(IC) Against the Giants PBP Group 2

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As his giant opponent fell to the ground laughing madly, Gimlak practically flew through the trees, lifting himself psychically to get through the brush.

Doc, who had shot another of the oversized wolves, watched as Kaligan struggled to get to his feet as the houndsman knocked him down with a big club, over and over. Doc missed the giant with a shot (an unusual case) but still his sprits harried the brute. The houndsman waved his wolf toward Doc. The wolf was dazed and injured, but it did as it was told. It leaped at Doc while Kaligan was on the ground, too busy to stop the beast. The wolf snapped its jaws tightly on Docs arm and shook him as he tried to keep his feet.

OOC: Doc did 14 to DW2 & 1 to Houndsman. Houndsman did 37 to Kaligan. DWolf4 rushed Doc while Kaligan was stunned and did 12 to him. Be back for more.



Before Kahru could clamber back to his feet, the giantess was on him, swinging a large jagged rock as a club. She hammered it down on him. Lightning from the Colonel's stormcloud struck down on her and the other giant. Both were slow to react and were horribly charred by its strike, but they refused to fall, now nearly insane with rage.

The giant, though still befuddled by Gimlack's psychic static, stumbled on his last legs, charred by lighting and mauled by Kahru's summoned wolf. But the giant brought his club down on the wolf's head and bashed it dead before staggering around precariously on the steep hillside and lumbered over to join his mistress looming over Kahru as both he and his other wolf were recovering from having been thrown to the ground.

OOC: Colonel did 25 to Solka & HG1. HG1 killed Karhu's DW2; Solka clubbed Kahru for 36. I don't think @Tonguez Kahru has actually taken a turn. If you throw it in quick, I can roll the round.



A suffusion of yellow
As the giantess beat down upon him with a rock, Kahru realised angrily that he had underestimated her prowess. Their victory over the Giant king had made him sloppy, dismissive of any possible talent from these cursed behemoths - it would not happen again!

Feeling the rage surging through his blood the barbarian swung Waythe out and up at his attacker, willing the sword to bite deep and do its work well and hopefully knock the giant back so Kahru could get into a better position...

OOC: I beleive I am already raging? so half damage due to resistance?

Attack the Giantess with Waythe+str+rage+Divine fury +v giants
Waythe: 1D20+7+2 = [15]+7+2= 24
Damage: 2D6+1+2+2+1D6 +1+2D6 = [1, 2]+1+2+2+[6]+1+[1, 4] = 20 DC 15 Knock prone

Kahru AC15 HP 53/83 THP 0/13 HD 9/9 PP16 SSdc14 4/4 3/3 1/3 WS 2/2 Rg 2/3 Stf 7/7
NB I've lost track of what my HP should be this round ...
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Kahru rolled to the side to avoid another blow from the giantess' rock, and he struck out with Waythe, who sang out with the thrill of battle. The blade bit deep into the giantess' leg, and she stumbled, but refused to fall.

Kahru's remaining wolf leaped on the other giant's chest and snapped its jaws up at the giant's sagging chins. Flesh tore and the giant fell to the ground, burbling blood before lying still.

OOC: Kahru should be at 53/83 HP. Fixed. He struck Solka for 20 with Waythe (who is very happy). She saved. His wolf crit HG1 for 16. It was down to 11, so it's done.



GM: Encounter: Ambush

(General Features) Difficult Terrain: fallen trees, rocky outcroppings; Visibility: bright (daylight); Cover: trees.
Name * AC * HP * Hit Dice * PasPrc * Spells (Etc) * (Notes)
Colonel AC19* HP 31/66 THP 0/13 HD 9/9 PP19* SSdc18 3/4 3/3 3/3 2/3 1/1 CD 2/2 WotS 5/5 MyS 1/1
Doc AC14 HP 72/84 THP 0/13 HD 9/9 PP20* SSdc16 2/2 Wls 4/4 Crs 1/1 PL 4/4 Wsp 1/1
Gimlak AC18 HP 68/68 THP 7/13 HD 9/9 PP12* SSdc17 4/4 3/3 3/3 2/3 1/1 SP 3/12
Kahru AC15 HP 53/83 THP 0/13 HD 9/9 PP16 SSdc14 4/4 3/3 1/3 WS 2/2 Rg 2/3 Stf 7/7
-Kahru-Bear AC12 HP 42/42
Donnell AC19* HP29/29 THP 0/13 HD 4/4 AS 1/1 2W 1/1
Kaligan AC18* HP 19/76 THP 0/13 HD 9/9 PP14
Kahru's Dire Wolves AC14 HP37ea PP13(18)*
-KDW1 5/37; KDW2 0/37 (dead);
Name * AC * HP * PP * (Notes)
Chieftess Solka AC15 HP 44/137 PP14 LR 1/3.
Houndsman Varrg AC15 HP 112/126 PP13
Hill Giants AC13 HP105ea PP12
-HG1 0/105; (Dead)
-HG2 82/105; THLaughter
Dire Wolves AC14 HP37ea PP13(18)*
-DW1 dead; DW2 dead;
-DW3 0/37; DW4 3/37
GM: Begin Round Four

Kobold Stew

Last Guy in the Airlock
The Colonel's beard begins to glow, as small spark fly across his face. The lightning thrills him, an d as yet another bolt falls to the ground, his face is illuminated by the sudden burst of light.

He realizes he has lost track of Donnell in this fight, and his momentary distraction withers the force of the lightning that eventually lands by the giant Solka..

OOC: Action: call lightning on W18, which will hit Solka. DC 18 dex check or 4d10=12 (yuk!) lightning damage, half on save.


A suffusion of yellow
The Great Sword Waythe was singing as it bit deep into the giantess' leg, causing her to stumble but not yet fall. Kahru's heart also sang, the rage and excitement building in the Storm Bears blood as lightning flashed and the second giant collapsed in burbling mess torn by his dire wolfs fangs.

"again - attack!" he grinned at the giantess as he rushed forward to thrust the Great Swords blade into her fat belly, trusting that his dire wolf would also join the desperate attack before the giantess could retaliate...


Steve Gorak

Gimlak moves further away from the laughing giant next to the fallen wolf and stares down the giantess Solka as he attacks her mind.

OOC: sorry for the delay in posting folks!

Bonus action: telekinetic shove for 5 ft extra movement
Move to L14
Action: cast mind sliver. Dc 17 int save or 2 psychic damage (ouch, double 1 on 2d6!) and -2 to next save.

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