D&D (2024) If short rest abilities become Prof # tiimes per day?

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The thing no one can a agree on what they even are and the Death Spiral?
Well, I know what they are for my games, but point taken.

The exhaustion track is inadequate in that it is not integrated with your resources.
There is no rule for a caster or fighter pushing themselves further beyond their normal capabilities.

1) I have no negatives for being so hurt and tired to the attack or damage and 2) I am no more fatigue for having just spent 300 seconds strait (5 minutes) useing that abity. If instead I make 100 sword attacks with my cool magic special metal sword it is still 300 seconds (5 minutes) of constant swinging of my sword (or axe or hammer) but still I am at no negative (even the str damage doesn't matter I USE Cha to hit and damage) and it doesn't tire me at all.
Yes, that bugs me a bit, too.

I don't think a game where bad luck = you lose would be very popular.

The problem is, if you allow for bad luck not to leave you aboard the Kobayashi Maru without the cheat code, then you also allow the players to nova then rest.
It's not either / or...

Okay, that clarifies things for me on y'all's positions. Thanks!

I really wouldn't. Brownie points are weirdly motivating.
back in my 20's I worked in a min wage job and the bosses used to give us little index cards for our cubicals that they would put red silver and gold stars on if we did something 'above and beyond' most people loved it... I hated it and used to take down my card no matter how full it was. (I don't want to brag, I would like compensation)

I got a promotion and lead my own team (and a good raise). So I went out and bought some gift cards to local fast food, gas stations and stores in the mall... nothing huge but like $10 each. Instead of just giving the dumb stars every time you got 5 stars you could trade them for a gift card... my team ROCKETED to the top of every metric and everyone wanted to be on it... so after like 2 weeks I started taking the best performing people from other teams (with my managers approval) and all the other team leads HATED me for it.

someone even started writing "I'm an adult I work for money not stickers" on there index card and that took all over the office. I had other team leads telling me I was ruining there raises becuse I was useing my own money... they tried to give 'dress down days' and 'extra 5 min breaks' but all I did was give my team full time dress down as long as when corporate came they dressed nice... I didn't make many friends for that either.


Just to relate experience I play a Monk on a Westmarches server and with 3 encounters per short rest or no short rest it’s impossible to keep up with classes that can use Great Weapon Master, Sharpshooter, Crossbow Expert and Polearm Master well because those abilities are just always on while my Ki runs out after one fight at level 5 if I’m trying to keep up with the contribution they’re making. Then I just become a squishy martial that can make an extra scimitar strength unarmed attack as a bonus action and move 10ft further. It is hard to convince long rest based classes to even take a short rest because they’re not sweating at that point cause they are fueling of this set of feats instead of their resource limited class abilities. The only hope is usually that there is a Warlock or someone with a Warlock dip since their spells are considered respectable enough to warrant a short rest. No one is stopping for flurry of blows to recharge.
The Monk is just bad :(

Eric V

No thanks. Without attrition only mechanical stakes in any battle are death or nothing. And once you get resurrection magic, TPK or nothing.
I really, really don't want that.
There can still be attrition, though. For example, in 4e there was healing surges and Daily abilities, but they still had encounter abilities too (a guarantee to be able to do something cool every combat).


The Monk is just bad :(
I’m doing things to compensate with magic items and a Cleric dip helps but yes on my play experience I have fun with the RP and flavor but yes it is more of a struggle than playing Barbarian or Paladin which are my other 5e experiences. It’s a challenge but it kind of breaks my heart to call it bad. I cannot argue against you though. Let’s see how the next few levels go.

There can still be attrition, though. For example, in 4e there was healing surges and Daily abilities, but they still had encounter abilities too (a guarantee to be able to do something cool every combat).
yeah a mix is the way to go.

the 5e warlock has
at will
encounter/short rest
long rest
always on

abilities... the encounter/short rest ones are even a pool you can draw from (so I know 6 encounter abilities but can use any combo of them twice per rest)

it is the closest to the 4e AEDU model, and I love it

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