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(IC) Against the Giants PBP Group 2

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Doc found himself in the Cairn's storeroom - a little alcove that had a slab sarcophagus that was so old that the name of the dwarf was by now impossible to read. A few crates and barrels were stacked around, and Doc found one that held rum. The guard outside had said nothing at all when Doc had sauntered past, and Doc filled his flask, drank it, and filled it once more. To his great dismay, they didn't seem to have anything resembling tobacco.

Kaligan found himself a medic, who checked, cleaned, stitched, and bandaged the worst of his injuries. Nothing was broken; nothing life-threatening. The medic shook his head and smiled in disbelief, saying, "It's a marvel. You're very skilled or very lucky; Both, I'd say. After going toe-to-toe with a giant or two! And yet, I think I can safely say, you'll be fit to do it all again tomorrow! Simply a marvel."


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Kahru the hawk was not entirely suprised that a guard remained in the tower, ready to strike the gong. They had already managed to invade twice, first to slay the King and then to walk out with a line of dwarf slaves in tow - the morale of the giants must be plummeting.

on silent wings Kahru stepped from his perch and gently glided down the stairs, he wanted to see where the ogres and other giants had gotten to, get a better idea of whether another assault on the giant-home would be folly instead of just reckless.

He did not emerge of the stairs in one swoop, instead he kept much as possible he stayed in shadow, relying on rafters and hidden nooks to move unseen…

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Doc got himself good and likkered up, if only to quiet the incessant yammering of the unquiet souls he carried. As he looked around the Cairn's storeroom, he grew more and more despondent over the lack of anything smokable. He knew they might not have tobacco, but he had seen people smokin' some sort of weeds in this pace. Swearing to himself, he thought about how the Sheriff left him hear with no roadmap to smokes, and no instructions for anything else, neither.

Doc did a quick inventory of his remaining papers, tobacco, and cheroots. As he was going through his pouches, his fingers touched upon the gems and the ring from that strange room he had been in. Figure I better take the ring, never know when I might need it for stakes. Doc slipped the ring on the finger of his non-shooting hand. Then he realized that he better do something 'bout those gems before he gambled them away. He went to the main room with Gimlak and Kaligan, and then tossed the gems to Gimlak.

Found 'em in the varmint's corral. See if you can use 'em to help your amigos get settled. Anything left, split with the posse.

Finishing that, Doc sat in a chair until it was time to go back, drinking steadily all the while while otherwise remaining completely still.

Doc gives the gems to Gimlak- @Tonguez they are yours now to use to provision/etc. the freed dwarves and get them set up.
Don't know if the ring is magical (in which case, who knows what will happen) or just $$ (in which case Doc will wear it for the time being).
Long rest - 4 hours, remains conscious, before going back.

Steve Gorak

Gimlack nods to Doc. “These will go a long way helping their families and them. On behalf of my brethren I thank you”.

Going to his men, he shows them the stones. “These will help you rebuild your lives. Know that I will return to face the giants, likely tomorrow. I propose you wait here, and help the soldiers as best you can. We can head back home when the giants are defeated, if Moradin wills it


The dwarves agreed to wait at the Cairn for Gimlak to return to escort them home. They gathered around him, thanking him (and his companions) for the gift of the gems, which would go far to support the families of the dwarves who had been lost. As they did, many of them put their hands on his shoulder, or patted his back, saying things like, "I ken the All-Father will see ye safe through yer task" and, "Blessing on ye, by the Beard of the Creator" or, "May yer chest plate keep ye safe, as if it were forged by His own hands."

OOC: Gimlak's AC becomes 18. Anything anyone else wants to do before I push forward by a long rest?


When Doc made his way out of the Cairn he noticed that the trail seemed easier to navigate than it had been. It was after midnight now, and the sentry at the entrance was incredulous that anyone would leave the Cairn to cross the hills in the dark. Doc remembered the trail - parts of it were quite treacherous, but Doc figured that he'd done it, what, six times now? He could make it.

Still, he hadn't expected it to be as easy as it was. The initial trail, closest to the cairn, was purposefully littered with debris to make it seem less likely to be occupied, but Doc had no problem traversing it. He felt the new ring on his finger, which seemed to very subtly shift his center of balance this way and that, helping him to keep his feet.

OOC: It's a Ring of Freedom of Movement.

Less than ten minutes into the hour-long hike (Doc had expected to take twice that time, both to be safe, and to be silent, but he was making good progress), he heard murmuring voices that carried across the silent hills and smelled the smoke of a campfire. Whoever it was was keeping quiet and had hidden the light of their fire, but they were nearby to be sure.

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