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D&D 5E Is D&D 5e a Sandwich?

Is D&D 5e a Sandwich?

  • 1. Yes.

    Votes: 8 13.8%
  • 2. No.

    Votes: 15 25.9%
  • 3. Only pizzas can be sandwiches.

    Votes: 9 15.5%
  • 4. If you don't know where you're going, any road will get you there.

    Votes: 26 44.8%

  • Total voters
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B/X Known World
You mean yet another miracle from Abel Gonzales Jr., aka FRIED JESUS?

Admittedly, where do you have to go after deep-frying PBJs, Coke, Cookie Dough, and Butter? That's like the holy scripture of fried food on a stick.
So would that mean that 5E is deep-fried nostalgia sandwich on a stick?

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Snarf Zagyg

Notorious Liquefactionist
I'd certainly go the other direction... soup could also be a warm ice/gelato/slushee/sherbet. And now I'm wondering if there are some cream soups you could churn into a semblance of an ice cream, and what one would do with clam chowder ice cream.

I don't know about clam chowd-ah (SAY IT!) ice cream, but I've had a good lobst-ah ice cream in Maine.



With respect, soup existed long before the domestication of cattle for dairy purposes.

Ice cream is frozen, aerated soup.

I'm trying to imagine a traditional soup with the calorie and fat content of my homemade ice creams (that heavy cream, whole milk, and cream cheese really packs it in). :)

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