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5E (IC) Vault of the Dracolich (River Gang)



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Dusty Dragon
Udit, still listening carefully, realized that it wasn't the time for standing in the back - he was needed in front. He dropped the bow and darted across the battlefield

(OOC: use cunning action to get an extra move. If my math isn't wrong, I can reach S30, but it's a bit hard to see)

OOC2: I'm not sure if the cultist is alive or not, so the following may be superfluous

As the cultist clung onto Auroria, staggering after Torbin's arrow shot, Udit ran by him and slashed him in the throat.

slash vs maybe dead cultist : 1D20+6 = [20]+6 = 26

OOC2: holy :):):):). Maybe I'll do it anyway just for extra intimidation

critical hit vs cultist: 2D6+3+6D6+2 = [6, 1]+3+[5, 1, 4, 5, 5, 3]+2 = 35

The savage left-handed slash, delivered with a reversed grip, took the cultist's head clean off. Udit *glared* at the Beast. "Now you step away from Kurzon now"....

Prickly Pear

Sesto stepped over the scattered bones of the fiery wolves and the large pile of the dragon. Get out of my way, he yelled as he moved up to Kurzon. Else my angels will hurt you!
As he rushed forward, he thought: There might still be a chance to save Kurzon!

OOC: Action (Dash) and Move will bring Sesto to S31ish. If the Merc2 (R29) moves away, Sesto's angels might reach the Adept1 (R28).
Sesto, will keep concentration on Spirit Guardians... just in case!

The last of the cultists in the grand entryway fell, hus head rolling across the floor at Udit's feet. The Beast reached out and grabbed the large double-doors, both to stabilise himself and to shut them: he said, "There's still a lot of cultists at the altar. We need a moment ta talk terms. I'm not gonna hurt yer man. Gerd! Get me outta here before those angels get me! Stay back, LockJaw!"

The mercenary he called Gerd backed away from Auraia and Udit and then helped Bardaby to limp toward the kitchen, staying well away from Sesto as he came up the stairs.

When he was safely away from the furious angels, the beast added, "You might want to hold that door. Won't be long before their necromancer sends something awful down."


With an arrow nocked, Torbin climbed the stairs and stood to one side. He kept a weary eye on the mercenaries, ready to react should they plot any more trickery.

Squirrels are evil!


Dusty Dragon
Ooc: is the door the Beast leaning on the same door as the one "we should be holding "?

Also, Udit will administer a healing potion to Kurzon as soon as possible, just not sure when he has the chance

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Prickly Pear

Sesto walked over to Kurzon's lifeless body. He knelt down and put his hands on Kurzon's chest and began to pray. Sesto called for Lathander's healing powers to return this mighty warrior back to the living. Sesto poured everything into the prayer. Even the angels around him began to touch Kurzon's chest and aid in the healing.

OOC: Action: Cast spell Revivify.
Spell used: 1st 3/4, 2nd 3/3, 3rd 3/3
Crystals used: 3/10
Channel divinity used: 1/2
HP: 40+5 (from Blessed Healer)/45

Six of the green crystals crumbled to dust in Sesto's pouches, and the angels glowed to a white intensity. Kurzon's terrible axe-wound sealed to a long deep scar on the back of his head and his eyes popped open and he gasped.

GM: Kurzon is alive at 1 HP.

River Song

Kurzon struggles to his feet, feeling the back of his head. "Well there go my good looks." He takes the potion from Udit, "My thanks. It looks like we are all still alive.." he winces in pain, "more or less."



Dusty Dragon
"Glad you're back! So, uh, the dragon thing is dead... hey did the bones stick around last time? ... anyway, uh, and the Beast agreed to stop fighting, he even killed a cultist. So, uh, he says the necromancer is on the other side and has something nasty in mind, so I'm jamming this door shut"

Someone tries the door while Udit is jamming it. Not in a try-to-break-it-down kind of way, but they pull hard. The doors open inward, so it is tricky to jam from this side, but so far Udit's job does it.

Suddenly the whole temple gives a bit of a shake, like a minor earthquake. The door rattles and the dragon bones fall down the stairs.

OOC: Last time the dragon turned into dirt and rocks. This time the much harder rock-bones (like petrifications) stay looking like bones, for the most part.


Dusty Dragon
Udit, having jammed as much as he could, starts tying the handles together with many loops of hemp rope.

"So uh... the bones didn't change... does that mean anything?"

"Yeah, It means yer pissin' him off." replied the Beast to Udit's question. "But it'll take him at least an hour to make another one. I fer one, don't plan on bein' here anymore when that happens."

He then had his mercenary-crutch help him open the door to the kitchen and called, "Hey, Cookie! Send one o'yer guys to the Watchtower. Tell 'em we're done here. Oh, and Cookie? Lock all the doors. It won't hold 'em long, not with the Alchemist, but we can slow 'em down."

He then turned to the River Gang and said, "Here's what's gonna happen: They've got a Necromancer, a Seeress, and an Alchemist. They were busy puttin' together a mix of it when you busted in here. They've got a plan to blow you all to pieces. We've only got a few minutes before they start trying the doors with some of their bigger stuff."


Dusty Dragon
Udit said "I wonder what the other group is up to... if the culit is hit from both angles maybe? Or a distraction? And Kurzon's still hurt... "

Scratching his head, he added "Uh... Torbin... you're a pretty good shot? Could you like, uh, prepare fire arrows? Blow up those barrels before they reach us?"

Finishing the rope job with a solid sailor knot, Udit stepped away

Udit took out the Sending Stone. "Uh, Imani? The mercenaries are leaving, and we killed a bone dragon projection thingy. Uh, apparently the cultists have a necromancer, an alchemist and a seer. What's the other group up to? We are kinda banged up and could use a distraction".
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Imani's voice replied, "We shall see. Hello, teams - Please report. Not being there myself, I cannot judge, but I have seen the mountain shake twice now. I fear you may be gaining the attention of the Dracolich. I don't have to tell you that this cannot be a good idea."

... to which the Beast snorted, "You think?"

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