[IC] Evilhalfling's Dark Sun

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Dukkoti saw one of the archers down near him and ran for the body and the bow. He slid down next to the body using it as a shield.

OOC: move 30', action: dash 30', slide prone in the sand next to the body of the fallen archer.
Free object - grab the bow


The Battle Turns -
The other slaves look nervously between Blaze and the elven slave, teetering on the edge of breaking.

An archer fires back at Blaze the first one takes him dead in the chest, it sinks pretty deep and that’s never a good sign. The second arrow misses.
A fresh attacker stops to try and finish off the wounded Blaze, but misses badly.

The elvenspell slinger is rocked back by the fearful message playing in his head – and jumps up and runs away. As he flees the darkness in his own soul opened by Plool the webs sealing the door vanish.

Varsk quickly smashes down his enemy and then vanishes amid the wheels of the low wagon.

The raider Cal is fighting takes the blow without flinching but looks around for his partner. He snarls in anger and dives under the wagon after Varsk, but he does not hide as well. [dc 13 to find, varsk is hidden from him]
Dukkoti sizes the bow, and sees the dead elf is also carrying a waterskin, a smaller fancier bottle and a quiver full of arrows.
Chtckh'Chtckh is sheltering behind the NW corner of the burning wagon. He was distracted by the Inix and its platform, and his miss-cast stone bounces off a rocky outcrop and thuds against the box.

It rocks back and forth and the matriarch, slides out a tiny gap under the box, looking like she has no bones at all. She looks around wildly for a new threat. The elven defiler and his group had crossed the riverbed, and the defiler races his hands and creates another massive circle of dying plants, killing off several trees struggling for life on the banks.

The guards come pouring out of the burning first wagon, carrying armfuls of supplies, trade goods and papers. A young well-dressed human man emerges as well and tries to order them back in. “On the second floor, I dropped the Pendant of the Living Storm! someone needs to go get it!”

The elven archers lob a few more arrows at the slaves, then the ones on the north side of the caravan begin to withdraw towards the front, some firing at the approaching cavalry. The Crodlu riders sweep towards the front of the Caravan, riding in a group as many of the archers flee along the same path. The last of the original guards goes down.

Fresh guards begin to pour out of the rear wagon, circling around to the south to attack the elves in melee.
The Mul Captain and the Elves exchange devastating blows and are both badly wounded.



Possibly a Idiot.
The cavalry comes, and with it a much needed shot of resolve. Plool isn't going to just leave Graakk to die a slave, not if he can help it. Not like how he was left.

Plool rushes to the side of the fallen dwarf, tearing off his sleeve to make a tourniquet in an attempt to keep what's left of Graakk's lifeblood inside.

Unfortunately, there is nothing the halfling can do at this point. The wound is far beyond what meager understanding Plool can muster. Any chance that Graakk lives will have to depend on what resilience the dwarf can summon.

Medicine: 1d20+3=6
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the magical equivalent to the number zero
The fire on his head momentarily goes out as Blaze is hit in the chest with an arrow. With a loud boom as if a keg of oil suddenly explodes, the fire returns and washes out of the genasi, engulfing the elf who tried to hit Blaze with a sword and burning away the protruding arrow.

"Come over here and fight like a man!" he yells to the distant archer, while moving behind the melee assailant to have some cover from any new arrows.

OOC: Wild Talent: Heat Wave, melee assailant and any others within 15 feet take 10 (2d8) fire damage and is pushed 10 feet away; DC11 Con save means half damage and no pushing.

Blaze Heat Wave fire damage: 2D8 = [8, 2] = 10

Heat Wave
A wave of flames sweeps out from you. Each creature in a 15-foot cube originating from you must make a constitution saving throw. On a failed save, a creature takes 2d8 fire damage and is pushed 10 feet away from you. On a successful save, the creature takes half as much damage and isn't pushed. In addition, unsecured objects that are completely within the area of effect are automatically pushed 10 feet away from you by the spell's effect, and the spell emits a thunderous boom audible out to 300 feet.

If I'm not mistaken, no allies are within that range (because Dukkoti ran to a fallen archer) so it hits only opponents.

HP 15/25


Imperial Mountain Dew Taster
Dukkoti stood to his knee, knocked an arrow, and let fly in one smooth set of motions. His arrow flew true and struck the defiler in his upper arm, then Dukkoti ducked down once again, taking cover from the other archers.

He was the biggest threat to everyone... the archers were retreating.

Move: stand up from prone (1/2 movement)
Action: attack defiler, hit AC 22
Damage: 6 piercing damage

The raider Cal is fighting takes the blow without flinching but looks around for his partner. He snarls in anger and dives under the wagon after Varsk, but he does not hide as well. [dc 13 to find, varsk is hidden from him]

OOC: Can I just use Varsk's Passive Perception of 13 and assume I see the raider? If not let me know and I will roll.


Chick stood indecisively for a moment, twitching his antennae. Then suddenly, he swung his sling and sent a stone straight and true for the defiler. He skittered up onto the burning wagon and grabbed the fallen pendant. Without stopping, he ran as fast and as far away as he could manage.

OOC: Just trying to get out of the blast radius if another fireball comes down. I dunno if I can get all that done but remember that he can move 70 feet with his expeditious retreat.
Sling: 1D20+7 = [20]+7 = 27
1D4+3 = [1]+3 = 4

Crit: 1D4 = [3] = 3

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