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DDAAL09-17 Session

In The Hand

Or Picking on Dill

Day 29

PC Killed 7 Monsters Killed 360 Villains Captured 9 Villains Escaped 0

Gain A Level. 1,600 GP. 20 Down time days. If you want.

Start Time 5:58. End Time 10:11.

Magic Items Wand of the War Mage +3, Bag of Holding, Potion of Supreme Healing, Potion of Speed, Potion of Vitality, Soul Coin

No Story Award

I had an average group of four but it was border line strong. Randall Cleric 1 Wizard 15 with simulacrum. Dr. Feel Bad cleric 16. Dill Fighter 14. Shade Bard 15 with simulacrum. Thinking back, I should ran it as strong group.

Dara orders group to protect her while she recovers the command and control unit with Sir Rotger supreme leader. They spend an hour wandering the underground base before they figure out the room code. They enter a roughly seven-star shape room about (Cat is on the module). A Staff Sergeant in Hellrider uniform is at parade rest in the center of the room. Going clockwise around the star chamber are the following doors. White, Red, Yellow, Commander’s Exit, Green, Blue, and Purple. The Room signage has been partially destroyed. Some letters have been ripped off the room number. Purple has only a “N” stilled glued to the door. Other doors have one to four letters still attached. The missing letters are tossed randomly on the floor. A yellow line is five in front of the sergeant.

Sir Galwain, “I am Sir Galwain, you maggots. Why are your feet not on my yellow line? Can you not hear me you apes?”

Shade, “Un I have hooves.”

Sir Galwain, “The first words out your mouth with Sir. The last words out your mouths will be sir. Hooves, boots, feets, slime pods, tentacles, GET on my line. Dress right Dress! Move it.”

The next ten or so minutes the crew find out they are the second class of whatever this year is. They are class 2 of whatever year. Hellrider recruit training. For the next two-hour block of training, they will choose a room. Enter and complete the block of instruction. They will listen to and obey all instructions. Dr. Feel Bad is promoted to Private Idiot. The party discovers each door except for the entrance and Commander’s Exit are unlocked. The missing letters are clue to the task they have to complete in the room. (The players were working the word puzzle as I as yelling at the recruits. The two hours is a hard game time limit. I am not going to cover each room as that gives too much information away.)

After under 90 minutes they recover five passes. One No Go. A certain solar is asking me to not to train recruits any more. And Pvt. Idiot knows to tell the DM when He asking me a question, or tell me he asking the NPC a question. As Dill and Shade took damage the group took a short rest before graduation ceremony. (They cleared four rooms with straight role playing. One with little bit of combat. And nuked one instructor.)

Sir Galwain, “Having completed this 2-hour block of instruction successfully with five pass and one no go fail at the station, you are now temporary non paid interns of Hellriders. We will ride into hell and save those devils from themselves. You will clean yourself up. And go through the Commander’s Exit for your next block of instruction.” (Yes, Galwain is not totally present.)

They enter the Commander’s Exit and don’t fight anything because I forgot to highlight the combat. (Editor ‘What the writer means in the interest of time. He skipped a combat.’)

They enter another seven-pointed star chamber with seven tombs around the chamber. (Changed how the tomb open. The PC or ALLY had spend a full round using all their actions, bonus, reaction, no action, etc. to open it. The written ones are average to great. Some require you to complete a puzzle in combat. Some are skill checks. If combat is over, they have all the time in the world.) Suddenly Shade, Dill, and Dr Feel Bad/Pvt Idiot are nearly drowning as artic sea water falls from a trap door in the ceiling. Some horned devils and spined devils teleport in from teleportation circles in the upper part of star chamber. The room is trapped and waves of monsters are coming in.

Again, not going to give clues but since Dill flanked right (from my view point) and charged, he became the primary target. One he was the closes. Two he had the lowest hit points. Three between spells, counter spells, magical protection, and a band of berserkers it was hard to get to the other pcs and Dara. (Heck we forgot Dara was there to the last two rounds of combat.)

DM Notes. Skip most of the Dara introduction. Do the hard time limit on Part 1. This is first time the part 2 combat has lasted as long as they said was. Standard nitpick some of monsters were underpowered for tier 3.

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Rotten DM
DDAL00-10 Session

Trust and Understanding

Day 1 and 2

PC Killed 2.75 Monster Killed 23

Gain a level. 6,000 gp. 20 downtime days.

Magic Items Talisman of Ultimate Evil, Scroll of Antilife shell, Scroll of Geas, Scroll of Heal.

NOTE Dug and Lister Simons ONLY DIED ONCE EACH.

Story Award Favored of the Worm. You like worms and undead and they like you. If you been wormed, every morning DC 10 Con save. Fail and you have an automatic death save failure. This tier 4 so only a Wish can remove this.

I had a strong group of four. Baulder Cleric wizard with Iron Golem and simulacrum. Herkidi arcane trickster rogue. Lister Simons Cleric druid sorcerer soda jerk. Dug Paladin. The only changes I made were most monsters had max hit points. I had some drop in after starting and leave before the end of the game.

The group has been hired by Dae’lomdel to explore something. But they are trying to find him in a tower. Part of the tower leads to the Astral Plane. Other parts are blocked by wards. They can hear Dae’lomdel in their head but the signal is getting cut off by wards occasionally. They destroy the wards and meet Dae’lomdel who turns on them. He starts cough worms on them and attacking. Just as they kill him.


It was a dream but it wasn’t they did cast spells and take damage. They are half a day out from Almorel a small sea side town. Dae’lomdel is not where he is supposed to meet them. They split the party to discover his location. The rich upper-class inn only allows Baulder in. The rest check out other locations. (If this was homebrew the city key gave me enough seeds to run two sessions chasing down their boss). Lister and Dug hear the boss talk to the Reader before disappearing. They arrange a meet and Baulder is not allowed in due his wormy guts.

The Reader (always be wary when the NPC has a title for a name) forecasts Listers’ doom. The boss has went into the dwarven mine which is haunted. The group takes a long rest and arrives in the morning at entrance to the mine. A hasty barricade has been erected by someone. It is boulders of magical rock. Hizagkuur. (Not giving spoilers.) Lister sends out 24 summon wolf spiders to scout ahead. Only 9 come back reporting a little old ancient dwarf lady either smashed them with a hammer or frost rayed them. The wolf spiders are hugging Lister in fear. Think little kids or cats who are scared and attaching themselves to your leg.

As Lister is giving his report the corpse of a wolf spider flies over the barricade and smacks the iron golem in the face. (DM flavor text.)

Chief Coppersmite, “You meddling kids. Get off of my mine. What are you doing here?”

Baulder, “We are looking for our boss Dae’lomdel.”

Chief Coppersmite, “He was mostly undead breathing the last I saw him. But I ain’t telling where he was until you clean up the place a bit. Did the town sell you a tourist map of the first floor? If so, go to the smelting chamber and clean out the two south rooms. Then go to chamber of …Oh never mind the second the DM says it won’t be time.”

Enter the smelting chamber and with shenanigans they clear out four death knights and a mummy lord. As Chief Architect Ithunn Coppersmite is bringing them some cookies and milk for a job well done, Dug who swore an oath to find EVIL notices that the nice ancient lady is a LICH! He starts out insulting her. Then he insults Baulder for being evil. Granny Coppersmite is in Dug’s face telling this will be a battle between the good, the bad, and the ugly. (insert that’s movie theme). The Good Dug. The Bad Chief Architect Ithunn Coppersmite. The ugly due to worm rot Baulder. So, they throw down, (first time I seen a player enter PVP knowing he would be killed.) Granny cast one spell, Dig smites her, Baulder and his mob cleans up and burns the paladin to death. OUCH. (in the interest of time we skipped some rooms.)

After avoiding a trap, they meet their boss who again starts combat only to be killed by Herkidi.

They enter the mouth of the second level only to be ported to a sixty-foot chamber. A four-foot tablet floats four feet in the air. Every four seconds in turns to face a compass point. In Dwarven are the words choose one followed by six choices. (Not giving spoilers.)

They chose to fight an Aspect of Kyuss for the second game session in a row. The aspect remembers most of them. His special power is summoning back up during combat and eating the floor. (The group was immunity to fright so I swap a power.) His back up is Star spawn hulks, and star spawn larva mages. After TKOing Dug three times, Kyuss start going for kills taking out Dug (second death but it doesn’t count) and Lister (first death does not count), he is killed by Baulder and the mob squad. Just as they last star spawn falls, they are teleported (with out any rest. HA HA HA) to the boss fight.

The boss fight is a worm infested Dae’lomdel and two star spawn mages. Dae’lomdel opens with his ultimate evil trinket opening a chasm to hell under Lister. OOPS. No more Lister. (Second death counts.) Baulder cleans up and takes the body back to town.

DM Notes. I ran the whole module with both bonus objectives this was a mistake time wise. Run time was 5:45 to 11:08 almost curfew time. Part 2 has a choose your own path which is interesting. And time wise the suggested times in the module are nearly spot on. Still amazed at Dug for starting a PVP when he knew he would lose. Oh, forgot what the druid reincarnated him as. I also need to read up on Arcana Trickster.

This is season 0 module but I don't feel like creating a new thread
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DDAL09-18 Session

Consequences of Choice

Dancing with the devils

Day 30

PC Killed 8 Monsters Killed 399 Villains Captured 9 Villains Escaped 0

Gain A Level. 1,600 GP. 20 Down time days. If you want.

Start Time 5:35. End Time 11:15.

Magic Items Oathbow, Potion of superior healing * 2, Blade Barrier Scroll, Soul Coin one each, Investiture of the Wind Scroll

Story Award Failed to protect Verwyyr the angel you rescued in 09-12 aka Beer Mug. Failed to protect Sgt Raskamedies who you rescued in 09-13. Failed to Protect Glanring Ironbelly dwarf you discovered in 09-09. Failed to protect Fai Chen. YOU killed in 09-11.

Story Award for anyone who gave away, trade, bribe, or used a soul coin A Stain Upon Your Soul. Note the number of charges used. Soul coins have 3 charges so if swapped a full one that is 3 charges used.

Story Award for Shade and Night Bane. Dance Card open. You owe the Duchess Qirozz one dance.

I had a strong group of five Night Bane paladin. Shade Bard Warlock with simulacrum. Ben Tennyson Warlock Sorcerer Druid. Cretin Paladin Warlock. Gnasher ranger.

Ironbelly and his troops which the party have be finding sleeping it off for the last three modules are happy to see daylight or close enough for government service. The platoon and party leave the sleeping caves to take fire or a fireball from the sky. Oh, what a wonder way to start a module. The group dust themselves off.

Ben Tennyson, “well it could be worse!” Suddenly the ground shakes and Hell moves. They pick themselves up off the ground. Dara looks around.


Shade, “No me. I didn’t know they had keys?”

The party discovers someone has boosted their war machines. They did leave a note but it was on a piece of used toilet paper and no one want to read it. So, force march to find the Emporium. The group will march for five hours and only the good wimpy not really a paladin Night Bane will gain a level of exhaustion.

They defeat the tickling tar pits of Tallassee with only Ben Tennyson, Cretin, and Night Bane being trapped for some damage. They cross the Lava Lake with some help from Dalgro Carrionclaw. Some Soul coins are exchanged for some potions and an Oathbow. (Note. This module takes the results of various modules this season and you have consequences. This turned the Lave Lake into a social encounter.) They destroyed Yxxygirizeeg Mr. Smoothie stand. (What is with this group destroying refreshment stands?) They finally arrive at the Emporium. War Machines are up on blocks in a “U” shaped pattern facing out. The horde is coming. Mahadi has two missions for them. They can fetch some demon ichor for Elliach or go talk to the Duchess Qirozz to see if she would help. After they return from the fetch quests they can help out with the defenses.

(Note the results are determined by the results of the fetch quests and the defenses the pcs set up.)

Everyone passes on the ichor mission. Shade and Night Bane are not too happy to go visit the Duchess. They know she is still ticked off by them and their minions. They stole her favor beer mug a few days ago. Mahadi sweetens the pot by giving the group a bag of Twizzlers and a box of Thin Chocolate Mints Girls Scout Cookies made from real Girl Scouts. On the road to see the Duchess they eat most of the Twizzlers (I bought snackage for the group.) and after defeating one ambush they arrived.

The Duchess is not happy they eat ALL of the Twizzlers (Dm only got four). But she lets them bribe her with some soul coins. They present her with the Girl Scout cookies. And she takes Gnasher’s pet companion a wide mouth frog as an extra dessert. (YES, the DM is just evil.) After a quick snack of frog and cookies, Duchess allows them to present their case on why she should help them and Mahadi. Ben Tennyson and Night Bane got Inspiration for their speeches. But she decides not to help them. (This was a combo of roll play with a DC 20 check and role play.) The Duchess dismiss them but promises Night Bane and Shade a dance in their future. But since the party did impress her with their backbone, they can keep them in their body. And no beatings which tick off her minions.

They return to Mahadi with the bad news and set up some pit traps. (The module lets the DM gives hints on some traps, defenses, etc. but make it plain it up to the PC. A formula exists on how long it takes to set up each type of defense. Some traps are worth victory points.)

The Cannon fodder wave arrives and some of them have explosive charges. (No guidance on how to use the charges. I had the monsters run on to the war machines and blow themselves and the machine up.) Ben Tennyson did throw up a fog cloud which helped with the defenses.

The Shock Troopers arrived before the party killed off the first wave. (BOO HISS. Why am I booing myself)? Barlguras and Vrocks who be the heavy hitters. Beating up Night Bane. Some of the monsters went long and got pass the defenses and into the important sections of the campground.

When Mathdokran a Glabrezu arrived, things got worse. (Hey a super smart boss who can order his troops to focus on the weak and low health.) Ben Tennyson nearly died twice. (Grr my dice like my house the rolls were all over the place. Ben being mostly dead was missed at least five times in a roll.) Mathdokran takes a shining to Gnasher and wants to hug him, and squeeze him, and slap him silly as he takes Gnasher into the air up up and away. Then Cretin shoots him in the buttocks which causes the fiend to drop Gnasher who had two death saves fails (oops.) Once the party takes out Mathdokran, Cretin cleans up the remaining monsters.

Dara used her True Resurrection on Gnasher to raise him. No cost or penalty to PC.

Notes. On page 13 go ahead and fill in all the possible victory conditions numbers turning the chart into five columns. The chart does have Fai Chen on it. The final battle has 15 + monsters on the board at one time so be prepared for this. I liked some of the victory conditions but the dm will have to make some judgement calls. The Duchess in Bonus Objective B brings this up to a five star module.

Pictures are Gnasher signing Skully and the Oathbow props.


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Rotten DM
I did feel slightly bad about killing Gnasher because he been shut in since the start of the lock up. he can't drive. He generally gets rides from his family for our Sunday games. But he could asked some of the players who were coming the other games. Also he was the only valid target in range.


Rotten DM
Oops. I going have to do a rewind and take away player agency. At the end of the session Night Bane gave his soul coin to Cretin. Which MAY make him get the story award Stain Upon Your Soul. I don't think Night Bane remembered or was told about the trouble of trading or doing business with Soul Coins. Looks like I going have to dig up his email.


Rotten DM
DDAL09-19 Session

Fang and Claw

Or Skye Breaks A Record.

Day 31-32

PC Killed 8 Monsters Killed 457 Villains Captured 10 Villains Escaped 1

Gain a level. 6,000 GP. 20 Downtime days.

Magic Items. 5 soul coins. +2 Shield

2 vials of Demon Ichor for ALil’Zeth.

Start Time 5:50 PM End time 10:44. Also 5 hours for 4 hour module. Dms take note combat can be a slug fest drag.

Note due how things ran. I will be changing the ending on the escape route. Some major details were buried in wall of text. Also, we ran out time.

Story Award Khemed Rein thanks. Due your actions he was able to escape. He may thank you later.

Story Award Ice Pack. General Everbleed is escorting you to recover the soul of Rotger de la Reue. You control him in combat but DM can overrule. If you leave the Nine Hells pact is broken. Someone grab a copy of Ice Devil write up and be ready to play him. Note He is an Ally but hates your guts if you played in the hard cover or any Tier 2+ Season 9 module. Meddling Morals is his catch phrase.

Fixes. Patrick has his armour melted to his body. A Remove Curse fixes this. Page 78 of Descent. Tiny Mini Skye is around somewhere. HA HA HA. (DM don’t laugh out loud.) Did we ever figure out how the barbarian was able to rage inside of plate armour or did the player pull a fast one?

I had a strong group of six which should have been treated as very strong due to builds and simulacrums. Baulder Cleric Wizard 19 with simulacrum. Shade Bard 15 Warlock 2 with simulacrum. Patrick Barbarian 18. Bankshot Warlock 13 Fighter 4, Rogue 3 Trident of Warning. Skye rogue 6 monk 14. ALil’Zeth Warlock 17 Bard 1 Sorcerer 1.

The Emporium had pulled out three hours earlier. Skye and ALil’Zeth missed chow call, so it was Dara not a real angel, Horst Atheraice war priest, and Sir Gidor knight giving the morning briefing while fake Fai Chens are serving breakfast to the party. (GRR 09-11 my group killed ALL the Fai Chen but no other module cares.) Suddenly the tent flap closes. Suddenly Fai Chen’s head explodes. Shade slips and falls in Fai Chen goo. Two chain lightning spells hit the party. Dara goons dog pile her. Suddenly Fai Chen’s head explodes. Some invisible monsters have dispel magic cast on them. Two or three Blue Abishai are attacking the party. One is shooting laser mind beams out one eye. Shade is target but his mind is a blank so nothing happens. The eye beam hit the barbarian but he is stupid and it didn’t hurt much. A wall of force took the mind beam out of combat and then the clean up happen. (My players love the opening combat. If your Fai Chen died in 09-11 either give the pcs that played in 09-11 no meat shield Fai Chen. Or drop the Fai Chen. If Strong or better I would go with no Fai Chen in the tent.) With only Shade’s simulacrum being killed no real damage was done and the group took a long rest. (Player feedback say strong group should skip the long rest.)

The next morning, they set out to find the walking House of Gore. It is hard to miss, some say it looks like their exes. A two hundred foot high walking stone fort. They follow the demon ooze in their war machine. Spending some time (Not giving hints to people who have not played) they see some war machines off roading through the ichor. Once a war machine cleans off a cadaver collector, and takes the cadavers to front of the House of Gore. One of hands is loaded with bodies, then the bodies are popped in the mouth of the beast. Lots and lots patrols with lots Armanite gallop around the House. A few Nalfeshnee are hang out in the crown on top of the House.

The party has a cunning plan which works well because the DM forgot the (redacted) has (redacted). Between true polymorph on the Baulder’s simulacrum, fly spells, and invisibility spells; they attack the head of the house. After killing lots of rutterkins, Nalfeshnee, skulls of flame, and Sibriex the group gains control of the entrance. (Who gave the Barbarian a vorpal weapon. That is not fair. Yeah. The players were smart in the first assault. But they didn’t know they tripped the first alarm.)

They gained control of one the Nalfeshnee due to the Helm of Devil Command Shade was wearing. (DIA page 223-234 remember the 20% summon chance. It is not a story item or problem item.) Since the floor is covered in dead bodies it was while before the group discovered two stairways into the belly of the beast. The controlled Nalfeshnee discovered the prison cells before the summoned critter killed it. (DM being a pill.) The polymorph Simulacrum discovered the summoning chamber and beat feet back to the group. (What? Very great tactics. That puts a BIG DENT in the module. What to do? Inspiration and alarm two triggered.)

The group decides the summoning chamber is not the boss fight and goes attack the summoning. Which was finished before the got there. OOPS! Between wall of fire, lots of spells, and Skye and Patrick being meat shields they defeat not the boss fight. (Skye breaks a record here. The player shows up every three months at my table and I kill his pc. Not tonight but I did get his pc down to the single digits and would have killed it. If someone and I not mentioning names Baulder. But some one, Baulder, threw a ward around Skye at the last moment. As the hit would have TKO him.) Strangely the portal does not close. But Patrick playing in the demon ichor has his armour melted to his flesh. Skye has a tiny version of himself running through the house.

The group decides on knock over the prison next. Again, good tactics help the group. Why Skye decided to release ALL the prisoners during combat, I don’t know. But as the party is fighting Gnoll Flinds, General Everbleed tries to escape. Some Nabassus try to charge down the center and out the door Bankshot and Baulder are standing in. The party murders them. (I heavily hinted the Nabassus were wanting to leave. The murderhobos want to up the kill count. Also, I forgot to up the damage output on those monsters.) They capture General Everbleed.

(Note it was pass 10:30. Some players want to find the last room. Some want to flee. They chose flee.)

Dara mentions with the capture of the General Everbleed they now have the general and the soul of Rotger. OOPS. The soul was taken from him just after the first alert. The soul was use to open the portal. The group must go through the portal to find Rotger’s soul which they do.


Rotten DM
The rutterskins are there just to soak up spells and resources. +4 to hit meant two pcs were untouchable except for Nat 20s. I dropped the zombie hordes due to time and they are a speed bump. The scouting surprise me. The stand in the door tactics are standard when two players show up. Effective but boring. I did like the maps the ceilings are generally the same size as the rooms. I boosted the demon ichor to DC 18. Bankshot rolled 11 crits during the night taking out some monsters by himself. The helm would have been more of a problem if the player had read his notes. Lowest hit point was 123 highest was 322 which may have been a D&D beyond glitch. We are checking out the barbarian's AC with +1 plate and +2 shield. I think it was just player error on his raging in armour.
Some time was wasted on debating on how much time to spend scouting. I needed a hard answer before I would give information and they were trying to trick me into spilling info. And they tried to come up with a perfect plan which took time. I had to push them for an plan due to time limits.


Rotten DM
DDAL09-20 Session

When Devils Fear to Tread

Or Where Demons Flee PCs

Day 33

PC Killed 8 Monsters Killed 487 Villains Captured 10 Villains Escaped 1

Gain a level. 6,000 GP. 20 Downtime days.

Start Time 6:01 End Time 9:58 ran Bonus Objective A but did call it early. See Below.

Magic Items. Deathshield +3 defender Greatsword, Potion of Flying, Potion of Longevity, Scroll of Gate, 3 Soul Coins, Rod of Pact Keeper +3

Story Award Bolo’Schle Enemy of Elisande. You attacked Elisande. The Chosen of Cyric will not forget.

Story Award ALL Thanks of Illmater. You attack the Demons. When you get to 20th level get either the boon of Immortality or Boon of Planar Travel. If you take Travel Boon you can go to Brightwater the realm of Illmater and Sune in the Seven Heavens of Celestia.

Story Award IN EFFECT. STAIN UPON YOUR SOUL. You traded in soul coins. HA it going to bite you tonight. (Players agreed the effect was minor for Tier 4).

I had a very strong group of four. Baulder Cleric Wizard 19 with Simulacrum. Quintosis Decimus Sorcerer Rouge 19 with 2 simulacrums due to twin spelling the Simulacrum spell (I am going to double check this.) Shade Bard Warlock 18. Bolo’Schle Barbarian Fighter 17.

Note okay so that is 8 characters on the board. And then the gang true polymorph, or polymorph the simulacra into Pit Fiend, Amnizu, and Pit Fiend. They skipped bring familiars (thanks). Only Bolo and Baulder walked due to the grass is razors, everyone else flied. I count 66 scrolls and 666 potions of healing but I could miss some.

Thanks for those who turn was coming per rolled the damage and to hit. While Dara and General Everbleed were supposed to be present, the group agreed they didn’t need them. So, play wise not there, story wise they are present. Thanks for playing your madness flaws. (this did affect game play).

The group entered portal to find the wandering soul of Rotger De La Reue, who was toss into the portal last week. The sun is burning overhead. They are on the high grass land plains. The scent of decay they been dealing with the last thirty days is gone. The air feels clean, refreshing, crisp, and EVIL. What plain is this? The Death Dells. Yeenoghu’s Home. Yeenoghu’s Lair. (Due to the module and group’s power I would use the Regional and Lair abilities of Yeenoghu as necessary.)

Having no way to track Rotger, they promptly got lost. (Like the tracking conditions variety.) Baulder and Bolo’Schle find out about razorgrass. And everyone else decides to fly, even if they think if six feet is too high to fly. They walk for about an hour and see a nice pond a few hundred feet ahead. Three rocs with drivers are diving on them. Three fiend Shoosuva are charging them. They confuse one who flies off like a drunken sailor. One retreats before getting into combat. They rest are killed quickly. Due to the heat, the pollen, and not being on the material plane; some of the group gain exhaustion. (I think DC 13 is too low for Tier 4).

The group continues on after finding the trail of Rotger. About two hundred feet away, they see about six humanoids duck down into the high grass. They call out that they friendly.

The halfling Odalle replies, “Friendly by the hair of my grand mums chinny chin chin.”

Bolo’Schle, “Yes friendly you scum sucking meat bag.” (language clean up. Plus, player is playing his new flaw.)

Odalle, “You are walking with three fiends. Pull the other one!”

Quintosis, “Well Actually, they are simulacrums and are ourselves.” (Persuasion 30+)

Bolo’Schle, “No. They are our slaves. We beat them up and took them. Just like…” (And role playing cuts the other player off at the knees.”

The other five of Odalle’s party have been low crawling away from the group. Odalle, “yea right” She starts low crawling off. The only reason she was not killed is the group muzzled the barbarian.

They take a short rest and nice to get Bolo to learn to talk nice to people. Baulder tries to cast Tiny Hut but it does not work. And he gets a nasty recorded message from Mr. Y. (Okay made that up but it ticked the pc off which is what I wanted. Plus, there was no encounter coming so the spell would done nothing anyway.)

As they are breaking down the camp site, a blind goat wanders into camp followed by a thin starving girl. Baulder and Quintosis are kind of confused. Elisande was on the prime material plane the last they seen her. She was also well fed. This Elisande is thin. Elisande tells Bolo to quit eying her goat it not for dinner. Bolo starts back talking Elisande. Elisande gets a wild look in her eyes. Everyone else takes three steps back except for Bolo’Schle. Words are exchanged. Insults are exchanged. The barbarian swings on the goat kill it, and then swings on Elisande ONLY WOUNDING her. Elisande steps into the dead goat’s shadow. Everyone gets a thump on the ear from her. Well Bolo gets four daggers into his back as Elisande steps out his shadow and hits him for over 80 points of damage. She giggles and disappears into the barbarian shadow. (I wonder if she is still there?)

They pick up the path of Rotger. Cresting a hill, they see a pack of gnolls chasing Rotger’s soul up a hill. A small demon lord name Yeenoghu rips the ghost in two. And sucks out the life force like a crawdad. BING. Begin fight at the start of wave 2.

Yeenoghu and fiends attack the group. Mainly concentrating on Bolo because he was the nearest and on the ground. Yeenoghu after being forced cage remember he promised to make his mom Seven Up Cake and teleported away. (Note I kept the lair actions in play due it is Mr. Y home plane and the very strong group.) After a long fight of four waves only Bolo’Schle was serious hurt. (I think I did around 56 to another pc, the rest were not touched. Or it didn’t matter. I dropped wave 5 due to time.)

The group returned with the soul to the portal. They are in the moving fortress from last week. But it is not moving. They make the way to the mouth of the fortress. They see the armies of devils and demons fighting. The armies are stalemated. On the right are the demons. On the left are the devils. On the far left is Mahadi’s Emporium. Far center the demons are trying to take a port on the River Styx. (Here is where the players trying to get more information from me which I did not have) They have four choices. Go to the Emporium for resupply. Attack the Demons. Attack the Devils. Go home. (I made them cast silent votes. And they mess it up.)

They choose to attack the demons after some debate. The first wave is four rocs with riders with 7 evil mages per roc. (WHAT THE. GRR. I really hate this layout. REMEMBER TO HIGHLIGHT). The rocs are a big problem. The seven mages. (Should been 28 mages with 22 HP) were not a problem. Due to time I skipped the second part of the final battle.

(Okay I just reread the mage stat and write up. This could been a worse fight. Long and drag on fight but it could have been a decent fight.)

Thanks to players who help track hp and monsters.


Rotten DM
Grr I getting really tired of how the information layout in the modules are this season. This is another time I missed information buried in a wall of text. Evil mages had fire resistance. And could you imagined 28 magic missile spells being cast on ONE PC.


Rotten DM
Final summary. I have made a decision if I going to keep updated dating the thread with modules I run during the season.
PC Killed 13 Monsters Killed 832 Villains Captured 29 Villains Escaped.
K/D for PC 64 to 1 check my math.


Rotten DM
New group with mostly new people. Some are figuring out how to fill out character sheets and which dice to use.
Descent into Avernus # 2 Session 1

Chapter 1

Copping a Copper for a Copper Piece.

PC killed 0 Monsters Killed 7 Villains Captured 1 Villains Escaped 0

Gain a level. 10 downtime days. 80 GP. NOTE I increase the GP because I forgot you were on salary from the Flaming Fist. Also I am using milestone leveling out the book.

Start time 7:20 End time 8:54. Short time but I will break early for various reasons.

I had a strong group of six. Mostly new players. Gary Barbarian 1. Ditty Kong Barbarian 1. Healing Man Cleric 1. Smog Warlock 1. Thad Vlad the Chad Sorcerer 1. Lexis Drunn Rogue 1.

Okay this my Tuesday group mainly new people. Remember people your spell save DC is 8 + your ability modifier page 10 + your proficiency page 12. So it around 12 or 13. You spell attack modifier is your ability modifier page 10 + your proficiency page 12. Generally, +4 or +5 plus the d20 roll. Check to see what happen with D&D Beyond.

TLDR. A tenday ago the capitol city Elturel was scooped up and disappeared. The city leader of Baldur’s Gate left to see if he could help. The international mercenary group the Flaming Fist has hire you as rookie cops. Report to Captain Zodge at Basilisk Gate.

When the group arrives at Baldur’s Gate, they are to meet their contact Captain Zodge. A small crowd of peasants are blocking the gate and throwing rubbish. The city watch called the Flaming Fist have close the gate.

Ditty Kong, “I say we bust heads, take names, and eat their chewing gum.”

Healing Man, “Brothers and Sister Lexis we should try a peaceful resolution. Like persuasion or intimidation.”

Players, “Who are you? And What have you done with Travis!”

Healing Man, “I told you I would go against my normal type.”

Gary and Kong flash their copper badges and fart in the crowd general direction which breaks a hole in the crowd like a flash of wind.

Captain Darmin Zodge, “Ok. You the rookies. We been hired to keep the peace. And it will be peaceful. Don’t start anything but you are welcome to finish it as long as the paperwork is in order. The death cults of Bane, Bhaal, and Myrkul has been taking Hellriders the knights of Elturgard and killing them. You are welcome to kill them.

Ditty Kong, “I love the knight life. I love to.”

Captain Zodge, “Follow orders. ARREST the Hellriders if they start trouble. Arrest or kill the death cult members if you have too. One our spies Tarina has more information. Meet her at the Elfsong Tavern. Do NOT KILL her. Get the information. Be NICE. She has dangerous friends. The tavern is a few blocks to east. Move out.”

On the way to the tavern Healing man calls the party to halt as three kids throw something off the roof missing Smog. They hear the kids.

Nat. “How can you tell Gaters from others.”

Jenks. “Gaters, know there are three type of people. Survivor’s. Loot Drops. Or body.”

Squiddly, “What the difference between a Loot Drop and a necro?”

Nat, “Run! The barbarians look pissed.”

They enter the Elfsong tavern and find out Tarina is upstairs playing dice. Half of them tuck their badges away. Tarina get the other three in game of Baldur’s Bones which is kind of like twenty-one but with dice. After coming out a head of the game after an hour, Tarina is willing to talk business. But the group has to wait to nine bells before she tells because some friends are coming. The game begins again.

The Three kids Nat, Squiddly and Jenks enter the upstairs.

Nat. “How can you tell Gaters from others.”

Jenks. “Gaters, know there are three type of people. Survivor’s. Loot Drops. Or necro.”

Squiddly, “What the difference between a Loot Drop and a necro?”

Healing Man, “I want to know?”

Squiddly, “It will cost you a gold piece each.” As he goes to collect. A fight breaks out at another table. No one interferes even when the winner turns the loser’s head backwards.

Squiddly, “See. You a loot drop because we taking your coin. Buddy is a survivor who just did a loot drop. And poor Eddie is now a necro. Because that who we going to sell the body to.” The Three Urchins drag the body down the stairs.

Lexis, “Nice kids.”

Tarina, “The nicest kids in towns. Others would have stolen your pants by now and sold them back to you.”

Two or three hours slowly pass. The rest of group have hidden their badges away and are wandering around the upper floor of the tavern. Slowly seven sailors have entered the floor pretending not to know each other but doing it badly. Finally, Captain Dead-Eye who wears an eyepatch in the middle of his forehead arrives. Tarina and Dead-Eye exchange polite conversation with each other. Dead-Eye is mad because Tarina accidently got Captain Sessprin killed in a bad smuggling operation. After a few minutes, the coppers (THAT YOU PCS) notice the seamen are getting ready to draw weapons. So they attack.

After a very tough fight (IT IS.DMS. REDUCE THE Captains to hit or damage or something.) The group has nearly lost Thad Vlad the Chad and taken a prisoner. Gilligan Denver confesses to the ship Uncivil Serpent being at the dock guard by eleven sailors. Tarina gives the meeting location of some the dead three is at Bacchus Bathhouse. Reminding them is just appears to be meeting place.

The group will pick up next week on page 20. They have voted on investigating the bathhouse.

Read up on the Dead Three. Dead Three – Forgotten Realms Wiki (fandom.com)

For your log sheet. DDGC-BG:DIA. Chapter 1 Session 1. 80 GP gained. Add 10 downtime days. I will bring an example log sheet next week.


Rotten DM
Descent into Avernus # 2 Session 2

Chapter 1

Bacchus Bathhouse

Evening of Day 1 to Day 2 8 AM.

PC killed 0 Monsters Killed 20 Villains Captured 2 Villains Escaped 2.

No treasure or level this time. This will happen due to various reasons.

Start Time 7:22 End Time 9:13

I had an average group of five. Hafice Tallfellow Rogue 1. Gary Barbarian 2. Ditty Kong Barbarian 2. Likus Bard 2. Thad Vlad the Chad Sorcerer 2. Lenny burning mad mouse aka Gary’s pet.

Captain Zodge, “What. Did. You. Do.” Growing red in the face. “Just get back to Bacchus Bathhouse and find out what is going underneath the business.”

Eleven hours earlier.

Having learned of the Dead Three. Wait a minute. They need to read the notes. The Dead Three are evil adventurers named Bane, Bhaal, and Myrkul who long ago quested to become gods. They succeeded but grew even more ambitious. They tried to seize the Tablets of Fate from the overgod Ao and use them to rule over Faerûn and its gods. They failed and were slain during the Time of Troubles. Since then, a variety of contingency plans they had in place allowed them to be reborn.

Bane is a god of tyranny, and both he and his worshipers seek to rule the world. Bane grants power to those who strive to rule with an iron fist. By imposing order on the world, Bane’s followers ensure that those who are clever, strong, and ambitious rise to the top while the weak languish in slavery.

Bhaal is a god of murder who lends power to those whose killings invoke fear and dread. The act of murder is only half the equation. The second half is the suspicion, paranoia, and fear that a seemingly unstoppable killer can evoke. Bhaal seeks to inspire fear by slaying those seemingly beyond the reach of death.

Myrkul is the Lord of Bones, claiming power over corpses and souls. His cultists are those who seek to claim lore, power, and even fealty from the deceased.

Having stolen the dead pirate’s eyepatch, the group arrive at Bacchus Bathhouse. It is still open for business as the hours are eight a.m. to midnight. Four commoners are in the baths. The baths are small walk down pools.

Ditty Kong steps in fully clothed into the south pool. “Very Nice. You mind if I fart in the tub?” Bob his surprised bath mate is mute. Jadaz an androgynous human masseuse comes storming out of the south massage room.

Jadaz, “Excuse me kind people. You need to remove your clothing BEFORE you get in the tub. It is one silver. Qurmilah take this barbarian’s clothing and air out to dry.”

Likus flirting with Jadaz,” And what are your prices for your services.”

Jadaz calmly and hypnotically lists the various prices of the twenty services. Kong and Likus take the three silver piece thirty-minute massage with oil and scent. All the group try to pump the employees (GET YOUR MIND OUT THE GUTTER LIKUS.) for information. They do discover Duke Lord Mortlock Vanthampur owns the place. Mortlock is one of the sons of Duke Thalamra Vanthampur. But no connection to the Dead Three cult.

Thad, “Well it is ten o’clock and no information on the Dead Three. I guess we go to docks and raid the Uncivil Serpent. Take at least one prisoner and steal their treasure.”


Gary, “I love Looting.”

DM, “WHAT. Okay. Give me a minute.” Flips back to page 18 reads about Uncivil Serpent. Quickly brings out more tac-tiles and draws a ship on it. Flips open the MM to Bandit entry.

The group arrive at docks at midnight or a little after. One shipman is on the rear deck. Some lanterns are hung with care in the hopes of Saint Loot will be there. The gangplank is down on the dock. The patrol has reported all quiet on docks.

Gary, “I think I going to swim to bow, climb the chain and get ready to kill the seaman.”

Likus, “I am going to yell out naughty stuff to the person on guard and see if he lowers the gangplank.”

Kong, “I am going to yeet the gnome Hafice into the sails and wait at the dock till he drops the gangplank.”

DM, “Or you could just walk up the gangplank.”

Group, “OH!”.

The group walks up and try to board the ship. Gillian First Mate, “Hold on. Hold on you drunk sods. This not your ship.” The group flash their badges. They are single file and being blocked by Gillian.

Likus, “Look, we took this eyepatch off Dead-Eye. He spilt the beans. We want your treasure and your ship. You can join us as crew. Or be arrested for slavery. And other charges.”

Gillian shouting, “What type of coppers are you. How long have you been on the force? A week? Slavery is not illegal in the Gate. Plus, Dead-Eye had the key to treasure chest. Coppers you are kind of slow.” Noise is heard below deck.

Likus, “Actually we had our badges for a whole day!”

Thad Vlad the Chad, “Well actually. Seventeen hours. Six minutes and forty-five seconds.” A few more bandits arrive on deck from the fore and aft deck doors. And the fight breaks out. Gary throws Lenny the mouse into Mary Ann’s face giving advantage to Likus next swing. After necro ten of the pirates they take Howl the Third prisoner. And send him on to Zodge. Coming up empty on the ship they return to bathhouse. It is closed.

The group discusses various means of entry. Gary comes up with the idea of the rogue sneaking up and peeking into the windows. (Inspiration Gary). Tallfellow spies in the windows. Three women with daggers are in the bath main room. A male armed with glowing claws guards the north room.

The group quietly pops the locks of the outdoor guard and main door. Rushing in yelling, “Police.” They are able to get close to the women. But the women’s daggers glow black and they attack. They kill two of the guards. Capture Mary Ann. But the north room is empty.

Captain Zodge, “So the Flaming Fist now owns a pirate ship and is responsible for dock fees. Tarina is under a death sentence from some pirates. You lost a suspect. And there is a secret door in the Bacchus Bathhouse you left unguarded! Get back to bathhouse and find out what is underneath it.”

We will start next week at the secret door in the bathhouse.


Rotten DM
The two players running the barbarians are very casual players. So I will have to hand hold and double check their sheets. Both kept forgetting their plus to hit on weapons. And are still working on what the dice look like. The player running Likus us planning on taking over DM if he can get at least two more of his friends to commit.


Rotten DM
Descent into Avernus # 2 Session 3

Chapter 1

Blessed Bacchus Bathhouse

Day 2 8 AM to Day 2 10 AM.

We pick up in room D12

PC killed 0 Monsters Killed 29 Villains Captured 2 Villains Escaped 2.

No treasure or level this time. This will happen due to various reasons.

Start Time 7:08 End Time 9:00

Magic item spell books. See very bottom.

I had a strong group of six but ran combat as average due people are still learning. (HEY DM ALSO MENTION YOU FORGOT SOME OF US MONSTERS. WHAT ARE WE JUST RANDOM XP?)

Healing Man Cleric 2. Smog Warlock 2. Ditty Kong Barbarian 2 Goliath. Tartar Bigmens Paladin 1 played by a seven-year-old. Likus Bard 1. Hafice Tallfellow rogue 2 halfling. Tartar was supposed to watch but I let him play. The more the merry.

Captain Zodge demand the group return to Bacchus bathhouse and find the secret door and discover what is under the bathhouse. They arrive at 8:08 AM the bathhouse is open for business.

Healing Man, “Jadaz a round of massages for all of us. I go first and need some information.” Jadaz does not know of any cult activities for the Dead Three but does think Mortlock Vanthampur son of Duchess Thalamra Vanthampur is up to some shady stuff. After an hour Tartar remembers something about the secret door in the north room. He enters the massage room interrupting Qurmilah. Ties her up and starts looking about the secret door. The rest of group flash their badges and tell everyone to calm down. Hafice finds the secret door.

After some discussion of no witnesses, but we are cops, but we don’t want people to know we coming, Kong tosses the Qurmilah over his shoulder. “We just take her with us.” They enter the dungeon. The smell of mildew and rot wafts up the stairs. Arriving at bottom of the stairs, Hafice climbs the barbarian. “That water is going to be over my head.”

Healing Man, “Is not.”

Hafice, “Is so.”

Healing Man, “IS NOT!” And he steps in. “See. Is not! It only be up to your chin. I was right and you were wrong. And we go right. No left. No.”

(DM. People I have something called a Party Caller. It is a person who decides left, right, etc. so these debates don’t take up time. Yes, you can go against what the caller says so. But let me know. And remember it going to be Bob not Bob’s character. Agreed. Good.)

Healing Man, “Line. Is not! It only be up to your chin. I was right and you were wrong. And we go right.”

The group wades through two-foot-deep water. They notice some the support beams are rotting due to the water. (DM yes you be able to knock the roof down on you or the bad guys.) They find a secret door and push through it. A Hand brushes against Kong’s knee. He smiles until he notices it is not the massage woman. He screams like a little girl. Dropping both Hafice and Qurmilah into the water.

Hafice, “Help her. Grab her. Not the dead body. The one with bubbles coming from the gag.”

Kong drops the dead body which had been dead for three days. Shakes some of water from Qurmilah and toss her over his shoulder again. The group goes east and finds an altar to Bhaal the god of murder and some suffering. Healing man prays over the altar until it melts as his gawd is the gawd of life. Exploring south, they barbarian brushes up against a tapestry causing. (I don’t know. Forgot the DMG. D&D Beyond is not pulling it up. Note. Notes. Okay.) Kong takes poison damage from yellow mold which somehow does not affect Qurmilah because everyone is forgetting about her half the time.)

The group comes to a chamber with three doors. North door has a carving on Bhaal. East door Bane caving. South door Myrkul carving.

Hafice pics the lock and slowly pushes the door open until he is nearly pulled into the room by a minion of Myrkul. The three necromites of Myrkul would have been a great fight but they only got a four on their initiative and did not live to see that. In an adjoining room, the altar of Myrkul is discovered. Myrkul is the Lord of Bones, claiming power over corpses and souls. Healing Man prays over it till it melts.

The group regroups and heads east. Coming across an active ceremony of you guessed it Bane god of tyranny. The group tries to attack but discovers five foot corridors suck. Especially when the two people in the front roll the lowest initiative. (Yes unless you are a halfling it cost two movements to pass through a friendly square.

The group spread out. Tartar charges and attack two fist of Bane. Then

Tartar, “Can I go to the bathroom.”

DM, “Yes.” Three people get up and leave. “Um. Guys. I just meant we skip Tartar’s turn.”

The fight continues. Healing Man charges Yignath iron consul of Bane ducks under his spear, and starts praying at altar.

DM, “So you not going to attack or defend yourself?”

Healing Man, “No. Just going to pray.”

Klim, “You not going to cut me loose, or heal me. The evil guy may stab me. And I got one hit point left!”

Healing Man, “Nope.”

DM, “Okay Advantage against you and the iron consul will focus fire on you.” (WAIT A MINUTE DM. THAT IS NOT FAIR. SHUT IT DM. IT IS NOW SIX TO ONE. AND WE WILL SEE HOW THE DICE FALL.)

A few dice rolls later, the altar has melted. Klim is offering a reward for his rescue. We have all forgot about Qurmilah again. (AND YOU FORGOT ABOUT THE FLYING SWORDS. Well it was on the other page and the lighting is bad!)

End of the session.

Spellbook 1 is bound in red leather and contains the following spells: burning hands, detect magic, disguise self, fog cloud, ray of sickness, silent image.

Spellbook 2 has the personal rune of its previous owner burned into its umber cover. This book contains the following spells: charm person, find familiar, identify, magic missile, sleep.

Spellbook 3 is bound in scaly black reptile hide and contains the following spells: cloud of daggers, darkvision, detect magic, feather fall, mage armor, magic missile, Tasha’s hideous laughter.

I don't know why the links are here.


Rotten DM
Having the seven year old play was fun. I was waiting for one the adults to lose it when Tartar would shake the d20 in his hands 20 times before rolling. I also gave out Magic life counters for Christmas presents. Most of the group used them for hit point trackers. Healing Man did some strange stuff but I went with the flow. Having only about 2 hours to game before we have a hard shut down deadline is interesting. I having to balance moving the game forward, not stomping on player agency too much, and teaching the game to most of the group.


Rotten DM
Descent into Avernus # 2 Session 4

Chapter 1

Masseuse Myrkul Member
Day 2 10 AM to Day 2 11:59 AM.
We will pick up in room D29 next session.

PC killed 0 Monsters Killed 40 Villains Captured 2 Villains Escaped 3.

Start Time 7:28 End Time 9:22

Magic Item Bag of Beans.
Go ahead and level up to level 3. 80 GP and 10 Downtime Days per level. I just checked the next encounter; it would not take two hours. Yes, you leveling up early.

The book is set up on milestone leveling. Plus, we only do two-hour sessions.

DM NOTE. Due to the two-hour sessions, at the end of each session everyone takes a long rest. It too confusing to remember who had what hit points etc. Also, the monsters take a long rest too.

Spell books are basically consumables. So, it does not duplicate. NO, you cannot treat them like scrolls. Yes, if you next class is going to be a spellcaster which uses books you can claim them. Copying spells is 1 downtime day and 50 GP * level of spell.

I had a strong group of six. Smog Warlock 2. Healing Man Cleric 2. Hafice Tallfellow Rogue 1. Likus Drunn Bard 2. Ditty Kong Barbarian 2. Gary Barbarian 2.

Healing Mann, “Guys if we take Qurmilah with us, she narc us out. DM, I kill the Masseuse!”

The group finds it way to morgue where Flennis master of souls to Myrkul working on sewing together a zombie.

Healing Man, “I have a fresher corpse. Mostly bled out.” (DM takes off his glasses.)

Flennis is not happy with the irruption but happy they are not trying to kill her. For the price of a corpse and some false promises (on both sides), she gives the counter signs. The group explores the west part of the dungeon. Entering a 150-year-old crypt, they start to loot a coffin.

Erick the Viking, “Hey I was sleeping a nice rest. Who the beep are you? What gives you the right to barge into a man’s final resting place. Do you have a warrant? Do you have common decently? Do you know who won the world series?”

Healing Man, “Badges we don’t need no badges? Your coffin is rotting. I am Saint Nick, I will take you coffin from here to workshop, fix and then bring back here for Christmas.”

Eric the Viking, “What is Christmas? Talk to my axe.” Two rounds later. “Why are you laughing!”

Kong, “Miss me. Now you got to kiss me. You suck at ghostly axe tossing. You tosser!”

Healing Man, “His coffin will not fit through the five-foot hallway. That sucks.”

Eric the Viking, “Five-foot hallways always suck. No movement. Mark my words. Hallways suck!”

Gary, “Let’s leave this loser. He has hit us once in the last five rounds. BYE LOSER!”

Eric the Viking, “I will get you. And your little rat too.” He screams after the party as they leave.

The group sneaks pass the morgue and enters a

Smog, “I didn’t do it.”

Healing Man, “I didn’t do it.”

Gary, “Not mean but that stinks. So much if you strike a match or bring a torch in here, the whole room will collapse.”

The Halfling notices how unstable the columns are, and thinks he will be crushed if they blow up the room, “Guys, good idea. Let keep that to an IDEA. Because it will case a huge pot hole above us, or someone’s living room will become their basement. How about we check out the other part of dungeon. We can always blow the room up later.”

The group agrees. Gary takes over the lead entering a five-foot hallway. First crypt. Empty. Second crypt. Empty. Third crypt. Only six zombies. Between killing two zombies and turning undead, the group gets the door closed. They put a don’t open sign on it and move on. Healing man finds a torture chamber of Bane. He heals crazy Vendetta Kress a tiefling wine merchant who gathers up the loose javelins from the party. She agrees to stay with the party as long as they lead. They agree.

Healing Man leads the group future east. And discovers a secret door. The group agrees to split the party. (DM. LOL) The DM agrees to do two rounds with each group. The South group of Healing Man, Kong, and Hafice goes south. The north group of Smog, Gary, and Likus opens the secret door.

The north group hears combat around a corner but we will ignore that because of time. The north group enters a large chamber and opens an east door waking up some skeletons.

The south group slowly opens the far south west door to an empty room. Then opens the south east room to sleeping cult members. They quickly close the door. They ignore every hallway is a five-foot hallway.

The north group get jam up a five-foot hallway. But start to win against the skeletons. Crazy lady asks if they need help but no one is listening.

The south group opens the door to north east group and finds little old lady. Nope they attack Nebra reaper of Bane. Nebra whistles for the sleeping group who wakes up.

After six rounds and some very close calls the group wins. And we are still ignoring the stuff happening in D29.

Everyone takes a long rest.


Rotten DM
Descent into Avernus # 2 Session 5

Chapter 1

Bathroom Bash Crash

Day 2 Noon to Day 2 12:45 PM.

We will pick up at the Low Lantern next session.

PC killed 0 Monsters Killed 60 Villains Captured 3 Villains Escaped 8.

Start Time 7:56 End Time 9:28.

IF you are not level 3 level up to level 3 with 80 GP and 10 Downtime days. Please study to see what your pc can do.

Story Award Ally of Mortlock Vanthampur. He will help you out next session if needed.

Remember Adventure League allows you to swap out your PC between sessions. As Long as they are generally in the same tier as the session. Since we are still in the Tier 1 part of the book any of your characters which are level 1 to level 4 can play. I will check the book and other sources to see if mixed tiers can play together.

I had a very strong group of eight. Thad Vlad the Chad Sorcerer 2. Hafice Tallfellow (the swift) Rogue 1 Wizard 1. Smog Warlock 3. Healing Man (needs Tums) Cleric 3. Ditty Kong Barbarian 2. Gary Barbarian 2. Dingus Wizard 3. Likus Bard 3.

When we last left our brave bold loud and proud group they had just finish fighting some undead and fists of Bane.

Thad, “Is me or was that fight loud. I still have the sounds of combat in my ears!”

Hafice, “Me Too. But it a strange echo.”

Healing Man, “Almost as if there are people still fighting around the corner. There are eight of us and we not fighting each other others.”

Likus, “DUDES. THERE ARE PEOPLE FIGHTING AROUND THE CORNER. WE are going to check it out.”

The group move around the corner and see a tall pro wrestler type who put his face out in a torch and a death head of Bhaal. The couple break up the fight as the large party rounds the corner.

Mortlock, “Sigh. Just wait your turn back stabbers. As soon as I kill Vaaz, I kill the rest of you. And mommy Vanthampur is not going to pay you Death Three any more money to murder innocents to show up the Flaming Fists. As soon as they get fired, mommy Vanthampur will start to take over Baldur’s Gate.”

Gary, “Actually, aren’t we members of the Flaming Fist?”

Healing Man, “Yes but we under cover as assassins of Myrkul.”

Ditty Kong, “I thought we body suppliers to the necromancer chick?”

Vaaz dashes to north and the group hears him calling for reinforcements and two doors slamming shut.

Mortlock surrenders. The group tries to break the doors down with their faces. Repeatedly. (No one rolled over an 8 to get in the doors). Six Reapers of Bhaal open the doors. They pull their black light daggers and start stabbing the party members.

Barbarians, “No Fair. We are raging, reckless attacking, and dying. Those daggers are cheating and doing double damage!”

Smog, “So Take half to the double. “

Healing Man, “FART THIS WE ARE OUT NUMBER. I EMPTY MY BAG OF BEANS.” (One group discussion after the magic item is looked up.) “I throw two beans down.”

DM, “13 Shriekers and a Chaotic Evil Treant appear. The Shriekers act like car alarms which ticks off the Treant who mad at everything.” (Pause to explain the situation to all the games. To put it simple could be a total party kill. You could run. Surrender. Or make friends.)

Likus flirts with the Treant, “Hey your bark is softer than your bite. I will ax you back to my place if you take out the dungeon and theses cultists. Pretty please with honey on it. “(One persuasion roll and inspiration roll.)


Captain Zodge, “One bath house. 3 private houses. One major intersection. 7 towns people. And if wasn’t for the help from the cultists Sister Bertha better-than-you, who just happen to be nearby, that Treant would have destroyed more city properly. You are lucky Mortlock is going to turn state evidence. Go with him and pick up his brother at the Low Lantern Ship inn.”

Most of you think that Captain Zodge believes your story of the cultists summon the evil Treant.

Everyone Take a long rest. And I want a 100 word essay on how your pc works.

DM Notes. Yes, less than a minute of combat and about five minutes of talking with Mortlock. I was adjusting the number of enemies on the fly but when Healing Man threw down the Treant bean the whole combat went south. They only reason it wasn’t a TPK was the bard shifted the Treant to their side. And once the Treant start roll Nat 20s in a roll, everyone decided to flee.


Rotten DM
Descent into Avernus #2 Session 6

Chapter 1

Low Lives or Pyramid Power

Day 2 12:45 PM to Day 3 10:13 PM

PC killed 4 Monsters Killed 94 Villains Captured 4 Villains Escaped 8.

Start Time 6:30 End Time 9:00

Story Award Highway to Hell. Devils have heard of you.

No levels at this time.

I had a weak group of four. Duchess Likus Drunn Bard 3. Thad Vlad the Chad Sorcerer 3. Hafice Tallfellow Rogue 3. Boar Fang Battlemaster 3. (Good job on using your superior dice Boar.)

Okay fair warning. I am cleaning up most of rated R stuff. But the whole group decide to go for rated R scenes.

The group arrives at the Low Lantern. A beached ship which has been turned into a high class bar. Which is surrounded by a SUNNY FOG which you can only see 20 feet ahead. (OK. The box text and time of day did not match and my players caught it. NOTE move things around just used the first two levels.) It so high class that four dead seagulls are pinned to the aft deck.

Hafice, “Seagulls. I hope that is not on the menu. Let’s go down boys.”

Duchess Likus, “I am girl.”

Hafice blushing, “I meant go down stairs to bar and find Amrik.”

The group finds Amrik in the private lounge (Laraelra’s Cabin.) After some word play between Amrik and Likus, some drinks are ordered. Hafice orders water and chats up a Hellrider veteran name Reya Mantlemorn.

Reya, “Give me a gold piece. You know you been given a mickey-finn.”

Hafice, “Now days we call them roofie. Why should I give you a gold piece?”

Boar Fang falls into his Pabst Blue Ribbon. Reya, “Because I could be a good ally and I need the cash.” Thad falls into his Boone’s Farm Strawberry Wine. Duchess Likus falls into her double scotch triple whiskey sour with soy whipped cream.

Reya, “Act like the whatever you call it is affecting you and take this hand cuff key.” Hafice slips her a gold piece and pretends to fall asleep.

(DM Notes. Thanks for letting borrow the DMG. I only bring the PHB, MM, and the book. And sometimes looking it up in the DMG is quicker than D&D Beyond. And thanks for the input for various DCs. Remember I do want honest feedback. Torpor has DC 15 Con save. That is rough for level 3 pcs.)

And hour later Likus is awaken by a slap, she is tied up on the couch. Amrik has remove everyone’s armour and weapons. He has tossed them in a pile about five feet away for the pile of adventurers. Amrik sends his guards to the upper deck to see if more cops are coming. (OR the DM is balancing the encounter.) Amrik slaps Likus again.

Duchess Likus, “Beat me. Whip me. Make me written bad checks.”

Amrik, “Duchess you can only afford three guards. And how do you know my mother.” Likus makes us some story which Amrik does not believe because he found the Flaming Fist copper badges. But Likus has seen Hafice is trying to open the handcuffs, so she gives some true information and a lie.

Amrik, “Lie.” And he slaps her. “For every lie you tell; I will beat you.”

Likus, “I think you rather lie with me.” Hafice gets handcuffs off and tries to unlock Boar Fang’s handcuffs. (Again me and the players talked how this would work and what the DC would be.)

A few rounds of slaps and good rolls on deception, thieves’ tools, sleight of hand. Hafice attacks Amrik. Amrik calls for his guards and the battle begins. Reya attacks the guards on the top deck (DM adjusting the encounter.) After nearly dying, Likus deals a stunning head butt to Amrik in a very painful place.

Minutes later. Likus, “Now my turn to question you. For every lie, I going to break a finger.” Seeing the group has gone evil just to get information Reya returns the gold piece and leaves the party. After a few broken fingers later, the party has information about the Duchess, her plans to take over Baldur’s Gate, some of the villa layout, some of the passwords to the dungeon under the villa and all Amrik’s jewelry. They turn Amrik over to the Captain Zodge who does not believe he fell down the stairs but is happy with the information. They take the rest of day off to plan and decide to sleep on it. (Long Rest.)

The plan. Show up a 10 PM, with Amrik’s bag of jewelry. Bluff their way in pass the ten. No three guards. Demand to talk with Duchess Thalamra. Bribe Thalamra either she come clean about her activities or her son goes to the hangman.

The group bluffs their way by Buddy, Ryan and Shawn who are the guards. Old butler Fendrick opens the door and leads them to parlor. After hearing their demands Fendrick goes to get the Duchess. Hafice changes the plan and follows them. (Groan. Ok.)

(BUT what the party does not know is Thurstwell has had the party under watch since before the boat. With invisible imps.)

The imps attack Hafice and do a lot of damage. He flees back to parlor and flips the lock. The imps verbally play with the group as the group hears the room being surrounded. Plans. Counter plans. Counter counter-plans are made.

Duchess Thalamra arrives and the bag of evidence is given to her and the door is shut quickly. The party plays word play games with the Duchess. The Duchess starts swallowing the jewelry which disturbs some of the pcs. She gives the order to attack.


DM, “Don’t you mean frack this?”

Likus, “No.” The door is opened. “I toss out three beans from the bag of beans. What do I get?”

(DM borrows the DMG. Shriekers 10. Pyramid with a Mummy Lord. A hungry Bulette.)

Players, “cool beans!”

DM, “The shriekers arrive on your initiate Likus. The Mummy Lord will go on his initiate. The Bulette will go two rounds later. Every one give a DC 10 Save of whichever is your best. If you win you are inside the pyramid, if not I figure crushing damage. Okay. Everyone is inside. Some of the NPCs were crushed by being trapped between the growing stone pyramid…”

Thad, “Nearly time to stop.”

DM, “Thanks. You have to persuade the mummy lord who to attack when he opens his sarcophagus.”

The imps attack Hafice leaving him one point. The Duchess casts Eldritch Blast twice leaving the him with two failed Death Saves. His initiative was next and he failed. KILL ONE. Everyone gave me a persuasion roll.

Mummy Lord, “A plague on both your houses.” (34 points of damage per round is rolled. Note to speed play once continuing damage is rolled, that is the damage per round.)

Thad drops with death saves. And time is called. After some death save rolls. Review of the spell insect plague, the groups agrees a TPK is the result. But wants to know who they took with them. Thang was Kill Number 2. Likus was killed number 3. Boar was kill number 4. Since it did not matter I adding all the possible kills in the house. Only the magic item to be announce next week survived. And the entrance to underground dungeon.

NOTE. YOU CAN KEEP YOUR PC. You lose your magic item slot. Be no one has enough money to raise you. -4 to saves, attacks, and ability checks. This is reduced by 1 per long rest. And no I not advancing the story by 4 days to remove this penalty.


Rotten DM
My group went very dark but we discussed it and everyone was okay with it. I just had lighten it up because I try to keep my write ups at PG 13.
IF you want to know.
they cut off his fingers. I had the duchess eat the fingers.

End of spoiler.

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