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D&D 5E (IC) Vault of the Dracolich (River Gang)

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Mord's voice once again rings through the sending stone.

"We've captured the Alchemist. He says he's provided the cultists with the same concoction as they tried to use on us this morning. Apparently, they intend to use it with animated skeletons to attack us with. Be on your guard."

Squirrels are evil!

Prickly Pear

Sesto sent a 'thank you' back through the sending stone and added; We are about to enter the Library. That is where the Necromancer is expected to be. Let's deal with the last cultists later. Wish us good luck!
Sesto turned to the rest of the group. Are you ready? I will try the door and if it is unlocked I will open it and rush in. Sesto paused for a second and said in a small voice; If I turn into ash, just sweep me aside and keep going. I has been a honour to fight evil next to you.

OOC: @FitzTheRuke, is Sesto's angels still active? Surely there has been less than 10 min since the last fight... Please...
Udit, are you ready to pick the lock if the door is locked?


Sesto tried the door and was relieved to find that it didn't melt his face off. The door, like all the doors in the temple, had no locks, just iron rings. It was barred, however, and he stepped aside to allow Udit to lift it with his tools, or Kurzon to kick it.

OOC: It's possible that anyone on the other side didn't notice Sesto test it. That said, lifting it will take time. (I imagine thieve's tools to include wire hooks and string that allow you to encircle a bar from the other side through the crack, and then lift it. It would probably be pretty obvious from that side, though. Kicking it is probably best. And quicker.

Prickly Pear

Two kicks is better than one, Sesto thought and decided to aid Kurzon in the kicking.

OOC: Action: Help
Sesto would have cast Guidance but that would have broken his concentration for Spirit Guardians


Dusty Dragon
Udit drew both of his swords. Kurzon still didn't looked quite patched up, and Torbin was a better archer anyway... He didn't like front line work, but Bhaal's influence was still on him, much to his dismay.



The bar cracks but does not break. One more good strike ought to do it.

OOC: It seems that the DC was 20. I'm going to say that 18 was close enough so that the DC now drops to 15

River Song

Kurzon leans back and lashes out with his booted foot again.




As the two strike the door is knocked inwards, shattered off its hinges.


Location: Guard Hall to Library Encounter: Necromancer

The door bursts open.

Begin Round One

GM: Okay, the first strike at the door was enough to alert the Necromancer. I'm going to say that "if everyone is ready, then no-one is" (if you get what I mean), and we'll just go for round one, but with Sesto and Kurzon having gone (their action being opening the door, though feel free to post their movement, now that you've got a map). Torbin will almost certainly shoot first anyway as long as 'Goyle posts quick. I've lost track of Kurzon's HP.
Name * (Position) * AC * HP
Auraia (S17) AC17(19) HP 18/51
Drako (R19) AC13(16) HP 22/45
*Kurzon (T14) AC20* HP ?/52
Pyrus (S20) AC13 HP 39/51
*Sesto (S14) AC18* HP 45/45
Torbin (T19) AC15 HP 36/45
Udit (T16) AC15 HP 36/45
Necromancer (T10)
Skeleton1 (P11)
Skeleton2 (S12)
Skeleton3 (W10)
Beast (Q23)
Cookie (H28) (Kitchen)
Merc1 (T24)
Merc2 (P23) HP less 10
LockJaw (T21) HP less 23



OOC: I lost my description!

Sure enough, the door opened to a small-ish room lined with bookshelves. An elf in dark robes turned and raised a bone-staff toward the door, as three skeletons armed with swords rattled forward to his defence.

Prickly Pear

Sesto ran in among the skeleton up to the table in the middle of the room. The sight that greeted him was one of horrible disgust. Lying on the table was, presumable, the necromancer's latest experiment. This will be the last experiment he ever will do!

OOC: Move to R11


Kurzon & Sesto

Kurzon and Sesto burst through the door, rushing past the closest of the skeletons. Sesto's angels flew into the room, flitting around with their glowing swords. One smote the Skeleton as it moved to attack Kurzon, smashing it to glowing pieces of bone which clattered to the floor.

GM: [sblock=rolls]Spell: 3D8 = [6, 2, 8] = 16
Angel vs Skeleton2
Save: 1D20 = [2] = 2
Skeleton2 vs Angel[/sblock]
Gone: (PCs) Kurzon, Sesto; (BGs) Skeleton2
Damage Taken: (PCs) None; (BGs) Skeleton2 16 (Destroyed)
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Dusty Dragon
Udit rushed in after Kurzon, letting the burly warrior acting as a visual shield. As Kurzon veered left Udit went right (U11), and as the necromancer was distracted by Kurzon - and perhaps what was incoming from down the hall, Udit struck.

He lead with a high slash at eye level with his oversized knife

attack with Slasher on Necromancer (main hand): 1D20+6 = [12]+6 = 18

sneak attack on Necromancer: 1D6+3+3D6+2 = [4]+3+[3, 5, 5]+2 = 22

And followed with a low stab to the gut

attack with stabber on Necromancer (off-hand): 1D20+6 = [6]+6 = 12

maybe off hand hit on necromancer, +2 from Bhaal: 1D6+2 = [1]+2 = 3

"This is for your ice zombies!"



Level Up!

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