Iron DM 2012

Radiating Gnome

Okay, I grabbed the rules from the 2011 thread and I figured I'd edit them here so we can agree then move them into the public thread.

Contestants are to write an adventure synopsis using all of the 6 ingredients listed for the match-up.

Contestants will be given 48 hours from the time the ingredients are posted to post their entry into this thread.

Judges have leeway to enforce this rule as loosely as they want (in conjunction with agreement by the other contestant) if an entry is late, but some (if not all) judges feel strongly about the importance of the time limit--and may disqualify a late entry automatically. A better tactic, if you are not quite finished, would be to post what you have. Incomplete or unpolished entries have won in the past.

Entrants are expected not to read another contestant's entry in the same match until after their own entry is posted. You are on your honor to do so.

Please list the ingredients used at the top of your entry.

Please limit your entry to 2000 words, including those used for the ingredient list and the title! Judges have leeway to enforce this as strictly as they want--some may, some may not.

Please do not edit your post! Judges have leeway to enforce this as strictly as they want--but I warn you...for those judges who care about this, it is a big deal. Break this rule at your own peril!

Use whatever rules you want; or stay system-neutral. Extensive use of stat-blocks is both a waste of time and space and, even in the form of attachments, may be ignored by the judge(s). You are advised only to include important system-information. That said, assumptions of familiarity with a system may be detrimental, as well. Make sure that you include enough details to explain things that ought to be explained.

Use any genre you want. Just make sure you explain anything you need to.

Including links to outside information as a source of background for your own entry is a cheap trick. The links may be useful for the casual reader and will, therefore, not be forbidden, but the use of these links is not going to be considered part of the submission for purposes of judgement--and will not be followed during judgement.

Each of the first-round matches will have a single judge (determined randomly). One judge will be assigned two matches; two judges will be assigned one each (again, randomly).

In subsequent rounds, matches will be judged by the full panel of judges. There will be a two third-round matches--one to determine a third-place contestant and one, of course, to determine the second place contestant and the IRON DM 2012.

[h=1]Round 1[/h]

[h=2]Match 1: Rune vs Deuce Traveller[/h]

Tattered Rug
Pitiful Baker
The Maimed Hand of Vengeance
Gothic Reunion
Cheerful Cellar
Itinerant Cleric

Entries: Danse Macabre (Deuce Traveller) vs. Vengeance and Pity (Rune)
Results: Judgement | Winner = Deuce Traveller

[h=2]Match 2: Ender_wiggin vs Steeldragons[/h]


crippled minotaur
Rock city
unfortunate smuggler
misplaced desire
tower shield
staff of storms

Entries: Staff of Storms (Steeldragons) vs Of Mazes and Mortals (Ender_Wiggin)
Results: Judgement | Winner = Ender_wiggin
[h=2]Match 3: Shoe vs Waylander the Slayer[/h]


Pious Pawn-Broker
Puzzled Nobility
Dying Jungle
Pursued by Pirates
Blink Dog
Ghost Voice Helmet

Entries: The Ghost Voice Whisperers (Shoe) vs A Dog's Best Friend (Waylander the Slayer)
Results: Judgement | Winner = Waylander the Slayer

[h=2]Match 4: Lwaxy vs Loonook[/h]


Awakened Bear
Sinking Island
Esoteric Scholar
Family Reunion
Gauntlets of Ogre Power

Entries: Secrets of the Green (Loonook) vs The Island of Dokar Muray Arthy (Lwaxy)
Results: Judgement | Winner = Lwaxy

[h=1]Round 2[/h]
[h=2]Match 1: Ender_wiggin vs. Deuce Traveller[/h]
Bundle of Straw
Forlorn Cyclops
Gaudy Gangster
Abandoned Foundry
Powerful Suit

Entries: Ambush in the Armatorium (Ender_Wiggin) | Going Legit (Deuce Traveller)

Judgments: Wicht | Nifft | Radiating Gnome
Winner: Deuce Traveller

[h=2]Match 2: Waylander the Slayer vs Lwaxy[/h]

Artist's Studio
The Final Dragon
Battered Manuscript
Suspended Clergyman
Checks and Balances
Robe of Bones

Entries: Lwaxy | Waylander the Slayer
Judgments: Wicht | Phoamsinger | Radiating Gnome
Winner: Waylander the Slayer

[h=1]Round 3[/h]
Required Ingredients
Seared Seer
Desert Dessert
Knave's nave
Terraced Terrasque
Still Stiletto
Party Parity
Bonus Ingredients:
Rouge Rogue
Slippery Slippers
Demonstrable Demon's Trouble
Entries: Deuce Traveller | Waylander the Slayer
Judgments: Wicht | Phoamsinger | Radiating Gnome
Winner: Deuce Traveller

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