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Human + Half-Elf = ?


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Hi there,

I don't know if this question has been posted before. I didn't find any search function, so here my question:

The 10th-level Half-Elf Wizard (male) made the the 7th-level Bard (female) pregnant. What would be the result and on what facts would this depend?

a) a Quarter-Elf
b) a Human
c) a Half-Elf
d) an Elf
e) something totally different

I'm totally unsure about this and would be glad about some answers or suggestions.

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The rules don't address the issue. In my campaign, the result is a quarter-elf, but quarter-elves are mechanically identical to humans. (I've had a player play one, as well as using quarter-elf NPCs.)

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If what I correctly understand what I learned in high school biology a couple years ago half of the time you're get a half elf and the other half of the time you'd get a human.


It'd be quarter elf. HARP has rules for this. D&D doesn't.

I'd just talk to the player and find out what they hope to gain by being 1/4 elf.

I think a good build would be the bonus feat, bonus skill points, and a 1 point con deduction and a 1 point int increase. That would be fairly balanced.

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Thanee said:
Yep, just make it 50% for half-elf or human, seems the most simple without the need for any new races. :)

I really can't see the need to take any approach other than this one. Random chance as to whether the child favours the mothers or fathers side.


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OK. No official rule, that is not good.

(1) Plain logic (okok, i know it's fantasy):
The Genes of humans and elves can be mixed
=> half-elves, something between humans and elves
=> so half-elves have also the ability to mix with humans and elves
=> the result is something between human and half-elve (or elve / half-elve )

(2) "Roll the dice". "fifty-fifty-chance"

it has great impact on the campaign, which rule we choose.

The Half-Elf-wizard (PC) is the father of the bard's child, but soon after she got pregnant, she fell in love with another human (NPC). If we apply the first rule, it would be clear who is the father, if we apply the second rule, the wizard would have a fifty-fifty-chance ;)


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Personally, I'd say the offspring would be human, but with some resembalance to the half-elf parent - so a slender human with somewhat delicate features, basically.

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