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Against the Giants

Part One: Steading of the Hill Giant Chief

Group One Players:

@Hriston playing Reeve Bible, Human Champion Fighter Sailor
@Blue playing Eoghan, Firbolg Glamour Bard
@Lidgar playing Jack "the Knife" Blake, Human Rogue Thief
@VLAD the Destroyer playing Quinn, Hexblood Circle of Stars Druid
@TerraDave playing Tenibor, High Elf Wizard
@Shadowedeyes playing Valda the Runeblade Human Rune Knight Fighter


Giants have been raiding the civilized lands in large bands, visiting death and destruction upon villages, towns, and farmlands. Entire militias have been conquered, whole crops wiped out. These marauding bands consist of mixed groups of hill giants, stone giants, frost giants, and fire giants, as well as ogres and other monsters allied with the giants.

Determined to repel the invaders, local lords have begun hiring brave adventuring parties. The first few groups didn’t fare so well. Some were crushed beneath the boulders and boots of rampaging giants, while others fled into the wilderness and never returned.

The closest giant stronghold — and the greatest immediate threat to the safety of nearby settlements — is a great timber fortress populated by hill giants, known simply as the hill giant steading. Nosnra (pronounced noz-en-rah), a grossly fat and thoroughly despicable hill giant chief, rules from this stronghold. Sly and vicious, the hill giant chief routinely plunders farms, ambushes merchant caravans, and threatens trade roads. He has gathered ogres and other vile creatures to his banner and uses them as fodder during his brutal raids.

Nosnra’s alliance with more powerful kinds of giants, such as frost giants and fire giants, is a matter of grave concern. Many suspect a sinister influence at work, a secret motivational power behind the unusual
banding of different races of giants. Civilized authorities seek answers and they are willing to pay.

A new band of adventurers has assembled to punish the marauding giants and banish them from the civilized lands!

Day One: Culligan's Cairn

Lord Falldur coughed and waved to his squire, who helped him to his feet. He made his way down the long, intricately carved passageway of the dwarven tomb that he had used as his base - his home - for the past week. Had it only been a week since he had lost two-thirds of his men, and most of his supplies, on his way to the steading? He had retreated into the hills with what was left of his forces, hiding from roving bands of giants in an ancient burial mound, hidden from the giant's view.

All he could do now was wait for reinforcements to arrive, and to send his scouts to spy on the steading. Wait, gather information, and heal. The old knight, veteran of the War of the Fallow Fields, had been badly injured when a rock had struck his knee - a rock the size of his head, thrown by a fourteen-foot Hill Giant.

He nodded to the guard at the mouth of the cairn, and peered out across the rolling foothills. The skies were grey, with a light rain, leaving the furthest hills (and the mountains beyond) obscured by mists. Still, his heart rose with a renewed sense of purpose, when he saw a figure coming along a worn animal trail.

An adventurer - the first of many, he hoped - had arrived.

GM: You have arrived at Culligan's Cairn, where you can meet your allies and get some information off of Lord Falldur before tackling the Hill Giant Steading. Good Luck!

OOC: Feel free to introduce your character and say a word or two about their journey through the hills.
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5ever, or until 2024
A pale rider on a pale spectral horse pulls up to the tomb. With a gesture he dismisses the mount.

He strides into the Cairn with the confidence of one whose ancestors put many of its permanent residents into their current state.

He declares himself to the lord:

"Greetings your lordship. I am Tenibor of House A'Nora. I come as a leader and representative of my people to confront the scourge of giants."

"Our numbers in these lands are now few, hence I come alone. May my magical abilities help defeat this great menace."

He gives the slightest bow. He is trained in the ways of civilization, so will not smirk when and if the lord describes his recent defeats and suffering.

EDIT: Of course, he also shows only the slightest concern as he begins to understand this is very much about giants. And maybe not just a few.

"So these terrible oafs as tall as trees, your unfortunate and brave men encountered them in some numbers?"
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Ravenous Bugblatter Beast of Traal
A few shouts are heard from outside, the scrape of drawn steel, and words exchanged, but no alarm raised. A minute or so later a tall, broad, almost towards the worrisome "gigantic" carefully pulls himself through the dwarf-size opening to the tomb, blocking the sun. "Erm, pardons" he intones, though if that was trying to edge past a guard or to the stone door frame itself isn't clear. The voice at least fits the surroundings, deep as a dwarven mine.

Tufty ears, large eyes, blue skin, and a wide pinkish nose are visible once he is no longer a silhouette.

Still hunched against the oppressive-to-him height of the cairn he presents himself to the eldest present, hoping it was this Falldur he was told about. "Kind greetings to you and your tribe. I am here."

He turns his head and beams a wide toothy smile towards the pale elf. In Sylvan he says a traditional if old-fashioned Eladrin greeting, <May the sun show your path and the moon illuminate your steps.>


Lord Falldur had not expected the rider to be an elf - it had been over a decade since he had even seen one of the olden folk. He was suitably impressed when the elf had dismissed his mount - it implied the competence that he was hoping for.

"Yes, they have been active in numbers unseen for thirty years." Falldur replied, then as he realised that the elf probably did not see three decades as a long time at all, he changed the subject for the moment, "Welcome to Culligan's Cairn. I hope you don't find it too distasteful to take refuge in a tomb. Since the dwarves left these hills for the mountains, a hundred years ago, this place has been thoroughly looted. Though it's possible that they took much of its contents along with them."

While Falldur was showing Tenibor around, the elf's thoughts turned to his true mission. Helping these humans against the giants was a noble task, to be sure, but Tenibor had been tasked with something else as well: Alaurien the Crestfallen, seer of the Starlit Fens had told him, "The dwarves would not tell our emissaries why they abandoned the Stalwart Hills, but the feeling was that they had discovered a hidden shrine. Not to just any of the old gods, but dedicated to the Nemesis itself. They fled under the mountain to avoid its dark influence, leaving the shrine buried. This... steading, that you have been tasked to journey to. It is uncomfortably close to that place. The wind is shifting. You must find out if the shrine exists, and if it has been uncovered."

OOC: Tenibor has his own Quest: Find the Shrine (or at least, make sure it's NOT found).
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The arrival of a giant (even a strange, fey-born one) caused quite a stir among the remaining soldiers. However, his bearing was so relaxed, warm, and pleasant (so unlike the aggressive, brutish hill giants) that they quickly came around. Soon, the word went around that they "had a giant of their own" and idlers came from various parts of the tomb to gawk at him. A few guards even traded posts (or in one case, left it abandoned) to see him. While he was not nearly as large as their enemies, his voice and his personal presence filled the space. Morale noticeably rose, and soon the tomb was filled with jokes, laughter, and song.

Lord Falldur was forced to roar orders that returned soldiers to their duties and restored discipline. Still, even he showed the signs of a better outlook - and his knee seemed to bother him less. While he still walked with a limp, he dismissed the squire who had been acting as his crutch.

OOC: No extra mission for Eoghan, but he knows of a circle of druids who would greatly enjoy hearing the tale of what happens here, secluded as they are from the things that happen outside their deep forest. So perhaps, Eoghan's Quest: Gather inspiration for a epic to sing for the Druids.


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The Reeve of Steelport guides Memory, her horse, along the winding trail leading to the Cairn, stopping occasionally to let her forage some of the fresh dew covered grass and humming half remembered snippets of sea shanties, mumbling to herself as she goes. Nevertheless, she makes good time, arriving quickly and quietly as summoned.

She spies Lord Falldur at the dark entrance of the Cairn, dismounts, and descends between the megaliths that line its walkway.

"Ahoy, m'lord!" she greets the old knight, summoning as much pleasantry as she can muster for the occasion.

She notices Tenibor and Eoghan as her eyes adjust to the darkness inside the Cairn. "Oh my gosh, an elf!" she exclaims.

"And you, careful there," she says looking good naturedly up at the looming fir bolg, "don't bump your head! What am I? I'm no sage, but I know grave matters are afoot. Who am I? I'm Fistblood -- Fistblood the Sailor."


After Lord Faldur had greeter her and turned to look for more arrivals, an exclamation came from the back of the cairn, "Fistblood!"

A familiar face appeared, but now dressed in the style of a royal scout. It was Cromby McGibbon, an able sailor, gifted in the tops; agile and steady. He came forward and said, "Glad ta see you, mate! Asye I've been playin' the part of a scout since the Gorgon grounded in Stoney Bay. I heard you was Reeve of Steelport! I guess I should bow now insteada salute, eh?"

He made a mock-bow, deeper than would ever suit her rank, and winked when he rose.

Turning suddenly serious he added, "As we was comin' up here from Singedfield, we was hit hard by giants. Our old friend Cordit Littlefoot was with us, an' she got carried off by a giant. Maybe if they haven't eaten her yet, y'could see if you can save her?"

Cordit was a ship's halfling - a long standing tradition on the White Coast. What she was doing with Lord Falldur's company was anyone's guess, but many sailors had to find new work since the end of the Pirate Wars. Perhaps she was too small for the giants to consider eating. She might still be alive.

OOC: Bible's Quest: Rescue Cordit.
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The warrior, she strode through the mist towards the cairn. Approaching the entrance to the dark threshold, she spat onto the ground to clear the dust from her throat, before acknowledging Lord Falldur.

"I heard you have a giant problem." She stopped for a moment, as if thinking, then chuckled at the unintended joke. "I'm invested in killin some giants."

As she moved into the tomb, she removes her helmet and takes a quick look at her surroundings and the other people inside.


"Yes, that's right." said Lord Falldur to the newly-arrived Valda. She strode into the cairn, the tallest human there - only shorter than Eoghan, but something about her seemed more typically giant-like than even the Firbolg. Something about the way she stood, the way she moved.

"I bet she could wrestle a giant!" she overheard a soldier say to another.

"Nah. They're huge!" answered another, "There's just no way."

The first insisted, and an argument quietly ensued. Soon there was a small crowd. Valda's past caused her to instantly recognize a bookie when she saw one, as one of the soldiers began to take bets, offering odds.

OOC: Valda could get in on that action if she likes, and take the Quest: Wrestle a Giant (beat a giant at a contested grapple check). Presumably you will need surviving witnesses, of course.


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"That's about all I can stand," says Bible as she hears about Cordit's capture.

"No way I'm going to let those big galoots make a meal outa one of me friends," she says to Cromby, shaking her fist. "Not if I can help it! Any idea which direction they were going in when they took her?"


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