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This is a historical campaign all non campaign related books are allowed for the pcs. Result I have change the spell lists for some encounters.
Curse of Strahd Session 1

There Going to Be a Party tonight.

Days 0 – 3 Noon

Sunday January 1 to January 3 735

Gain a level. 80 GP from the Burgomaster house. 10 Downtime days.

PC Killed 0 Monsters Killed 10 Monsters Captured 0 Villains Escaped 1 Mayor Zombie

Guys if drop a name here. It is important. Make a note of it.

I had a strong group of six. 2 Remoting in. Colin Belasco a Twilight Cleric and Jenny sorcerer. Both nobles. Radiare A winged tiefling Light Cleric haunted one. Lt. Bucket human ranger and Kevin Levin Barbarian with cart. Both werewolf hunters. Torias Fighter Inheritor with a witch tattoo.

Thanks, people for putting your pcs on DnD Beyond. It is going to be a learning thing.

Colin and Jenny are dining in a up scale tavern when a letter arrives (Note I will only print out the plain text stuff for now on.)

The letter. Hail to thee of might and valor. I, a lowly servant of Barovia, send honor to thee. We plead for thy so desperately needed assistance. The love of my life, Ireena Kolyana, has been afflicted by an evil so deadly that even the good people of our village cannot protect her. She languishes from her wound, and I would have her saved from this menace. There is much wealth in this community. I offer all that might be had to thee and thy fellows if thou shalt but answer my desperate plea. Come quickly, for her time is at hand! All that I have shall be thine! Kolyan Indirovich Burgomaster.

They agree to join and enter the stagecoach. The coach enters the fog and the sounds go from road to dirt road. They are also stopped and a new passenger name Escher he is a twenty-six-year-old noble. As the fog thickens everyone clothing turns into Sherlock Holmes era nobles. Escher stops the coach mentioning he meeting his boyfriend nearby. The coach continues and stops and drops them off on the road. The fog prevents sight after ten feet.

Lt Bucket and Kevin Levin are members of werewolf group near Daggerford. They been hunting some local werewolves. Kevin has a werewolf cloak from his benefactor. Lt. Bucket has a magic bucket which purifies a gallon of water per day. Even when the bucket been horse stomped, it returns to the original shape. It is high summer and a new moon when the strike out, they hear wolves ahead when they enter the fog. Lt Bucket asks why is the moon full and the sounds a great pack chase them out the fog to meet two nobles.

Radiare awakens in his grave, a shovel nearby. He grabs the shovel and tries to find his way out the fog. He stumbles out the fog and into the group.

Torias is walking home when the fog pounces on him. He knows his way home blind drunk um blindfolded. He continues on his feet echoing off the cobblestones. He continues on his feet do not echo off the dirt road. There is no dirt road in his city. Behind him an Vistani driving a wagon full of lumber come up. The Vistani offers him a ride but he decides not to accept. As the wagon pulls pass him, he was not sure but he thought one the pieces of lumber had his name on it. He stumbles out the fog and me the other fog napped party.

They are before the gates of Barovia. Tobias finds a body with a letter on it. It is different copy of the noble’s letter. (SORRY for passing out the wrong letter.) Hail thee of might and valor:

I, the Burgomaster of Barovia, send you honor—with despair.

My adopted daughter, the fair Ireena Kolyana, has been these past nights bitten by a vampyr. For over four hundred years, this creature has drained the life blood of my people. Now, my dear Ireena languishes and dies from an unholy wound caused by this vile beast. He has become too powerful to conquer.

So, I say to you, give us up for dead and encircle this land with the symbols of good. Let holy men call upon their power that the devil may be contained within the walls of weeping Barovia. Leave our sorrows to our graves, and save the world from this evil fate of ours.

There is much wealth entrapped in this community. Return for your reward after we are all departed for a better life. Kolyan Indirovich Burgomaster.

They continue to the 3 miles to the village. And are met by a nice friendly crowd of people who left their pick forks behind. Tobias slips away to go shopping as he is not dress for heavy winter. The mob wants to know how come a demon is in their village before holy water or torches are thrown, Radiare proclaims to be a cleric of the Morning Lord. He and most of his party is taken to nearby Shrine of Morning Lord. If the shrine was a 7/11 it would a 3/2. Not bursting in flames the crowd slowly breaks up with only Terrance the Torch seller and Penny the Pitchfork seller unhappy.

The village looks like one good tornado could come through and do millions of gp in improvements. As the sun is going now the group make for Blood of the Vine Tavern.

Kevin, “It only 2 PM how can the sun be going down.”

Arik the Barkeep, “Sunset is always 3 PM during January.”

The group has an early dinner of mint mutton which they never heard of before. During the dark afternoon of January 1, 725 they find out various lore. (Hit the net for the lore. If it is wrong that want you get for listing to lore at taverns.) One the calendar is lunar which starts with the full moon, seven days and less months than the realms. Two there are only six hours of daylight during January. (I will update the calendar with the group suggestions later this week.

The next morning the go visit the Burgomaster. One minor problem. He is dead. Dead for three days. Both of heirs are adopted Ireena Kolyana (noble) and Ismark Kolyana. As the discussions about keeping the death from heart attack secret. Ireena being stalked by the Count and what else is happening, the butler chains the front door close. (Party knows Ireena has been bitten twice. Ismark is taking over the village because women can’t be Burgomaster. Zombies, wolves, and fireballs occasionally assault the mansion.)

Torias, “Did you say zombies? I don’t like fighting zombies.”

DM, “CUE THE ZOMBIE FIGHT.” Seven zombies later. The group agrees to burn daddy. Ismark will join as guide if they take Ireena to fort Vallaki in the morning. The group burns daddy and says some prayer over the grave and leave out in Kevin’s cart and some horses. They are attack by a dire wolf and some scarecrows before they arrive at the gates of Vallaki.

Scenes in the dark unknown but affecting the party.

Daddy rose from the grave as zombie.

In a Vistani camp Madam Eve falls into a trance and deals the cards.

This card tells of history. Knowledge of the ancient will help you better understand your enemy. 4 of coins the merchant

This card tells of a powerful force for good and protection, a holy symbol of great hope. 2 of stars, the Diviner. I think the treasure is beneath us.

This is a card of power and strength. It tells of a weapon of vengeance: a sword of sunlight. 9 of swords the torturer

This card sheds light on one who will help you greatly in the battle against darkness. The beast.

Your enemy is a creature of darkness, whose powers are beyond mortality. This card will lead you to him! The executioner.

Madam Eve slips into a brief coma. The storyteller makes notes of the cards and puts her to bed.

Elsewhere talk of the Morning Lord Demon and its strange entourage spread throughout the valley.

Elsewhere some is talked into some home improvement projects.

End of session 1

Looks like I will need my own map so I using the pull out in the book. We will mark deaths of pcs on the foam backed poster. If you have the access the players map from curse, feel free to use them on your devices. This book has stuff randomly scattered about it. I may have to stop and reread during the session. Thanks for going along with the props and inputs to your pcs.

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Rotten DM
Curse of Strahd Session 2

Dog Cart or Plots of Land.

Days 3 Noon to Day 6 0740

Tuesday January 3 to Friday January 6 735

Gain a level. 40 GP. 10 Downtime days.

PC Killed 0 Monsters Killed 18 Monsters Captured 0 Villains Escaped 1

I had a strong group of six. Colin Belasco a Twilight Cleric 2. Jenny sorcerer 2. Radiare Light Cleric 2. Lt. Bucket Ranger 2. Kevin Levin Barbarian1 Fighter 1. Torias Fighter 2.

The group of adventurers are waiting outside of Vallaki a wooden fortress town. When Auntie Morgan offers them Apple Dream pies. Radiare buys six and gives two of them to Kevin and Jenny. Jenny passes out. Auntie Morgan dream pies are laced with a heavy sleep potion.

The guards freak them out with the constant repeating of “All will be well”, “Be Happy”, And “A Smile a Day Keeps the Vampires Away.” Having the Burgomaster’s kids in the cart they are directed to the Mayor’s Mansion. While passing through the city square, they see the old party announcement is being tore down and the new party The Festival of the Blazing Sun is schedule on this Friday. Attendance is REQUIRED. Some poor saps are locked in the stocks with plaster Donkey heads on top of their heads. Their crime was not being HAPPY.

The two meetings in the mansion were interesting. Ireena can stay at the mansion while Ismark will still be their guide. Baron Vargas Vallakovich seriously believes if you are Happy the vampires will not come. Baroness Lydia Petrovna has a nervous laugh. At the tea party which Jenny is invited, Lydia gives off the impression she one minor disaster from murdering the household.

Having got one round of free drinks and free rooms at the Blue Water inn they meet some interesting people. The wolf hunters Szoldar Szoldarovich and Yevgeni Krushkin who did not have a successful hunt yesterday but give up the rumored location of a werewolf den. The brothers Nikolai and Karl Wachter two drunken frat nobles. Richtavio an owner of failing circus who had to give up his not housebroken monkey to the toy maker Gadof Blinsky. Richtavio knows the group are from the other side of the Mists. He is spying on the Vistani including the one doing sketches on the tavern patrons.

This hint causes Torias to block the door, while Lt Bucket accidently burns the sketch pad. Urwin Matikov breaks up the fight and makes Bucket pay for the sketch pad. Later during the evening Urwin confesses to being a member of Keepers of the Feather and a long discussion follows.

The next morning around 0700 Kevin and LT. Bucket push Kevin’s cart outside the town walls and chop down a tree. Kevin is using limbs of the tree to improve his cart with one dire wolf nearly tears Bucket’s head off. (YES NAT 20 on first roll of the night.) The town guards Terrance and Tony run to help the tourists. Kevin now thinks it is good idea to work on his cart in safety. Colin and Jenny are sent an invitation from the noble Lady Fiona Wachter for lunch. During lunch Fiona proclaims she is a priest of Zariel the Duchess of First Layer of Hell. Fiona thinks her book club and prayers are the reason Strahd is kept away and would they join her plot to over throw the current mayor.

During the evening the group discuss their options. Stick around for tomorrow’s HAPPY party. Help the devil cultist lead by Fiona to overthrow the mayor. Find out why the Wizard of Wine has not delivered to Urwin. Discover why only some people are born in Barovia with souls. Go werewolf hunting. Discover why a vampire spawn must feed daily. Discover why Strahd must feed on a person with a soul, which means everyone at the table is a delicious feast for the dear count. To find out if the Vistani are spying for the Count.

The group decides to help Urwin but an argument breaks out between Torias and the rest of group. If they leave at 0700 a great chance of encountering creatures of night is possible. If they leave at sunrise 0900 it be daylight but they will have to travel back to city during the night or sleep over at the winery. The group chooses to leave at 0700 and pulls out the next morning.

0739 they are attacked by zombies.

Torias, “See I told you so.”

The Morning Glory Cleric R Radiare finds the Strahd Zombies strange. As when LT Bucket cuts an arm off one. The arm tries to poke out Bucket’s eyes. And the head of the behead zombie bites Kevin on the ankle. (Strahd Zombies don’t pop back up.)

More information later as I figure out what is going on behind the scenes. I left my notes on another machine. If wasn’t high rolls for wandering encounters, no combat would happen this session. Thanks for taking notes as it will help me find which page to flip to.


Rotten DM
Lots of roleplaying this session. Why Kevin push his cart out into the woods, I don't know. But I established the wandering monster checks could be hard or easy this session. The book has a lot of plots vs plots vs plots so I am making my players take notes. Having tiefling who the only non human in the valley is interesting. He is at disadvantage on all social checks.
I have starting town population on some notes on another machine and the other forces will be acting on the various town people.


Rotten DM

January 3 Goes to church. Persuades Doavich to get Gladiator Parriwimple in Bildrath’s Mercantile to open door. Kills Parriwimple.

January 5. Gets Sketches of Party

Vampire Lore. Strahd has to eat a soul per week. Vampire Spawn must eat daily but don’t require a soul.

January 6 Happy Day Lars Kjurls dragged to death by Burgomaster Vargas. Tiger escapes.

Barovia Population

Starting Numbers Barovia Adults 302 Children 350 Souls 65 + NPCs Zombies 4

Starting numbers Vallaki Adults 900 Children 850 souls 360 plus the NPCS

Starting Numbers Krezk Adults 100 Children 75 Souls 17 plus the NPCS

January 5th numbers

Adults 296 Children 340 Souls 65 + NPCs Zombies 16

Vallaki Adults 900 Children 832 Souls 360 plus the NPCS

Krezk Adults 100 Children 75 Souls 17 plus the NPCS


Rotten DM
Curse of Strahd Session 3

Whiny Wines

Day 6 0740 to Day 8 0900

Friday January 6, 735 to Sunday January 8, 735

Gain a level, 80 GP, and 10 Downtime days.

PC Killed 0 Monsters Killed 84 Captured 0 Escaped 1

I had an average group of five Colin Belasso human cleric 3. Jenny Human Sorcerer 3. Kevin Levin Human Barbarian 1 Fighter 2. Torias Day Human Rogue 1 Fighter 1. Lt. Bucket Human Ranger. OOPS we totally forgot about the Burgomaster kid who is veteran.

The mist rises over the defeat zombies. In the distance they hear a strange voice, “Mr. Demon Morning Glory Cleric. Mr. Demon Morning Glory Cleric!”. A lantern bobs in the distance, a young man in priestly garments turns the corner. He begins to yell when out the mist a Dire Wolf leaps out the mist beheading him. Another Dire wolf drags the body away. A scroll case rolls to Kevin’s feet. The mist rises! A laugh is heard five times.

Voice, “A then there was five.”

Jenny, “You have a sexy voice.”

Voice, “So you do.”

Kevin picks up the scroll, “I guess this is for Radiare. Um. Where is Radiare.” The Mist has claimed it first victim. Examine the scroll it is from Lucian Petrovich of the St. Andral’s Church. What is the problem is not written in the note but the group decides to return to Vallaki and find out.

At the Church of St. Andral’s which just of main street on the service road, Lucian fills them in. The bones of the Saint had been stolen. The bones were underneath the altar which made the church, church grounds, and the city Hallow areas. The two suspects are the coffin maker Henrik van der Voort or the altar’s boy companion Milivoj. Milivoj is somewhere in the city but the priest gives directions to the coffin shop.

As Torias climbs on his horse to go to the coffin shop he is greeted by a dozen kids who think he is unhappy. They sing “Smile Darn you Smile” And remind him the Blazing Sun festival is at noon. In the town square and attendance is required. Torias glares at the kids and they flee.

The group arrives at the coffin shop but it is not open for business. But Jenny talks Henrik into opening the door. Jenny and Torias through various means of persuasion get Henrik to talk. He was order to steal the bones by Strahd. And to make six coffins. Six coffins which are or will be the exact fit for each of the adventurers. In fact, Torias coffin has been ready for a month. Jenny’s will be done to day.

Torias laughs and climbs into his coffin, “Nice fit but…” Both Jenny and Torias got comatose for a minute. After coming too, they will not talk about what they seen. (Except maybe in the comments.) The group takes the bones back to the church and since Milivoj the gravedigger is now present. They tell Milivoj to only bury bones and not dig them up. Torias checks his watch.

Torias, “It is almost noon. I not going to be around when the festival happens. Let’s go check out the winery.”

Arriving at the Winery they are flagged down by Davian Martikov and the rest of his family. Needle Blights and other tree things have infested the vineyard. This has driven the family away. They will help the group by proving flying cover and combat air patrol.

Kevin, “Cool CAP. What are needle blights?”

The group makes the first assault on the vineyards. Strangely Jenny is never touched, the group starts laughing and saying she is a favor of Strahd. (DM. HMMM.) The group works through over two dozen blights to reach the front door. When Jenny opens the front door the second platoon of Needle Blights lead by Lt Druid pour out of the Winery. The group runs away to fight the next day. (I passed on wandering monster checks on the quick campground the wereravens and group set up. But they went to bed at 1800 and waited to 0900 the next day for the assault.

The second platoon of the needle blight company does not fair well. They are defeated in a hard battle leaving the door to the winery open.

Will they enter. Tune in next time.

Things that happened.

At the Festival of the Sun, Lars one of town guard was not happy enough for the Baron Vargas Vallakovich. He drags Lars to death behind a horse.

Karl and Nikolai Wachter the frag boys from the tavern release a Saber Tooth Tiger belonging to the bard Rictavio. The Tiger escapes into the woods. Rictavio flees on his horse to parts unknown. His carnival wagon is left behind.

The next day the tiger arrives at the Vistani camp outside of town. Kills half the Vistani before being killed.

By sun set of January 8 all Vistani know of the Tiger attack. And know to tell the Adventurers to meet with Madam Eve.

January 7th numbers

Barovia Adults 280. Children 324. Souls 65 + NPCs. Zombies 32

Vallaki Adults 898. Children 818. Souls 360 plus the NPCS.

Krezk Adults 100 Children 75 Souls 17 plus the NPCS.

What should next Friday’s Festival be named?

**** players don't read.
The combat took most of the evening. And I totally ignored the waves from the Winery until the next day. Jenny is falling in love with the good count so I think a dinner invite is in order. And a dress.
Lost the Demon Morning Glory cleric due to the propose new rule changes. I am adding a little bit of home brew stuff for the players.
They prevented one trigger event. Now I have do something with the bored vampire spawn. Suggests from the group is welcomed.


Rotten DM
Curse of Strahd Session 4

Love First Bite

Day 8 0900 to Day 11 1800

Sunday January 8, 735 to Wednesday January 11, 735

Gain a level, 46 Gp 2 silver 5 copper, and 10 Downtime days.

PC Killed 0 Monsters Killed 85 Captured 0 Escaped 1

Magic item Gulthias Staff,

Story Award Bucket Bail. Lt Bucket is now bailing out Strahd’s flooded basement. He will need to roll a DC 7 wisdom or be frighten by buckets.

Story Award Love First bite. Jenny has taken the first bite from Strahd on two more bites before Jenny becomes a bride.

Story Award Wolf’s Friend. You allied with Zuleika a werewolf. But she is not the pack leader. Oops.

Story Award Fine Feather Friend. Friends to all wereravens.

I had an average group of 4 Colin Belasso human twilight cleric 4. Jenny Human Sorcerer 4. Kevin Levin Human Barbarian 1 Fighter 3. Lt. Bucket Human Gloomstalker Ranger 4. OOPS we totally forgot about the Burgomaster kid who is veteran. The DM will do fixed it.

NOTE we are under the new Season 11 rules aka the Forgotten Realms Campaign Published Sept 22,2021. So, treasure by the book. 10 downtime days per session. Advancement by the book which Curse is Milestone. All magic item duplicates except Story items.

For the third day the group enters the vineyard, this time is clear of the baneful blights and deadly druids. The vat room is clear with one vat being destroyed and the other three poisoned. As they are wondering who poisoned the wine when Gal the Druid attacks with a vampire staff which sucks half the life from Kevin Levin. Kevin and Colin return her attacks and kill her. They finish their inspection and call the Martikov family. The family empties the register and rewards the group with 3 blessed crossbow bolts. Colin agrees to stay two days to purify the wine and give a general blessing to the wines.

Tuesday the group loads Kevin’s carriage with a barrel of wine for the Blue Water Inn. The group takes off. About an hour before they reach Vallaki they see a dead body which was eaten by wolves. Just as they get in within a hundred feet of the west gate they are attacked.

Lt Bucket, “Nice coat glad I know Dryer wolves keep warm.”

DM. “Oh.” A huge DIRE wolf launches itself at Jenny and begins to lick her face. A message scroll case is attached to a collar. The message reads.

My Dear Jenny and her friends,

Know that it is I who have brought you to this land, my home, and know that I alone can release you from it. I bid you dine at my castle so that we can meet in civilized surroundings. Your passage here will be a safe one. I await your arrival. Your host, Strahd von Zarovich PS. Jenny please were the enclose dress.

In the case is what appears to be a hand of spider silk. It is an off the shoulder Black spider silk floor length with two side splits up to mid-thigh.

Jenny, “is mostly see through.”

DM, “Yes….”

Jenny, “I toss my sorcerer robes off and dress right then. Who sexy and she knows it? It is me. Look at me and desire.” The wolf hops of the frighten horse and sits down by the roadside.

The group enters the city and delivers the wine. Urwin Martikov updates them. At the Festival of the Sun, Lars one of town guard was not happy enough for the Baron Vargas Vallakovich. He drags Lars to death behind a horse. Karl and Nikolai Wachter the frag boys from the tavern release a Saber Tooth Tiger belonging to the bard Rictavio. The Tiger escapes into the woods. Rictavio flees on his horse to parts unknown. His carnival wagon is left behind. The next day the tiger arrives at the Vistani camp outside of town. Kills half the Vistani before being killed. The group thanks Urwin and leaves town to accept the invitation.

Yest the group leaves town to track down the werewolf pack. Just outside of the west gate a large black carriage drawn by two large black stallions are.

Lt. Bucket, “Hey that has two horse power motor not like this rust bucket with one mule and one horsepower.”

Kevin Levin, “That is Rust Bucket Three.”

Ignoring the carriage, they continue west to Krezk and enter the town and the abbey. The ugliness of the Mongrelfolk causes Kevin to start laughing and Bucket to attack him. After a minute they come to their senses. Otto puts the moves on Lt Bucket as they are walked to Abbot in the main hall. (WHAT? I wasn’t expecting the werewolf hunt. Five-minute break. Read ahead.)

The Abbot is in the middle of giving Vasilka matters lessons. Jenny hates Vasilka on sight. Colin tries to calm Jenny down and mentions Vasilka is a flesh golem. Once Jenny calms down, the Abbot who is strangely calm offers the group lodging for the night and three totally free raise dead spells if the group finds a wedding dress for Vasilka as she is going to a bride of Strahd. (Beep where is that quest item in the book. Page flip. Page flip. Look it up later.) Now being very late around 2000 the Abbot beds them down in the curiously bland chapel. Jenny being Jenny decides to go blond and change her eye color to emerald green. That makes the dress really pop.

Lt Bucket, “What makes the dress really pop is…” Something the DM will not repeat here.

After Sunrise on Wednesday at 0900 Kevin demands he drives his carriage up the mountain until they meet the werewolf pack. The DM shuts him down as the woods and small mountain blocks access to the den. (It is not a four wheeled carriage Kevin. Just a Rusty piece of.)

They reach to top of the mountain and look down at a snarling wolf’s head which has been carved into the face of the mountain. Rappelling down to the den’s entrance, they trip the alarm and are confronted by Zuleika Toranescu and the rest of the pack. Kevin Levin suddenly gets the idea of WEARING GRANDMOTHER HASSEY’s fur is not a good idea. Zuleika issues a challenge.

Jenny, “I turn invisible and run away to my true love Strahd.”

Whole table glares at the camera. Colin glares at the screen.

Zuleika offers a challenge. The remainder can take the short way down the mountain, fight the four plus werewolves, and at least nine DRYER um Dire wolves, or pack challenge Zuleika. If Kevin wins, the pack will ally with the adventurers. If Kevin loses, they will be lunch. Kevin accepts the challenge and wins. (Over half my attacks missed.) The adventurers are allied with the pack. And Zuleika is now an ally. Suddenly Radiare voice is heard, so you met your ally. Zuleika sends her friends to stop Jenny and hold her down. Jenny is upset over the grass stains on the spider silk dress.

The group loads Jenny into the cart and travel toward the main road. As they are crossing the open fields outside of Krezk they are met by a guard who delivers a message. The Burgomaster Dmitri Krezkov has banished them from the city for being allies with Strahd.

As they enter Highway 1 the Strahd Expressway, a black carriage with Strahd’s coat of arms on the doors and rear luggage compartment is present. A familiar looking Dire wolf is on the top. The doors open silently with not person being present. Jenny enters. Lt. Bucket decides to sit on top. The dire wolf called “DRYER” takes the coachman seat. The carriage moves out. And since two horsepower beats one horsepower and one mule power piece of junk rust bucket carriage it out paces the Rust Bucket Three. Jenny waves to them to speed up but the carriage slows down.

As the cross the drawbridge into the castle the Rust Bucket wheel fails through a rotten board for a brief moment of time. The portcullis rises on its own. The carriage parks itself in the carriage house and Kevin parks his carriage in the courtyard. As they walk toward the entrance.

The ornate outer doors of the castle hang open, flanked by fluttering torches in iron sconces. Twenty feet inside the castle is a second set of doors. The doors in front of you suddenly swing open, revealing a grand hall filled with the sound of organ music. A set of double doors to the west appears to be, or to lead to, an exit from the castle. Overhead, in the vaulted entry foyer, four statues of dragons glare down, their eyes flickering in the torchlight.

Cheap Fake Cotton Candy Cobwebs stretch between the columns that support the vaulted ceiling of a great, dusty hall dimly lit by sputtering torches in iron sconces. The torches cast odd shadows across the faces of eight stone gargoyles squatting motionlessly on the rim of the domed ceiling. Cracked and faded ceiling frescoes are covered by decay. Double doors of bronze stand closed to the east. To the north, a wide staircase climbs into darkness. A lit hallway to the south contains another set of bronze doors, through which you hear sad and majestic organ tones.

An elf with brown skin and long black hair descends the wide staircase, quiet as a cat. He wears a gray cloak over black studded leather armor and has a polished scimitar hanging from his belt. “My master is expecting you,” Rahadin says.

Rahadin, “Is there anything I can get you before I show you to the dining hall?”

Jenny, “Yes. Fix the drawbridge. Clean this place up and toss Kevin into the dungeon and arrest him.”

DM TAKE OFF GLASSES AND PLACES THEM ON THE TABLE. IS he weeping into his adventure book or laughing? The DM will never tell.

Rahadin, “It shall be done Lady Jenny but since it is on the way, let me take you the dining room. Here is the dining.” Every one but Kevin enters. The doors close behind them silently.


Rahadin, “This way Prisoner number seven. Just down this flight of steps.”

Kevin, “Call me Kevin. And what is this landing go to.”

Rahadin, “This floor does not concern you Prisoner Number Seven Levin.”

Kevin, “Can you call me Kevin Levin.”

Rahadin, “Of course Prisoner Number Seven Kevin Levin.” Rahadin pauses and takes off his shoes and rolls up his pants and sighs. “I think the other prisoner needs some company. I will be putting you is cell e. Don’t mind the water. It is not going anywhere.” The dungeon is flooded to the depth of five feet in the main parts. In the cells it is floored still to five feet. Some how the water level is the same despite the three-foot descent into jail cells. Kevin passes various cells. Cell B appears to have coinage on the floor. Cell D has a dead dwarf. Cell F has a dead wizard. Cell G has a has a drown bard hanging from the ceiling by a pulley. The pulley was used to dip the prisoner. “Prisoner Emil Toranescu met Prisoner Number Seven Kevin Levin. I will be bringing some warm blankets for you later. If you have to use the bathroom, the bucket is next to the bed.”

Kevin, “But the bed is two feet off the floor and the cells are full of water. How will I stay warm? How…”

Rahadin, “We have been plumbing issues. Do you know how difficult it is to get a PLUMBER to do house calls? Enjoy your life.” He pushes the cell door close. The cell doors are just rusting iron bars.

Emil, “So what are you in for and why do you have my wife’s scent on you?” Kevin explains the encounter with the werewolf pack and how the group is allied with the female leader.

Emil, “Nice tale. But Zuleika is not the pack leader. Kiril is. Kiril and Strahd’s Dire wolves forced me into the castle where Butler Elf toss me into this wet cell. But if you get me out, help me kill Kiril and his dire wolves we can ally with you against Strahd.”

Kevin, “Well that is problem. The elf butler locked me in here with all my stuff and I don’t I have thieves’ tools but do have tinker’s tools.”

When now return to the dining room.

Rahadin has returned in a new outfit and askes Ismark the Lesser to come with him. He closes the doors. Three enormous crystal chandeliers brilliantly illuminate this magnificent chamber. Pillars of stone stand against dull white marble walls, supporting the ceiling. In the center of the room, a long, heavy table is covered with a fine white satin cloth. The table is laden with many delectable foods: roasted beast basted in a savory sauce, roots and herbs of every taste, and sweet fruits and vegetables. Places are set for each of you with fine, delicate china and silver. At each place is a crystal goblet filled with an amber liquid with a delicate, tantalizing fragrance.

At the center of the far west wall, between floor-to-ceiling mirrors, stands a massive organ. Its pipes blare out a thunderous melody that speaks in its tone of greatness and despair. Seated at the organ, facing away from you, a single caped figure pounds the keys in raptured ecstasy. The figure suddenly stops, and as a deep silence falls over the dining hall, it slowly turns toward you.

Strahd, “Sit by my side my love. The other two can sit at the other end of the table.”

Jenny, “Marry me and we make beautifully babies. You hunk of hunk of burning love.”

Strahd disappears, a fierce, bone-chilling wind rises up and roars through the hall, putting out all open flames. The characters hear the screech of ancient hinges and the solid thud of many heavy doors slamming shut, one after another, into the distance. They also hear the portcullis clang shut and the tired groan of the aged drawbridge pulling up.

The flames come back LT. Bucket gets up from his sit and goes to play the pipe organ. He feels a cold hand on his left shoulder. Strahd, “You are playing off key. And that is an interesting bucket. You must be the PLUMBER I called. Would you empty out my dungeon of water?” The ghostly form of Lee Majors appears and enters Bucket’s body. Both of them start chanting about walking thorough the castle and emptying the five-gallon bucket. Lt Bucket leaves the dining room and walk down to the dungeon and into the torture chamber. (Bucket now the route to the dungeon. Get with me for the numbers.)

Strahd, “Now that small maintenance problem is taken care of.”

Jenny, “BITE ME. HERE. NOW. AND LET US MAKE BABIES ON THE TABLE!” She offers her neck an Strahd takes loves first bite.

The end of session.

Okay it is going to take three bites over at least three nights to turn Jenny. Please have a back up PC ready to swap out. I will look up to see if Tinker’s tools can be use as thieves’ tools, but you are welcome to hit the Discord Adventure League discussions or Facebook Al page and ask this question.

Sorry about flipping names and stuff. Lots of names and interactions to remember.

Background things.

Adrian Martikov delivers wine barrels to the guards at Krezk and to the Vistani in the camp outside Vallaki in Kevin’s name.

Rahadin orders Ismark the Lesser the new Burgomaster of Barovia is ordered back to his village to summon a work party to clean the castle. The vampire spawn and zombies of the village leave temporary.

Barovia Adults 248. Children 292. Souls 65 + NPCs. Zombies 64

Vallaki Adults 897. Children 816. Souls 360 plus the NPCS.

Krezk Adults 100 Children 75 Souls 17 plus the NPCS.


Rotten DM
My player playing Jenny made me proud today. 4 years ago this alustic dude had trouble speaking up and even just describing what he wanted his pc to do. I got this in my messager feed today....
Story of Partial TPK: Jenny tells Strahd that she wants her companions to be they're latest supper before marriage... Starting with Collin, Followed by Tony's character, followed by Lt Bucket and lastly Kevin.
They're all go to Skully as the story ends with a Fireball to Kevin's Rustbucket 3, Followed by Jenny foreverly casts "Alter Self" to becoming like Tatyana (Strahd's original bride) and thus Strahd prevails and the citizens of Barovia suffers a very long reign of terror over Jenny Von Zarovich.
(Evil Laughter)....


Rotten DM
Curse of Strahd Session 5

Day 11 1800 to Day 13 0900

Wednesday January 11, 735 to Friday January 12, 735

Gain a level and 10 Downtime days.

PC Killed 0 Monsters Killed 85 Captured 0 Escaped 1

Story Items Sunsword, Holy Symbol of Ravenkind. These stay in the game, do not duplicate, and disappear at the end of the game. (At this time.)

I had an average or weak group of four. Jenny Von Zarovich Sorcerer 5, Colin Belasco Twilight Cleric 5. Kevin Levin Fighter 4 Barbarian 1. Lt Bucket Gloomstalker 5.

When we last left our adventurers, Kevin was chin deep in water, Bucket was trying to bail out Strahd’s basement, Colin and Jenny were having dinner with Strahd.

Jenny, she wants her companions to be they're latest supper before marriage... Starting with Collin, followed by Tony's character, followed by Lt Bucket and lastly Kevin. ☠️ They're all go to Skully as the story ends with a Fireball to Kevin's Rust bucket 3, I will forever casts "Alter Self" to becoming like Tatyana thus Strahd prevails and the citizens of Barovia suffers a very long reign of terror over Jenny Von Zarovich. (Evil Laughter) “(Note mostly direct quote from message circle.)

Strahd, “But my dear. What of the hunt? Two of them are already in the dungeon. And I can just take over Colin’s Mind with a glance. We must have a royal hunt. Colin.” Strahd dominates Colin’s mind with his vampire abilities. “Colin go to the carriage house and get that Rusty Water Pail number three ready to pull out. Hmm I smell Demon Morning Glory Cleric.”

Meanwhile Kevin looks into the water and the water steadies for a moment. Radiare shoves something into Kevin’s pocket. The water ripples again. Kevin pulls out a set of thieves’ tools which replaced his tinker’s tools. After a few tries he opens his and Emil Toranescu cells. He punches Lt Bucket awake.

Strahd, “Oh excellent. The priest in Vallaki has must to answer for. The hunt begins at dawn my love. Be ready but for now join your dinner. Be nice to them in there last days.”

Jenny joins Colin in the Rust Bucket. Kevin arrives and announces “Where my mule?” He is tossed into the back as Colin kicks in the one horsepower motor and press the pedal to the metal. Um Sends the skeleton horse with red pin striping into a gallop out of castle and toward the Emil’s Den. The only find a recently dug grave which is unoccupied.

Arriving at the den the pack leader Kiril Stoyanovich is back and angry over what Zuleika offer. Now the group must fight the pack leader with one of his allies and nine wolves. (This was hard to rebalance on the fly.) The fight goes well for the pack initially. When it turns, one of pack leader allies’ charges Jenny and both go off the ledge pass the gloomstalker’s dark vision. The ledge is at least one hundred feet above the forest. The group wins gaining Zuleika as a companion (Someone copy the werewolf stat block. I not reminding you she is with you.) The next morning, they go to recover Jenny’s body. It is not there. But Landon the teen age werewolf neck has been snapped and turned one hundred and eighty degrees.

Lt Colonel Virtue a paladin in Strahd’s army was inspecting the lines during the midnight watch when a creepy fog takes him. He arrives above the werewolf den in Barovia 700 plus years later. After a half a day discussion, they join forces and go to Madam Eves camp.

Madam Eve has been in a half trance state and her cards will not shuffle. As the group settles down for her to explain the cards. She comes out here trance.

This card tells of history. Knowledge of the ancient will help you better understand your enemy. 4 of coins the merchant. Seek a cask that once contains the finest wines of which no drop remains. (Oops last night gave you the wrong reading.)

This card tells of a powerful force for good and protection, a holy symbol of great hope. 2 of stars, the Diviner. Grand Son get the bundle. A red bundle of cloth is given to Madam Eve. “Behold the holy symbol of Ravenkind. Seek the ravens for its history.” (Or download the specs. ONE ONE MAGIC ITEM FOUND.)

This is a card of power and strength. It tells of a weapon of vengeance: a sword of sunlight. 9 of swords the torturer. There is a town where all is not well. There you will find a house of corruption, and within, a dark room full of still ghosts. The group talk this over and decide the treasure in the burgomaster of Vallaki house.

This card sheds light on one who will help you greatly in the battle against darkness. The beast. Who is right here with the group. The morning lord moves in mysterious ways.

Kevin, “And we skipped the reading for four sessions. Move along with the info old lady in the RV carriage.”

Your enemy is a creature of darkness, whose powers are beyond mortality. This card will lead you to him! The executioner. I see a dark figure on a balcony, looking down upon his tortured land with a twisted smile. Yes, Strahd is always drawn to his balcony.

As they hash out the meaning of various clues and the reading, and what to do; Kevin notices about half the village of Barovia is passing the encampment.

Kevin, “Why are you going to the castle? Strahd is there. He will eat you!”

Extra, “Our new lord Ismark Kolyana the Lesser rode up on a mule last night and said he had saved us. “

Kevin, “That was my mule.”

Extra, “Finders keepers. Loser weepers. Strahd has declared he will remove his zombies and vampire spawn from the village if we clean his castle for his new bride Jenny.”

Kevin, “But lords and evil dudes lie. He will.”

Extra, “Of course he lies. Have not you heard of the futile system? We clean the castle. We don’t get ate. You will get ate.” The extra moves on toward the castle.

The group decides to move on to town of Vallaki even though it is dark. About a hundred feed of from the east gate they find the corpse of Torias. (Okay the player had to drop out.)

Arriving at Burgomaster Vargas Vallakovich mansion and TOTTALY not looking suspicious while talking about a ladder, they are invited in.

Vargas, “Welcome again to our happy home. Ireena Kolyana still only one bite on her neck. Are you here for the VAT training?”

Bucket, “I don’t like the Fallout.”

Vargas, “Yes tomorrow we will have Vampire Awareness Training. Maid remember to measure them for cloaks and vampire teeth. After all you need to know what vampires look like. A happy citizen keeps the vampires away. Since it is late you will need lodging and since my son has taken over the attic for his studies of magic you can use his room. Victor maybe taking visitors. Just know on the attic door and wait for him to tell you to come up. You know mages with their research.” (Note move the Victor’s room to master bedroom location on map. I don’t know how the group bluff Vargas. I just went with the flow.”

The maid measures them and notes their costumes will be ready in the morning. The wax candy fangs will not taste great so don’t eat them to after high noon. She tosses extra bedding on the floor. Colin knocks and there is not answer. Pulling down the ladder access they enter Victor’s eating chamber of GFuel, Mountain Dew, Cheese Curls, and hot dogs. (Hey that was the game’s dinner.) They open the small door to central attic. The central attic contains old paintings, furniture, and other discarded stuff. Along with…

Group, “We search the attic.”

DM, “But what about the foot path and evil blue line from the room at the other end of the attic.”

Kevin, “62”

Bucket, “12”.

Colin and Virtue mic drops out.

Looking at an old sword rack, one of the swords is just a hilt. Quest finished Sunsword found. Being at good stopping point the group stole the hot dogs and egg rolls (THOSE ARE Mine said the DM.) The group stole some hot dogs and pickle relish and decide to sleep to morning in Victor’s room.

What has happened elsewhere and background things.

Barovia Adults 247. Children 292. Souls 64 + NPCs. Zombies 64

Vallaki Adults 897. Children 809. Souls 360 plus the NPCS.

Krezk Adults 100 Children 75 Souls 17 plus the NPCS.

Jenny has been bitten twice. The store in the village of Barovia has been looted for all supplies. All buckets are in the hands of the children. Auntie Morgan was seen with seven kids heading out of Vallaki.


Rotten DM
Curse of Strahd Session 6

Day 12 0900 to Day 16, 2000

Friday January 12, 735 to Monday January 16, 735

Gain a level, 65 gp, and 10 Downtime days.

Magic Items Four potions of Invulnerability, +2 Greatsword of Morninglord,

Story item Beacon of Protection, all enemies of Strahd gain +1 to AC and saves while in Barovia. Journal of Argynvost.

PC Killed 0 Monsters Killed 100 Captured 0 Escaped 1

I had an average group of four with one ally. Colin Belasco Twilight cleric 6. Kevin Levin Fighter 5 Barbarian 1. Lt Bucket Gloomstalker 5 rogue 1. Lt Col Virtue Paladin 6.

Ally Zuleika Werewolf.

Knock knock knock. The maid wakes the group up early at 0900 on Friday. “Your costumes are ready for vampire awareness training. Colin, we have your Vincent Price outfit. Kevin Levin you are one of the lost boys. Lt Bucket you are one the vampire from Twilight here is your pound of silver glitter. And Virtue has the blade outfit.” She gives a stern nanny look at group when some start complaining on the lack of choice. Maid wanders away from the group mumbling about staying up all night for ungrateful adventurers.

Baron Vargas Vallakovich is happy with their costumes and goes on at length on how they will keep vampires away. The baron drags them to the noon celebration toward the end of the party, the bells of Saint Andral church begin to ring.

Kevin, “Why are the bells ringing? Is in celebration to keep the vampires away?”

Commoner, “The bells should not be ringing. Everyone is required by law to be here and be HAPPY.”

Kevin, “I am here and I not Happy!”

Commoner, “Shut it. Don’t tell the baron, that is a stock and pillory offense.”

Kevin, “Who can ring the bells if everyone is suppose to be here?” Kevin continues with his questioning until a full out mob with torches, pitchforks, stakes, and hammers start to nearly riot. The crowd drags the adventurers to the church where the bell is slowly stopping. The towns folks find the church doors open. The priest Father Lucian Petrovich is hanging from the bell pull. Dead. The altar has been destroyed. The choir boy and grave digger are missing.

The Barovia Boys (new name for the group) investigate. Lucian was murdered around 0800 and it has been at least three hours for the criminal to get away. Colin does try a ceremony to Hallow the church and groups but he knows it did not work. The Barovia Boys go to coffin maker shop which closed for the holidays. Kevin breaks down half the door and smashes out the window until he can reach in and pop the lock. A new coffin with Virtue name has been added. Colin notices Buckets, and Levin coffins are sealed. Bucket opens Levin’s coffin and finds the choir boy. When he opens his coffin the grave digger body attacks him. Um well really it a vampire spawn. Swords, symbols, spells, and etc. are drawn and more vampire spawn are heard charging the group from the other doors in the shop.

One spawn was able to flee. Up the stairs to attic and out the attic window into the town. They loot the cash box.

Kevin, “Nine gp in silver and electrum. The freaky attic is cleaner than my apartment. What freaky vampire cleans up in a house they are hiding in. And how did you track the vampire when had to hide in the shadows to keep from bursting in flame.”

Bucket, “The vampire ran in a mostly straight line toward the east gate.”

Kevin, “Did anyone find any face makeup, sun block, heavy clothes”

DM, “Hey that is a mystery. How could a vampire spawn walk through the town of Vallaki? No sunscreen. No face paints. No hiding in shadows. That is mystery for you to solve.”

Kevin, “Quit raising your eyebrows, and smirking DM. Lets see if guards saw the coffin maker flee out the gates.”

The group talks to east gate guard and the coffin maker fled the east gate going toward Strahd’s castle. Thinking it a false clue, the boys go find Blinsky who occasionally played poker with the coffin maker. Kevin beats up Piccolo the pet monkey of Richtavio. Blinsky reminds the boys Richtavio fled town last Friday night due to the escaping tiger. If the coffin maker did not flee to Strahd with the bones he may have fled to Krezk. Kevin heads for Krezk.

Along the way a skeleton horse and rider starts to gain on them. Bucket kills the skeleton horse. About a quarter of mile from Krezk, they are flagged now by a zombie in chain and leather.

Zombie, “Halt in the name of the Silver Dragon of Argynvost. You will drive me to my temple. And not the Amber temple, that is too evil for you. My temple is location Q on the map.”

Bucket, “Turn the wagon around. We going to the temple.”

Kevin, “But we only one hex away.”

Group, “Turn the rust bucket around.”

Kevin turns the wagon around. (DM give me five minutes. No five more minutes. No. I love when the dice go crazy and the group follows.)

The group picks up a ghost who was a squire in the order of the silver dragon. They have some interesting encounters in the temple and gain an ally and light the beacon. The group spends two days looting the temple. Finding some empty wine casks, they are reminded that the tome of Strahd is in a wine cask.

The search for the wine casks takes them to Wizardry Wines, Krezk, Vallaki and Barovia village. While in Vallaki, Strahd has been busy. Vampire spawn and Jenny attack the mansion. Jenny killed the baron and stole Ireena. The wife of the baron barely holding the town together and Lady Fiona Watcher and her Duchess Zariel followers are gathering to take over the town. Ismark the Lesser tells them the villagers have spend two days cleaning the first floor of castle and emptying out the flooded dungeon. The dungeon still has some water in it.

Colin, “We have search everywhere for the wine cask and it is not to be found.”

Virtue, “We haven’t searched the castle!”

Till next time.

What has happened elsewhere and background things.

Jenny is a full vampire spawn. Ireena Kolyana is one bite and a coffin away from being spawn.

Ally Ezmerelda has joined the group.

Barovia Adults 245. Children 292. Souls 62. Zombies 64

Vallaki Adults 885. Children 798. Souls 354

Krezk Adults 100 Children 75 Souls 17.


My knights have fallen, and this land is lost. The armies of my enemy will not be stopped by sword or spell, claw or fang. Today I will die, not avenging those who have fallen, but defending that which I love—this valley, this home, and the ideals of the Order of the Silver Dragon.

The evil surrounds me. The time has come to throw off this guise and show these heathens my true fearsome form. Let it spark terror in their hearts! Let them tell their stories of dark triumph against the protector of the Balinok Mountains! Let Argynvost be remembered as a dragon of honor and valor. My one regret is that my remains will not lie in their rightful place, in the hallowed mausoleum of Argynvostholt. No doubt my bones will be scattered among my enemies like the coins of a plundered hoard, trophies of a hard-won victory.

I do not fear death. Though my body will die, my spirit will live on. Let it serve as a beacon of light against the darkness. Let it bring hope to a land wrought with despair.

Now, to battle!


Rotten DM
Curse of Strahd Session 7

Skeleton Keys

Day 16, 2000 to Day 18 0001

Monday January 16, 735 to Wednesday January 18, 735

Gain a level, 100 gp, and 10 Downtime days.

Magic Items Wand of Secrets

I had an average group of four. Colin Belasco Twilight Cleric 7. Lt Col Virtue Paladin 7. Kevin Levin Barbarian 1 Fighter 6. Lt Bucket Gloomstalker 5 Rogue 2.

Ally Zuleika Werewolf, Ezmerelda.

Sorry about the audio drops during the game.

The group is woken up at oh dark thirty or 0730 which is still dark in Barovia. Around 0800 they finally decided to assault or sneak into the castle either way they need to leave before a villager tell Strahd where they are. They decide to talk to Madam Eve one more time. But a small problem exists as Strahd or his minions had destroyed Madam Eve campground around 0100 pm Tuesday. Graves have been dug and bodies placed in them. But the campground had not been looted which the group took care of this error.

Getting to the castle at noon, the coffin maker makes fun of the group and tosses the last of the saint’s bones into the chasm protecting the castle. Bucket kills the coffin maker.

Bucket, “Now lower the drawbridge you thief.”

Virtue, “Um. You were supposed to get him to lower the draw bridge first and them.”

Bucket, “OOPS.”

Colin uses his twilight abilities to teleport over and drop the bridge. The party agrees to split. Bucket will disguise himself as the coffin maker and Virtue will be his prisoner. The rest will sneak in through the unlocked window. Good plan which was wrong. As Simon, Theodore, Alvin and Dave the gargoyles in the front foyer did not believe Bucket. Theodore flew out in the courtyard to eat the rest of party. Bucket and Virtue kill everyone else. Theodore flew away to get Strahd.

The group explore the ground floor of the castle. It has been cleaned, mopped, and freshly painted for Jenny’s Wedding which was yesterday. Both groups take separate stairs down to the first subbasement.

Rounding a corner Colin awakens ten skeletons and as they rise.

Colin, “So they former guards of the castle. They know where the wine cellar at. Hey. Dudes I know you are kind of dried out. Tell me where the wine cellar is and I bring back a keg. Don’t tell Strahd.”

Skeleton Rene, “Keep going. Through the mess hall. Right through the double doors and all the ways to the back. We take the keg on the south walls.”

(Okay did not exactly happen that way but. This sounds better.”

Hearing the Colin talking Virtue and Bucket rejoin up with the group from the middle stairwell. Using locate object they find the Tome of Strahd. And Cyprus a monger folk who takes them to a trapped room so they can attune the Tome. After defeating the trap and attuning the book, they know Strahd will be at the balcony. Marching down lots of stairs and going out the front door, they start walking around the castle to the balcony aka back porch which over looks parts of Barovia. However, Theodore spies them and calls out for Strahd that dinner is ready.

A lot battle starts and ends with Strahd fleeing and the group fleeing back to Madam Eve’s campground to take a long rest.

January 18 Wednesday 0001 hours. The group arises from their long rest. What will they do?

Strahd Notes. Ireena Kolyana has become vampire spawn. The Castle is on high alert.

Barovia Adults 245. Children 292. Souls 62. Zombies 64

Vallaki Adults 884. Children 792. Souls 353.

Krezk Adults 100 Children 75 Souls 17.

The group wants to kill Strahd next session. We will see. Insert evil laugh.

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