(IC) Against the Giants PBP Group 2

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Steve Gorak

Gimlak let’s the hunter of hafar expire. He warned the others it was about to happen, so doesn’t see a problem with it. Once down, he proceeds with his guttural chants (ooc: inspiring leader)


When Gimlak's strange darkness faded, the allies had a clear view into the courtyard through the open doors. There, the four dire wolves sat lazily, as if all of the commotion had not particularly disturbed them. The younger, smaller one sniffed at the carnage within and whined, but did not make any moves toward the door.

"Should I shut the doors," asked Donnell, "Or are we going that way?"


The Squire heaved the heavy doors closed, leaving the wolves outside. The left-hand door was etched with strange markings now, from having been inside Gimlak's darkness.

Kahru wanted to release the wolves to the wild, and Kaligan wanted to move southward into the steading. Doc and Gimlak wanted to find and murder the Chief, but Gimlak was also concerned about reports of other dwarves. A decision would have to be made.

OOC: Okay, I think we're narrowed down to two choices: 1) Head east through the courtyard (try to release the wolves) then try the east-wing courtyard door (chief's room?); 2) Head south and seek the stairs down to the "cellars" (rescue dwarves?)


Morkus from Orkus
Kaligan listens to the the ideas of the others and mulls them over for a few moments before responding, "I think it's six in one, half dozen in the other. If we go out the door around the building, we'll probably end up fighting the wolves and the noise will rouse the guard in the tower, who might raise an alarm. If we go though the south doors, we will likely fight giants there which could do the same." Kaligan looks over at Kahru, "Do you have any way to keep the wolves outside peaceful?"


A suffusion of yellow
I will speak to the animals” Kahru replied drolly considering how best to move forward from here "Ï need you to open the gate and then pass without trace to the east side of the building. If that works I might be able to block the outbuilding door too, unless someone has a better idea

oh and grab some meat to offer our wolf friends

The Storm Bear had blessed Kahru with many boons and talents and now it was time to call upon them. The zealots face lost all expression, his eyes unfocussed and he let himself imagine the enveiling darkness, his forehead and cheeks uncannily marked with oven soot as he let the others know his thoughts and readied himself for action
OOC: flash forward scene
Before exiting the kitchens Kahru will Cast: Pass without trace on everyone (+10 Stealth for 1 hr)
Round 1 Kahru exits the north door and Casts Animal Friendship with a Level 3 slot on nearest 3 Dire Wolves (Someone else to open the gate and someone to cover me please (alas my wolf is gone:()
Round 2 Move to outbuilding and block the door (Action to activate staffs Tree form at the entrance of the Outbuilding to block the door. (I assume we saw this when looking down from the rooftop)
Round 3 Everyone sneaks and enters the Eastside of the main building to look for the Kings head
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(@FitzTheRuke is My wolf still active?:)))
OOC: Not if you cast Pass Without Trace. Both are concentration, AFAIK. If everyone wants to follow that plan, feel free to give me a similar description of three "Rounds" to Kahru's and I will move us along those lines until we either reach the end of it, or things fall apart. (Whichever comes first!)


@FitzTheRuke - could you be so kind as to re-post the map so I can re-orient before the moves?
OOC: Sure thing! I'll clean it up a bit by knocking corpses down to skulls. East wing doors are just off the map on the bottom right.


Snarf Zagyg

Notorious Liquefactionist
Doc feels the re-added protection and tips his hat slightly to Gimlak in thanks. As the darkness fades, Doc drops the cheroot, blazing brightly, on the floor and grinds it out beneath the heel of his boot. Can't reckon that will help me get 'cross that yard. Doc takes a final swig of one of his flasks and puts it away.

He advances outside, gun drawn and moving stealthily toward the east side.

Round 1- Drops cheroot, drinks, move to AA37.

Round 2- Goes into STEALTH MODE. Move to AG37.
+6stealth, +10Pass: 1D20+16 = [2]+16 = 18
...I mean ... guess it will do?

Round 3- (Assuming no hell breaking loose) Move to AM38.

Doc AC14 HP 83/84 THP 13/13 HD 9/9 PP20 SSdc16 1/2 Wls 2/4 Crs 1/1 PL 4/4 Wsp 1/1
(temp hit points back)

Kobold Stew

Last Guy in the Airlock
The Colonel urges Donnell to stay in the middle of the group, and he himself takes the rear, ensuring that others are across the courtyard before he follows them, awkwardly.

OOC: Stealth with a +10 bonus 1d20+10=13. Ugh, this roller is killing me. (no disadvantage because of special armor).
If he is seen, or thinks he is seen, he will head to a different point (say AP13).
Does he have an accurate sense of whether he's been seen? I think so. Insight 1d20+9=26 (hilarious).


A suffusion of yellow
Someone get that gate open” Kahru reminds his escaping companions “we still need a way out

OOC: just noting for round 1 I’m positioning around AJ23? so Dire wolves can see me


Kahru entered the courtyard from the north doors, and the wolves immediately moved toward him, growling threateningly. He attempted to soothe them with his magic, and two of the three shook it off - they seemed like they might attack, but the largest one moved in front of them and sniffed at Kahru curiously, and the others held their ground, their bodies stiff with tension.

South of them, Donnell quietly opened the kitchen doors and he and Doc, Kaligan, and the Colonel began to quietly work their way across the courtyard. In spite of the spell that masked their movement, the Colonel stubbed his foot on a rock, which skittered across the gravel courtyard. At the back of the pack, the youngest, smallest wolf (still the size of a large pony) perked its ears and glanced around.

OOC: The Colonel IS very likely to draw the attention of the youngest wolf, but we'll see what @Steve Gorak Gimlak and @JustinCase Duvrael are going to do first. Kahru wants someone to open the north gate, I believe. No one is beholden to the three-action structure (that was just to save time if everything worked out). It hasn't gone off the rails yet, but it's on a knife's edge. If anyone wants to revise something, go ahead.


the magical equivalent to the number zero
Duvrael follows Donnell, Doc, Kaligan and the Colonel, far more quietly than before. Still focusing his attention on the magical sensor, the yuan ti wizard is slower than usual, but is careful in his motions.

OOC: Stealth: 1D20+12 = [16]+12 = 28

Using my Action each turn to move the magical eye, to see whether the giant chief is really where we think it is.

Also, a REMINDER to everyone that Duvrael can use his reaction to make anyone (friend or foe) use a Portent roll (a 4 and a 17) instead of rolling a d20. Feel free to use that in a post!


Duvrael's magical eye was nearing the east-wing doors as Donnell helped to show the wizard the way forward.

Duvrael follows Donnell, Doc, Kaligan and the Colonel, far more quietly than before. Still focusing his attention on the magical sensor, the yuan ti wizard is slower than usual, but is careful in his motions.
OOC: Okay, I will move Duvrael up with Donnell, who can help to lead him with his sight-doubled. He didn't have to start from the north room. Gimlak ought to help Kahru with the gates, though!

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