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(IC) Against the Giants PBP Group 2

Steve Gorak

Gimlak comes out of his revery. He was delving deep into his mind and senses a newfound power. He will not climb, he doesn't need to. His mind has transcended yet another aspect of reality. He makes deep guttural sounds, and his feet lift from the ground.

OOC: Cast fly with a third level slot

Gimlak AC18 HP 72/72 THP 14/14 HD 10/10 PP12 SSdc17 4/4 3/3 2/3 3/3 2/2 SpP 12/12

Accounting: -1 level 3 slot from casting fly
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With the Colonel in the lead, the group made their way onto the roof of the outbuilding. They stayed low, avoiding detection by the armored giant who patrolled the courtyard. An ogress and two ogre youths guarded the north gates, while the giant was listening to the sounds of battle coming from the south through the east gate. Two dire wolves remained from the houndmaster's pack, but without their master, they were unruly, and the ogress and the giant had one each, on chains. The dire wolves snarled and pulled, wild as they'd ever been.

Donnell whispered to the Colonel, perhaps a little impatiently, "Are we attacking?"



A suffusion of yellow
The Barbarian-Druid perched on the rooftop, grimacing disdainfully upon the pathetic inmates as they struggled to control the remaining dire wolves. Kahru had made sure that the wolves former captor was dead, furthermore he had taken into his own possession the Wolf-hair Whip inscribed with the rune “Obedience

Ogres!” Waythe was also present in the northmans mind and eager for battle “they are weak! Do not delay, strike them down!

The northman saw no reason to disagree, and looked to the Colonel for confirmation, the only consideration now was whether he use the Houndmasters whip to cow the wolves and perhaps turn them against their handlers or if he should just strike with the Great swords blood hungry blade

OOC: last encounter, I took the Wolf-hair Whip from the Houndmaster and if the Colonel confirms an attack, I intend to use it! So @FitzTheRuke is there anything I need to know about it? Or will these be revealed after I attempt to weild it?

Also noting, I’m still looking to recover the eagle-bone whistle from the ogre that took it

Steve Gorak

Gimlak is ready. He sense his barbarian ally’s eagerness, and he admits to himself that he will be happy to start dispatching his brethren’s captors.

Out of respect, he also waits for the colonel’s cue before proceeding.

Kobold Stew

Last Guy in the Airlock
The Colonel nods once everyone has found their footing. The attack is on.

From where he is standing, he can see the Hill Giant and the wolf; those at the north gate are currently out of his line of sight. He moves to the edge of the roof, crouches to protect himself behind his shield, and makes a fist which he pulls down to the ground. As he does so, 60' away, sacred flames fall on the hill giant.

OOC: Move to AY23.
Sacred Flame: DC18 dex or 3d8=10 radiant


I took the Wolf-hair Whip from the Houndmaster.
OOC: Indeed you did. The whip can be used to control any beast. It grants you proficiency in Intimidation, and if you have proficiency, then you gain Expertise. As an Action, you can crack it at a beast, who must roll a Wisdom Save against a DC equal to your Intimidation skill bonus +10. (I think that would be dc17 for Kahru). On a failure, they are charmed by you for 1 minute. While charmed in this way, you can use a Bonus Action on your turn to issue the commands "Attack, Dash, or Fetch", indicating a target, location, or object. On their subsequent turn, they will use their Action to perform your command to the best of their ability. If you do not issue a command, they can act as they chose, but will most likely defend themselves. If you or your allies do anything to harm them, they can reroll their save with advantage. You do not need to actually use it on these Dire Wolves. They have had it used on them so many times that you simply have to show them that you have the whip as a bonus action, and they will follow your commands as above.


A suffusion of yellow
With the gout of flame striking down upon the giant, Kahru dashed pass the hovering Dwarf and leapt down to the young wolf, the last of his Hawk feathers resolving back into muscle and sinew.

He held the wolf-hair whip in his hand as he landed before the beast, ready should it be needed though the druid did not wish to beat the wolf anymore than it had already suffered.
"down, be still" Kahru growled at the agitated beast in giantish, quickly assessing if it was injured and willing it to compliance.

He glances too to see where the ogres and the other beast were and how he might deal with that

OOC: looking to land on the ax line by the dire wolf

Race: Human
HP: 36/36
AC: 17/19 w shield
Pass Perc: 14
Pass Inv: 10
Pass Ins: 18
Initiative: +2
Action Surge: 0/1
Second Wind 1/1
arrows: 18

Donnell, following the Colonel's lead knocks an arrow and fires it at the same hill giant. He immediately follows it up with a second arrow.

He quickly backs up and crouches low using the rooftop as cover.

OOC: Using Action surge to attack twice while we have surprise. Not sure if we have advantage but will use cunning action to hide - either before the shot to gain advantage OR after the shot to hide if we already have advantage.

sneak: 1D20+8 = [16]+8 = 24

2D20.HIGH(1)+5 = [14, 18]+5 = 23; damage: 2D6+2 = [6, 2]+2 = 10
2D20.HIGH(1)+5 = [12, 20]+5 = 25; damage: 2D6+2 = [1, 2]+2 = 5

EDIT: Just realized second shot is a critical hit. Rolling extra damage:
extra crit damage: 2D6 = [2, 2] = 4

PS: thanks for the invite.
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The Colonel ordered the attack, and he sent a searing light down on the armored hill giant. The brute shook his now-red face and cried out, ::Attag! Attag frumda ruff!::

Then he was further befuddled by Gimlak's psychic assault. The giant put one hand to his head and adjusted his helmet, as if that would make his head stop hurting.

Kahru landed near the dire wolf - a young female, who stooped her shoulders in submission. The confused giant pulled on her chain, but she refused to budge waiting for Kahru to command her.

Donnell fired two arrows into the giant, that stuck into his shoulder and chest, just below his armoured breastplate. The giant bellowed in pain and rage as Donnell found a spot in the crook of the thatched roofs between the two wings of the outbulding.

The ogress shouted to her own wolf and pulled on its chain. She crossed the courtyard while one of the ogre youths ran for the kitchen, on a mission to warn the Steading. The other young ogre climbed the palisade and began to pull himself up onto the roof of the outbuilding, looking to bring the fight to the ambushers.

Doc hunkered down. He appeared to be going through some sort of personal crisis, momentarily oblivious to his surroundings.

OOC: Colonel did 10 radiant, Gimlak did 7 psychic, and Donnell did 20 piercing to the Armoured Hill Giant.

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