playing a campaign of it in the next few years unless I join/form a new group.

Since I don't plan on dming any time soon - however my dm wants to.

For one game that probably means "when we start a new campaign" which could be reasonably soon depending on how the next arc goes. Or it might be a year or more from now. (probably not much more.) We haven't discussed it at all but I suspect that if I said I wanted to update my fighter to the 2024 rules that'd be allowed.

For my other game the dm has mentioned that some of the warlock updates might really help my character's fiction match the mechanics better, so we may rebuild her once we get the new books. But that's still a wait-and-see situation. It depends a lot on whether there's a new version of shadow blade.

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