[IC] SWS/DnD5, Star Wars the Old Republic – A Gathering Darkness


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Vivian nods as she reflects on this "Yea I am not sure what got them acting violently all of a sudden. They have never acted that way while we have been dealing with them the last few months... even when Czerka was basically enslaving them."

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Vivian looks over at Reks and nods "Oh sorry... you were not brought in by the Survey group were you? Anyway, Czerka Corp has been using the Kwi as domesticated beasts of burden for almost a year now. Even since they settled the planet and found the various mineral deposited here and started bring in the miners."

"The Republic assigned the Survey Corp to study the planet a few months ago and when we got here we started noticing some unusual behavior in the Kwi... they were not acting like animals, acting just on instinct. But none of our translator droids could make heads or tails out of their language. It was not recognizable as anything they had encountered before or even as an intelligent pattern..."

Pausing for a moment she adds "So while we had not figured out how the recognize the Kwi as sentient until just a few days ago we suspected it. Czerka ignored our concerned and when the Kwi started attacking the miners up at the mountain facility they quickly started hiring bounty hunters and mercs to "deal" with the problem. As far as I know they either killed or released all the local Kwi that they are using up at the local mines as we have not seen any of the natives since all of this started."


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Anger becomes visible in Reks' eyes for a few moments before he looks to Vivian and says "It would seem you are right. The mercs clearly know what's going on and still choose the side of corruption and greed, we must help the Kwi and stop this horrible Czerka Corp."

Forged Fury

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"Huh..." Cal mumbled. He hadn't realized the kwi had disappeared from the camp. "Any idea where the kwi might be? Maybe records indicating where they were originally located here on the planet, at least in this area?"


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"Up at the mining camp?" Vivian asks. "No, they ran into the jungle and our orbital resources are very limited. With the mist and the jungle being so thick we can't track them. But they should still be in the valley as the mountain passes are really high and narrow and no one has seen them leave. There might be local natives there also..."

Accessing a datapad she adds "If you are looking for some of the Kwi that ran off from the mines just outside of town... well I am not sure where they went either. There was a camp or village that is about 20km to the south of here but they seem to have abandoned it. They might still be lurking around there and normally I would have sent you into that region to make contact with the Kwi. But with the immediate problems up at the mining camp I kind of would prefer you start there..."


Jihahna once again, wipes her hands, cleaning away meticulously at every possible smudge of grease and oil. Satisfied, she takes her communicator and messages through to Vivian. "Jihahna here, Kaldo has done a good job. The speeder is ready for departure."

She turns to Kaldo as she folds away her tool belt. "What's your problem with the Republic checking the Kwi for sentience anyway?"

Jihahna straightens, hands in pockets, she shifts her weight to one side, flicking her her out of her eyes briefly before continuing. "If they turn out to be sentient, you'll be wrong and you'll feel guilty..."

Jihahna shrugs, "But if you're right, everyone's happy. Hell, i'll happily hunt dangerous non-sentient species. That was what i came here for originally, but only when I know for sure, will I consider hunting the Kwi. You on the other hand are a Republic employee. I don't get it.... You guys are meant to be above simply making assumptions. Did you always feel as you do now about the Kwi or did you start hanging around the bars with the miners a little too much?" She crosses her arms with this last question. A polite look of concern on her face.


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"My problem?" Keldo almost spits. Shaking a bit for a second he gets some control over his emotions and continues "I'm a survey rep, not some glorified mechanic! We studies the Kwi for months and they never showed me any evidence that they were sentient. Oh sure they were all peaceful like for a long time but then they turn all beast like just like I warned everyone..."

He stares at Jihahna for a long moment before continuing "And I'm not a drunk, I'm just mad. Vivian didn't listen to me and went over my head and brought those 'specialist' in as if we needed help dealing with whatever problems happen to come up. Besides Czerka Corp has been really good for the Republic as a whole. Why they are helping re-build the Fleet. And that takes resource, like the resources found on this planet. So maybe some stupid animals' feeling get hurt or they get stomp on hard so that they learn who's boss. We at war you know..."

GM: Jihahna can make a Wisdom (Insight) check pretty low DC

Binder Fred

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Vivian nods sadly to this Gand "Yea I'm sorry, I did not except Czerka to move so fast. They moved the mercs up this morning before you all even arrived. Bastards..."
mumble drone jumble click "It was a good dream," agrees the gand with a slight buzz.

The small alien looks somewhat puzzled at Reks anger. mumble hiss jumble clickety drone "Sentients ride animals, Reks Seviir." guttural whirr mumble, "It is a noble gand art." mumble clack slurr mumble click whirr clacketty burr "Sentients shoot animals and other sentients that shoot at them, and even better if the first have a bigger guns than the last." A puzzled/frowny tilt of the head: mumble burr drone "This is the Outer Rim."

Besides: The insectile one turns her armored head squarely towards their togruta employer, compound eyes glinting subtly reddish in the light... guttural click drone jumble drone mumble "This one is sadly not being paid enough for wet work," she apologizes with a deep dip of the head. mumble drone clacketty jumble "Sabotage the mercs vehicles tonight," she suggests. mumble clicketty drone hum drone "The mercs will need them to get to the Kwi." drone mumble jumble "Make them sick." guttural burr jumble click, slurr jumble hum "We gain the time to contact the kwi tomorrow and discover why they attack the camps."

OOC: What does Reks look like, Trogor?

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