IC The Thirteenth Moon: Night of the Blood Moon

Scott DeWar

Prof. Emeritus-Supernatural Events/Countermeasure
You can talk with Mowgli about hcow he did his multi arc game for advice too: Pathfinders of Pellegrew's panache

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I think the basic idea of the game has potential. I thought it was a little difficult trying to figure out who was where and what to do/who to talk to next.


Well if you guys want me to take some time to reconstruct the campaign, I would be up for it. I will send a PM to mowgli after I take a look at his game. Perhaps an Obsidian Portal site would help. I use it for some of my tabletop games. A map would probably be a good idea too. I have high quality images of the city of Sharn's various levels somewhere. I could possibly layer that with tokens so I could easily move characters around or possibly set up the map on a wiki so players could move their own characters around.


Looks like Mowgli uses Obsidian Portal as well. Nice site. I can't see everything though, perhaps because Mowgli has restricted access to only players. But it is instructive.

I had enjoyed using EN World's old Campaign Manager system but that is no longer an option for us, at least for the moment. Since you guys seem to be interested in keeping this going (and I am too!) I will start putting together an Obsidian Portal site for the campaign and update you with progress on the OOC thread. I will likely start a new thread for the IC once I have everything laid out and just keep this thread available for archive use. For campaign canon purposes, we will pick up things from post 127. I will figure out a way in the meantime to do the side quests, unless you all feel they are too distracting, in which case we can focus on the main quest only, or I can incorporate the individual side quests one at a time for the whole group to participate.

I have already got the bare bones up. No details yet. I will need everyone to send me their emails linked to their Obsidian Portal account (yes, this means you will need to create one or use an existing Google, Yahoo!, or similar account to get in) so I can add you as players.

All further discussion will take place in the OOC thread.

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