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Gimlak and Kaligan awoke before dawn. The plan was for the group to reunite, assess the situation at the Steading, and make recommendations for an organized assault by Lord Faldur's newly-bolstered forces. Over a quick meal, Gimlak recalled the promise that the group had made to the Stone Giant Utharn - that they would grant the stone giants two days to vacate before returning. Today was only one day. It wasn't a binding promise; they didn't really have the authority for one, but they had neglected to attempt to uphold it.

They returned to the Steading as the sky began to grow light in the east, finding Doc waiting for them along the trail not far from Captain Caine's camp - which was hidden from the trail, but not so well that they missed where it was. The strange man seemed a little different to them this day - happier, if his gray countenance could ever be seen as happy. (From Doc's perspective, he had boozed and gambled the night away; the only thing that would be better would be for a smoke and for some deserving varmints to die by his pistol-fire.)

The Colonel, Donnell, and Kahru were at the Tor when the others arrived. Duvrael had remained at the Cairn. Residual trauma from his incident with the strange altar (he had been saved from having his mind shattered, but it had been a close call) had utterly ruined his sleep, and he was in poor shape to go. Perhaps, he promised, a day off would bring him back to himself.

No obvious changes had occurred in the steading overnight; a simple morning change-of-guards was expected soon (at the moment it was the same as Kahru had observed in bird-form) but otherwise, all was quiet.

OOC: I don't know what Kahru did after the last post, but I wanted to move on. We could flash back to it, but I assume that it wasn't anything to bring the Steading down on him. Everyone gets a Long Rest.[/occ]

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Kahru told the others what he had observed and was keen for another attack on the steading, asserting that position strongly to the squad assembled at the Tor. He knew Mudsmuck was there at the gate - a ready target for Waythes bloodlust!

His intention was to fly to the tower, entangle the giant sentry before it could sound the alarm and then draw Waythe and kill both the giant sentry and the ogres below, then open the gate. After that it didnt matter, as long as the Barbarian was able to take back the Eagle Whistle he would go and save more dwarfs and orcs or do battle alongside anyone who proved themselves worthy and keen to slay the giant foe.

The steinjotunen might consider it betrayal, but such was the price of war…

OOC: I’ve also edited post #835 above, which was Kahru-hawk observing from the Watch tower
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Doc was rightly pleased, both with the night of gamin' and drinkin', as well as the prospect of slakin' the Sheriff's thirst for justice.

Still, he had learned to appreciate the right honorable ways of the Colonel since they had joined up, and after the Colonel and Kahru discussed what they had been seein', Doc addressed the Colonel.

If we climb in that saddle today, we better be ready to ride. What do you say, Colonel? Are we riding today?

Doc would prefer to go to today, but will defer to the Colonel's call on this. @Kobold Stew

Kobold Stew

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"We'll head in today," says the Colonel, with determination. "Especially if there's a troop of soldiers coming before nightfall, we want to clear what we can before that happens. We know that there's a Fire Giant inside. He's emerged once, but we know where he's based. That should be our initial desitination, and if we can gain access covertly, we should be able to make it that far safely."

He pauses, considers something, but then shakes his head. "Their reosurces are thinned, and it will be easier to fight our way out than trying to break our way in. It's just a question of how we can get inside. Kahru's reconnaissance suggests the tower might be a good way in for those of us who can gain access from on high. If we can make it to the walls unseen, I can hang ropes off the top of the walls for others to climb."

OOC: Does anyone have pass without trace? If we could get close to the walls, The Colonel can levitate as needed; others perhaps can fly. We've not tried an assault from the ras side of the gate. Perhaps a mall illusion to distract the guard in the tower? Thoughts?


I’ve also edited post #835 above, which was Kahru-hawk observing from the Watch tower.
OOC: Weirdly, that post has a "like" from me but I have no recollection of ever having seen it. To make matters stranger, I looked to see if you'd posted and didn't find it when I was writing the above post. Oh well. It's worked out!


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Kaligan nods to the Colonel when he mentions that the tower might be a good way in. "That sounds like an excellent way inside. They probably will not expect us to come from that direction."

OOC: How high is the lowest entry point to the tower?

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OOC: The Colonel can levitate, and so there's no height limit to what he can d; this means that he and someone who can fly (=lateral movement) could get the drop on the tower. My thought was that he could also hook grapples -with-ropes on the wall, to allow the party to enter without needing to go through the (presumptively guarded) gate. Obviously in-world facts and others' suggestions can change any of that.

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Gimlak voiced his displeasure at attacking after only one day “The stone giants were honorable and assisted us. If we storm the keep and they are still there, they will need to fight us. Wouldn’t it be wiser to wait another day and ensure we do not have yet another enemy

OOC: I don’t want to make waves, but this is a diplomatic issue for Gimlak. If he is forced to engage the stone giants, there could be an escalation back home in the mountains. It’s reasonable to wait 1 extra day as far as he is concerned. Also, fewer ennemies to fight is better imho.

Note: sorry for the delay in my posting, for some reason I didn’t get a notification from Enworld. Feel free to tag me if my answer takes too long. I’m here almost every day

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The Colonel grunts something that's not fully audible, but then says, "I'm not your commander, and we need people committed to this fight. If half of us or more want to go today, I will go. If we want to wait, I won't object, though I think we risk losing tactical advantage. We know a Fire Giant is still inside, and we know we can keep the stone giants at bay, without needing to kill them." He looks around at the others.

He turns to Donnell, "Son, you get a vote in this too. If you think we should wait, say so. You know my thoughts, but you are your own person." Then, to everyone. "I'm not going to vote. I'll go take watch, and you can let me know the outcome. Let's decide quickly. There will be no ill-feelings, whatever's decided."

OOC: Hope this is okay. This way everyone who wants to can speak up. Now or Tomorrow. I think Donnell with the Colonel, but it's not my place to post for him [and so, in effect, that regiters my vote, unless Firz has him say wait] .

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