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DDAL Jasper DMs Curse of Strahd

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Rotten DM
Well the two remoting in players told me tomorrow is the last session. They are just frustrated with how the game is going with mic drops and other things. Learning experience.


Rotten DM
Curse of Strahd Session 8

Jenny and the Girls

Day 18 0001 to Day 18 0231

Wednesday January 18, 735

Gain a level, lose 10 Downtime days to Escape Barovia

Dead People 500 GP

Runaways 1000 GP

Colin 1,500 GP. All this is in silver pieces with Jenny and Strahd’s profile.

PC Killed 2 Monsters Killed 135 Villains Captured 0 Villains Escaped ALL

Magic Items Done off board.

Story Item. Jenny’s Maid. Next vampire spawn you meet is Helga Ruvak. She admires your footwear and will then give you a boot to the head from Jenny.

Story Item Friend of Feathers. You are ally with Wereravens and get advantage on your next social check against them. Or tell your dm you allied with them during the book.

I had an average group of four. Colin Belasco Twilight Cleric 8. Lt Col Virtue Paladin 8. Kevin Levin Barbarian 1 Fighter 7. Lt Bucket Gloomstalker 5 Rogue 3. Allies Zuleika Werewolf, Ezmerelda.

Note due to people getting excited they had trouble telling the difference between werewolves, and vampire spawn. Part of this was my bad because I did use wolf minis for wolves and spawn. Due to holidays, work schedules, and other stuff the players requested this be the last session.

Colin dumps his grits into the fire and says time to leave as coming from the south is a mob of 35 plus zombies with pitchforks and torches. Everyone scrambles into the rust bucket three and Kevin takes off as he takes the first turn, he grins.

Kevin Levin, “It been a nice ride.”

Lt. Colonel Virtue, “Yes we all know your piece of naughty word um your rust bucket three is a nice ride drive on.”

Kevin Levin grins, “Beam me up Strahdy.” A bank of mist close in and as they come out the fog bank, Kevin is gone. Virtue grabs the reigns and turns into the second turn.

Coming out the third turn Colin screams ambush as five Vistani fire at the horse. Virtue keeps driving on as Colin heals the horse and Bucket kills at least three of the Vistani.

Coming out the fifth turn Gadof Blinsky and Piccolo the monkey tries to jump from the trees onto the Rust Bucket. Gadof misses. But Piccolo the Vampire Spawn monkey hops off the horse and tries to chew off Virtue’s face. Bucket and Ezmerelda are able to pull him off.

Coming into the home stretch eight wolves and a t-rex pounce on the horse.

Ezmerelda, “Is that a zombie T-rex? How is that legal?”

DM, “Yes it a zombie T-rex and it totally legal and I will explain after the game. Initiative!”

Lt. Bucket, “That mini has been on side table since Icewind Dale.”

DM, “Back to the game.”

The wolves pounce on the horse. The T-rex does not get a chance as Gloomstalker and what ever build Bucket pumps 99+ hit points into it. The body of a dead wolf formerly a t-rex with three hundred arrows drop. The wolves kill the horse oddly enough chewing it up for an extra round before attacking the party. The wolves get to play with their other chew toys but don’t do a lot of damage.

(Doh! Forgot to erase the wagon off the map which cause some problems.)

The drawbridge is down as they approach it. Strahd’s carriage comes across it stopping twenty feet from the north end of the bridge. Virtue checks it out.

Virtue, “Hi Jenny? Hey its Jenny and the girls. Looks like they are starting a goth chick band. Hey hands off.” With three quarters cover and being packed tight, the vampire spawn pulls Virtue into the carriage. Blood goes everywhere as Gloomstalker takes out Jenny. Virtue climbs out.

Virtue, “NO HICKEYS BEFORE MARRIAGE GIRLS.” The remaining girls explode out of the carriage. The party takes out two more before Colin turns them. They climb down part of chasm and spider climb on the bottom of the bridge. The group takes a short rest.

(Note everyone forgot about the spawn draining limits max hit points. We did catch in time.)

As they get to the south side of bridge.

Lt Col Virtue, “Come out Strahd. And Face Justice.”

Strahd, “Already been to the Justice of the Peace twice this week but I coming out in my nice armour! I bringing a friend.”

Two armored people come out and fire four lighting balls into the party. From underneath the bridge three torches spring to life. In the stable Strahd’s Nightmare does not make casting call. The final fight begins. In the middle of the round another zombie T-rex comes around the corner. The werewolf is killed first in the second round. Bucket falls to Strahd’s legendary punches in the third round. Virtue remembers to activate the sun sword in the second round but the armored knights with their melee weapons and shotguns and Strahd takes him out in the fourth round. Colin is giving support thirty plus feet up but dodges 4 or 5 of Strahd’s fireballs. (Shield of faith and good rolls insert raspberry sound.) In the fifth round Strahd takes out Ezmerelda. In the sixth round with greater invisibility up, Colin withdraws from combat.

The end.

Note I gave each person a dream where Strahd would let them check out of Barovia. Only Kevin took it. But he stepped up and played Ezmerelda well. I thought I would at least get rid of the horse by the second ambush but sigh. I will bring the poster by Visions for you sign and it going up on the wall. Feel free to comment.


Rotten DM
Complaints I got. Tech ones. Too much off game bs. Too much in game bs. No one being a leader. People sniping about how other people play. Me letting the bs go on for too long. But at least I am getting some feed back.

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