[IC] Evilhalfling's Dark Sun


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Fallen guards have obsidian short swords, leather armor, and wooden shields. Most carry a water flask, or a secondary weapon (like a net)

Side Note: Spellcasters can defile for extra power to each spell, or to regain spells. Most choose not to with every spell. But if you defile even once you detect as evil.

This is the Wagon you were riding in, a similar one is the lead wagon, the middle wagon (weapons wagon) is smaller, with no building on top of the bed and is pulled by one Mekillot

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OOC: It's [ ooc ] without the spaces closed by [ /ooc] without the spaces. You can use [ GM ] [ /GM] too for a nice GM-block.

Chtckh slung his sling at a raider and ran seventy feet toward the lead wagon to see what was going on up there. He hoped to keep moving to avoid being attacked. On the way, he spotted the spellcaster. He had never seen a spellcaster before, and had expected them to be far more monstrous. He saw a fallen guard and salvaged an obsidian sword and a net.

OOC: Probably should use the attack I rolled before, which almost definitely missed.
Perception: 1D20+3 = [9]+3 = 12


Possibly a Idiot.
“There is always a straggler in a herd.” Plool muses under his breath. Spear gripped in both hands, he pounces on the opportunity, and the unaware raider. "WHOOP!" A short charge lands the spear in solidly the raider's side, allowing Plool to keep the momentum and deliver a flying knee to the stomach.

OOC: Two-handed spear(Advantage for being Hidden) 1d20+5= 20. 1d8+3= 8
Martial Arts Bonus Action: 1d20+5 = 21. 1d4+3 = 5

Assuming this fells the raider, Plool grabs whatever weapon he can from the body, preferably something with range, and then uses what's left of his movement to continue to the rock.

If the Raider isn't down yet, Plool will shuffle around the raider, placing them between him and the archers in order to use their larger body as a sort of shield against a possible volley
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Varsk ignores the second singing stick in favor of several more daggers. From his hiding spot Varsk watches the two raiders cut down the helpful wagon guard. He hesitates briefly thinking to just stay hidden but thinks better of it and leaps towards one of the raiders the weapon sings through the air striking the elf. Varsk presses the attack and slashes with the obsidian dagger in his off hand.

The half elf prepares for the counter attack and hopes the others attack as well.



Imperial Mountain Dew Taster
Unable to recognize the elves of this tribe, any hesitation Dukkoti felt at defending the slavers against his own people is gone.

He rushed up to one of the guards nearest who were double teamed and struck the attacker hard with the bone shortsword he'd grabbed.

Move: up to 35' to nearest guard/attacker combo
Shortsword Attack/Damage: 1d20+5 = 20, 1d6+3 = 9


That same round:
Varsk manages an extra knife.
Cal is taking shelter behind the weapons wagon, grabbing a dagger and a sling.
web has a range of 60' and is concentration-dependent
Dukkoiti also has a chance to grab a sling, and looking for ammo notices the giant hair rope, one of the slaves killed by archers had collected it. He still has a moment to decided on attacking with the sling or collect the equipment.
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Imperial Mountain Dew Taster
He still has a moment to decided on attacking with the sling or collect the equipment.

Dukkoti looked at the rope and knew it meant life or death out there to have equipment in the wastes so he stowed the sling and grabbed the rope up so he didn't lose it in the heat of battle.

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