Human + Half-Elf = ?


Half-breed, still living despite WotC racism
Hi there,

The 10th-level Half-Elf Wizard (male) made the the 7th-level Bard (female) pregnant. What would be the result and on what facts would this depend?

a) a Quarter-Elf
b) a Human
c) a Half-Elf
d) an Elf
e) something totally different

This is basically asking about blood quantum's. While in the real world that is an extremely toxic subject... in a tRPG... I'd still avoid it.

Just keep the 'half-X' as the individual is a person of mixed heritage.

In PF2E at least this is ultra simple: It just means you can pick ancestry feats from any of your ancestries. Blood Quantum is a moot point because that's mostly a culture topic, and well, Blood Quantum is still moot as even people with a slight bit of heritage from a source can carry a gene recessively for generations until it pops out in a child somewhere. The most dramatic real world example of this being that people even today pop out now and then with traits that comes from their Neandertal ancestry...

In another other game, I'd still just stick with having the new character described as 'half' or 'mixed' or whatever term that system uses, and drawing for the ancestry mechanics that system used for a mixed / versatile heritage.

Above all, avoid going down the Blood Quantum path of "so many drops of blood from X makes you an X or a Y"... because it leads to unpleasant places and lines of thinking.

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