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[IC] The Odd Job

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You all head out following the hobgoblin not entirely sure where you are going with the thick mist obscuring everything. You cannot help shake the feeling that the beast from earlier is stalking you on your jaunt through the forest.

Eventually you reach a strangely familiar looking cabin except it appears to be long abandoned.


The door to the cabin is resting a against its frame hanging by a single hinge. The interior is equally broken, sitting in a tattered arm chair appears to be a man with legs crossed reading a book His outfit pegs him as a man of nobility.


The man glances up from his book looking disinterested, "Please refrain from insulting me with such accusations. I am Azgalan and I have been watching you all for some time now you appear to be quite capable mismatch of people. I require some.... assistance. I am sure you are aware I am trapped here and I would very much like to escape." Every word that comes from the man's mouth is deliberate and
Annunciated to the extreme.


"This abode is my prison, while you where messing around with inter planar magic you didn't understand you arrived here within my prison the shadowfel. Shortly after your arrival I introduced a little shadow magic to create a illusion for you, hoping you would entertain me but alas you are woeful actors."

Asha looks up at Azgalan with a start. They had entered the Shadowfel. She looks around pushing down the spike of fear at the realization. She mentally says a prayer to anything that will listen.

Please don't let him realize I am here. I will give anything to make sure that doesn't happen.

Asha takes several deep breaths to calm herself then smiles to Azgalan.

"The Shadowfel you say? Let me guess you will send us back home if we agree to help."


Darrowhill/Azgalin’s cave
Round 0

Hrgach cursed as they came to the cabin again, though one that was run down now. There was a man inside who said he was Azgalen and they were in his prison in the Shadowfell.

“Bloody gods,” the hobgoblin grumbled. “And why should we trust you?” he asked the man. “You were obviously imprisoned for a reason.”

Bonus Action:
Reaction: Shield or Absorb Elements (if needed), or Opportunity Attack


Inspiration: 0
AC: 17 (chainmail, defensive fighting style)
HP: 31/31 Vitality: 17/17 HD: 3/3d10+3
Saving Face (1/R)(+3)
Second Wind (1/R)
Action Surge (1/R)

Cantrips: Fire Bolt, Lightning Lure
L1 (2/2): Absorb Elements, Burning Hands, Shield
Weapon Bond: Greatsword, Bat’leth (magical)

Dagger of Venom
Dagger of Warning
+1 Leather Armor

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