[IC] JM's A Bit of Trouble

Surina followed the others who chose to show themselves. She was not convinced Swithun had made the best choice, but she would not hide while others risked their lives.


the magical equivalent to the number zero
"We gave the others a chance for peace." Swithun whispered back, "Should we not offer the same chance to all?"
Pelegon shrugs. Inside, pride that the centaur goes for the peaceful way is warring with fear and anger over what to him is clearly a suicidal move. So the aasimar remains quiet.

Bob is gonna love this, he thinks to himself, expecting his angelic guide to praise him in his dreams. If we survive.


One of the guards puts a hand out and indicates the others should lower their weapons. They comply but could easily raise those crossbows in an instant. The guard steps forward toward Swithun. "You others stay back," he says to the party. "Horse man says we must speak? So speak." You sense he is somewhat amused by this situation.

There are no windows in the barracks but you hear people moving around inside. A few shouts of "Run, you fools," and "Kill them, kill them now," can be heard. Two of the guard bang on the door and shout, "Be quiet." The voice are stilled by this command.

The guard who ran off is no longer in sight.


Swithun knew that he had very little chance for success, and very little time, but he felt that the chance to make peace with these folk was worth at least a quick try.

"Stand aside." he instructed the guard, "I will be taking your prisoners. You may send a group to parlay afterward and we will discuss. But right now you must move aside."
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Some of the other lizardfolk laugh at Swithun's statement. Another translates to those who don't laugh, who then laugh. The guy who seems to be in charge says, "Is that so? You're here to liberate them, I suppose? And I'm supposed to just let them go. There won't be any consequences for me if I let them just walk out of here, right?

"Drop your weapons and maybe we can discuss your new living quarters."
In Draconic, he says, "Kill them all. But keep the horseman alive. The king needs a new jester."

GM: Initiative seems to be in order. Unless someone thinks they can extend this parley :)


GM: Please mention you character name in posts with rolls. I don't always remember who player plays which character. (Too many PbP games.)


GM: Here's the map. The lines sticking off the relief lines indicate the lower altitudes. The green brush is just scrub, nothing to hide behind. This is a wide clearing.

The white lines are relief lines.There is a depression the runs around the campsite. You were observing from some trees south and higher up, coming down the hill to meet the lizardfolk who came out to meet you. You can tell that there are only men's voices coming from the eastern big thatch building and only women's voices coming from the western big thatch building. You have no idea what is in the four norther buildings. A large crane can be seen above the mine pit.

Bro P 22
Swithun 19
Everett 16
Surina 10
Perin 10
Drake 8
Lizardfolk 4

Brother P is up. Swithun plans to throw a javelin at the main guy (L1). Everyone can post their actions. I'll adjudicate them in initiative order afterward.

Swamp Prison.png


the magical equivalent to the number zero
Brother Pelegon burps loudly, then seems startled by the sound and moves quickly but unsteadily towards two of the lizardfolk on the right of the leader.

"I'm so sorry," the monk says as he raises his flask of slaste, seemingly accidentally hitting the first guard in the face with the hand he is holding it in, then turns to the other guard. "Common courtesy and stuff. Care to drink with me?"

He seems to fall over, but his shoulder slams into the first lizardfolk, which hardly seems to notice, and the aasimar manages to find his balance again -- only to bump into the other guard, with his other shoulder.

OOC: Alright, I move to lizardfolk L2 (my move speed is 40ft normally), make an Attack (unarmed), then use 1 ki point to use Flurry of Blows (2 extra unarmed attacks as bonus action). Because of Drunken Technique, I do not provoke opportunity attacks, and I add 10 ft to my movement this round, which I use to land the second FoB attack on L3.

So Attack on L2 (15, for 5 damage), then first attack of Flurry of Blows on L2 (7, for 5 damage), and the second one on L3 (13, for 4 damage):
Brother Pelegon attacks and flurry of blows:
1D20+4 = [8]+4 = 12 1D4+2 = [3]+2 = 5
1D20+4 = [3]+4 = 7 1D4+2 = [3]+2 = 5
1D20+4 = [9]+4 = 13 1D4+2 = [2]+2 = 4

Burping is a free action. ;)
Surina Runs forward, muttering a brief prayer to Essembri. She takes a deep breath and blows out a cone of frosty air at two of the lizardmen.

OOC: I don’t need grid letters/numbers, but by my count, if Surina moves one square to her left and then forward until she reaches the upper right corner of the larger grey box those squares are in, she will be in range to hit both L5 and L6 with her breath weapon.

Breath weapon, cold damage DC 12 for 1/2 damage: 2D6 = [2, 2] = 4