OneDnD I'm getting increasingly worried about the fate of sorcerer

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Personally I think Sorcerers and Warlocks needed a list of themed known spells instead of just slightly expanded lists to choose from. I have a shadow sorcerer and the dearth of shadow based spells means I can't really get into it. I ended up multiclassing in warlock to get a darker vibe going.


There are a number of reasons to consider them less than a full caster, with plenty of similarities to other half casters. EB treated as similar to a magic weapon attack, hex vs hunter marks, invocations v. Imbuements, access to a class pet (companion, mount, golem, chain pact), number of spells a day closer to half caster amount. Pact blade progression mirrors paladin attacks.

Pact magic is weird enough that it falls outside classic definitions of full or partial caster. To many, full caster implies a suite of low level slots for utility that pact magics lack, for instance.

My personal view is to treat them as a half caster with access to high circles of magic in place of auras or expertise. I understand some will disagree, but I feel there's enough design similarities to the half casters that it's worth using them as a comparison instead of wizard, cleric, druid and bard.

EDIT - In either case, my point was that I feel like bladelock fills the caster spell sword niche. So it's not a great option for a unique sorcerer, imho. And that's before we talk about Bladesinger or Eldritch Knight.

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