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Forged Fury

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Cal pulled out his datamap reader and loads the map into his device, setting it on the table so the rest of the team could review the topography. After a quick review, the medic said, "The cliffs are going to make it difficult to land close to the camp undetected. We could probably get dropped off on the south end and hoof it in closer to the camp. If those corrals hold the kwi, we may want to make that our priority: communicating with them and freeing them if they're being held there against their will."

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Jihahna pauses at Cals recommendation, listening intently. She picks up her rifle and readies herself for moving out. Without her rifle, Jihahna felt naked. It went wherever she went.

"Okay medic, that sounds reasonable to me. How about the rest of you? Are you ready to head out? oh and Thirteen, you heard Vivian, you're with us."

She turns to Vivian suddenly before continuing... "Erm.... What exactly was the problem with the landspeeder? No, nevermind, i'll go see". If anyone hadn't already guessed now, Jihahna Darut was either highly paranoid, or had dealt with betrayal more than once in her life. The line she walked between those two possibilities was only kept balanced by her strong belief in maintaining a professional facade, despite the confusion beneath her.

With that, Jihahna takes her tools and all of her equipment and prepares to head out to check the landspeeder


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Outside Kaldo is just doing some routine checking over the Survey corps landspeeder, a older model SoroSuub RX-23 Speeder car...

SoroSuub RX-23 Speeder car (pictured above but this model has a second row of seating)
Large ground vehicle (speeder)
Init: pilot’s +3; Senses: Perception: pilot’s or copilot’s +1
Defense: Ref 15; +1 armor
HP: 40; DR 5; Threshold: 20
Speed: 24 squares (max. velocity 330km/h)
Abilities: STR 20 (+5). DEX 18 (+4), INT 12 (+1)
Crew: 1 (vehicle operation/speeders +0), Passenger: 5
Cargo: 50 kg; Consumables: 1 day
Availability: Licensed; Cost: 9,000 (2,500 used)
Weapons: none[/sblock]

The cathar glances at Jihahna as she approaches. With a loud sigh he says "I suppose your going to do my job again and check over the speeder now that I am done and say its ready to go..."


Jihahna beams at the Cathar as a result of his guess, genuinely pleased he understood her way of thinking, "You're exactly right".

She takes out her toolbelt as she begins to look over things. Continuing to talk as she goes. "Try to understand err Kaldo? I'm just a dirty mercenary who doesn't trust anyone! It's nothing personal."

She slows momentarliy as she works. "Buuut, that means in MY mind, that NO-ONE is beyond my suspicion. Hell, even damn Jedi!" At this, she smiles once more at the Cathar, maybe with a slightly sad look in her eyes.... Or was that loneliness? She then begins checking things over once more.

[sblock=Mechanics....Mechanics] http://roll.coyotecode.net/lookup.php?rollid=119170]_: 1D20+3 = [10]+3 = 13


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Silent until now Reks decides to speak up "What do you propose we do to these mercenaries? If we kill them to save the Kwi are we not just as wrong as they are?"


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Vivian nods sadly to this Gand "Yea I'm sorry, I did not except Czerka to move so fast. They moved the mercs up this morning before you all even arrived. Bastards..."

Glancing over at Reks she replies "If you are protecting others is it still murder? The mercs know that we believe the Kwi to be sentient and yet they are willing to accept bounties on them. Do I want you to go and murder all the mercs to protect the Kwi, of course not. I want you to go and protect the Kwi whom cannot defend themselves from blasters and modern technology. I want you to use any means that you can as these mercs are not innocent, they know what they signed up for..."

Looking at the team she adds "If you are all in agreement I need you to get up to that camp as soon as possible. I have a airhooper on standby at the spaceport, bay 12. Take Thirteen and landspeeder..."

Outside Jihahna finds the speeder is in good working order. Kaldo just scowls at her but does not interfere.


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"I you would give anything if you could solve this peacefully... I have been trying to convince Czerka that with a little patients we can all benefit. But you can only argue so much before one starts to feel like you are talking to yourself..." adds Vivian. With a final shrug she adds "You are the experts, its why I requested help in the first place. I'm just a scientists. When people ignore the 'facts' it bothers me."

Forged Fury

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Cal grabbed his gear, preparing for the trip. "Alternately, maybe we can figure out what has the kwi so worked up and solve that problem. We may be able to address that without violence. Granted, it might mean nothing to the mercs, but if we can make it difficult for Czerka to remain profitable, they may just write it off as a loss."
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