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Rotten DM
The Wild Beyond the Witchlight Session 1

Day 1 Twilight to Midnight.

Magic Item None. Story Items None.

DM NOTE. Both the DM and Players MUST take notes. Next week put you background in the Notes column if from the Feywild or may affect what will happen. I am not pushing the time frame so take your time. Also, this is a Milestone adventure. You level when entering a new chapter or meet certain people.

Player note. If you switch out pcs, you can keep the lost thing and transfer it to your new pc. Your pc can not be over the level of the chapter.

Props. Hole punch, costume with butterfly wings, pull out map in a frame, circus tent, crown, and lost things. Any other suggestions for props?

I had an average group of five. Two which are running different characters under someone else. This is helping because they do explain some things I missed. Kerick Durant Rogue 1. Glenfill Danzinford Bard 1. Glenfill first Adventure League session, first session in town, but has played since 2E. Art fighter1. Thrivin Warlock fairy. Dawson Paladin 1.

Glenfill rolled d8 to help with the plot line. The Unicorn horn is THE DM IS NOT TELLING.

Years ago, the PCs visited the carnival as a child, or worked in the Witchlight Carnival. The lost something. Some of them know what they lost. They were also cursed. (Other DMs are not using this option. I am. You play the curse well I will used inspiration and ignore the limits of inspiration.)

The members enter the carnival from various ways. Thrivin has his hammock cut and drops out the fey wild onto a huge baseball glove. Art has heard faint set up sounds for two days before he hears the calliope music and sees the booth, he is a former Witchlight hand.

Nikolas Midnight, “Tickets are 8 silver pieces. You lose you ticket, you have to buy a new one. The Big Top is free but most other venues are one ticket punch. After 8 punches, the ticket becomes a keepsake and you have to buy a new one. You lose you ticket, you have to buy a new one. The Rules.”






The group gather together at Nikolas suggestion. They don’t have to keep together but it will help. (YEAH, MAINELY THE DM.) Glenfill knows he is missing something and Art suggests the Lost property.

Lost Property is manned by a huge kitten with two extra black pipe cleaner arms. Dirlagraun has some huge butterfly wings clipped to their backside. They are rough housing with two kids. Dirlagraun wonders how Glenfill knows he lost something. Glenfill lost thing will be found before the end of the carnival but not the end of the night and it is not in the carnival.

Art and Kerick want to try out the dragonfly ride. On the way, Dawson sees two girls trying to get on their mom’s last nerve. Dawson suggests she loses them at the lost property. For this he gets the Achievement PETER ONE.

The dragonfly ride is very exciting because as they about to take their rides, someone insults a dragonfly in the queue and it takes off. Kerick tries to save the passage who is not belted in but knocks them out their sled. Lucky Art is able to make a midair rescue.

The carousel is manned by Diana Cloppington a Centaur with Blue Butterfly wings. She punches their tickets and they approach the wooden unicorns. Thrivin fey presence causes some of the glamour to fade. Some of the unicorns are missing letters from their names. As the carousel starts all of them hear “We have lost our names. You have lost something too. Name us. And we name who stole your lost thing and where whom stole from you live. Your curse can not be broken until you recover your lost thing.” As they get off the ride Art bazooka barfs Skittles. Glenfill scoops them up and puts them into his backpack, “I will taste the rainbow later.” Taking to Diana the group gets some paint from inside the ride. The group names the unicorns which are (SPOILERS DM IS NOT DOING SPOILERS AT THIS TIME). And they learn who has their lost things and where the live. HINT IS NOT IN THE WITCHLIGHT CARNIVAL.

“On to the snail races”, proclaims Art, “I am feeling lucky tonight.” Glenfill is not happy he can’t bet on the races. Art comes in first. Thrivin second and Kerick third. Art wins a potion of advantage. Just outside the race is a souvenir shop,



BOOK, “Oh I see now. Shutting up.”

Kerick buys a little string-controlled puppet. Dawson buys a toy balloon dog which follows them. (I forgot to take notes for the others. So, you guys tell me.”

After the shopping, they enter the pixie kingdom for a game of hide and seek which Glenfill wins and is awarded a pack of pixie dust.

As the bell tolls 13, and the happy Calliope plays the group enters the big top.

The end.

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Rotten DM
A fellow DM made me the Big Top. Be careful when removing the map from the book as it will try to tear. Suggestions for props and extra scenes welcomed.


Rotten DM
The Wild Beyond the Witchlight Session 2

Day 1 Midnight to Day 2 0300.

100 GP. Take a level. 10 Downtime days.

PC Killed 0 Monster Killed 0 Villains Captured 1 Villains Escaped 0.

I had an average group of five. Mando Fighter 1. Nap Retep Ranger 1. Art Fighter 1. Kerrick Durant Rogue 1. Thrivin Warlock 1.

Magic Item Advantage Balloon in your favorite shape. Gives advantage to your next roll when you pop it.

Mando and Nap were both visited by a slightly tipsy stork name Fed who delivered tickets from a friend to the carnival. They did the snail races and Hide and Seek attractions before meeting up with the rest of the group.

The group thought the Mystery Mine was bogus. The Silversong Lake Mermaid act was nearly trashed by Kettlesteam a Kenku with shape shifting abilities. Fortune Art remember the disturbance call and called Witchlight Hands to corral and capture the Kenku. Question Kettlesteam on the way to office the group leaned she made a pact with Zybilna the archfey of Prismeer. Her patron is not answering her emails and Kettle can’t enter the demiplane. She thinks the owners Mr. Light and Mr. Witch are up to something shady. She pays the group 100 GP each to find out what happens to Zybilna. They drop her off at the office for the owners to deal with.

Only Kerrick and Thrivin recognize Tasha the mannequin is alias for the Iggwilv the Fey Queen in the hall of mirror illusion attraction. The group gains a couple of prizes playing the various games of Almiraj ring toss, Gnome poetry, Cyclops stares and other games. Thrivin wins the cup cake eating contest with 17 cup cakes. The others, well they tasted the rainbow colors both ways and Kerrick bazooka barfed 13 feet 3 inches into the air. Everyone except for the newcomers discover the Stork Fed had been keeping their tickets underneath his hat for delivery before the carnival arrive. Ellywick fires him making him Fed Ex.

0300 struck and everyone gathered at Big Top to see Mando crown Witchlight Monarch and he got a cool take home prize. After celebrational tea at the office the owners open a portal to the Feywild.

Mr. Witch, “Mind the Rule of Three: Future, Present, Past.”
Mr. Light, “Find the Alicorn and free the dormant queen at last.”

The group passes through the portal.


Rotten DM
Lots of stuff to do in this chapter. Great for the theatre types who play. My group was more passive and did not pick up some my hints or suggestions. But Art and Mando had lots of fun.


Rotten DM
The Wild Beyond the Witchlight Session 3

Day 2 0300 to Day 2 2200

100 GP.

PC Killed 0 Monster Killed 2 Villains Captured 1 Villains Escaped 0.

Story Award Branded and Blued. Thrivin, Draken. The Prince of Brigands beat you black and blue.

Story Award Rude One. Draken. You were rude, cruel, and socially unacceptable to Innkeeper Tsu Harabax. The Feywild took notice.

Story Award Found it. You are in the realm where your lost thing can be recovered. Mando, Art, Glenfell, Thrivin, and Draken. Note if you auto recover your lost thing, if you don’t play but at least one player did recover their lost thing.

Story Award Everyone but Draken, Queen Fan. You promised Tsu to free Queen Zybilna. You got a trinket for your trouble.

Story Award Everyone. Queen’s Gift. You rescued Sir Talavar. Summer Queen has put a gift on layaway for you. Palace of Heart’s desire front porch in Chapter 5.

Story Award. King Mando. Being Crowned Monarch of the Carnival, every one addresses Mando as king. Could come in useful.

Note. Take notes and remember them. Also, the trinkets you have can come in handy if you use them.

I had a strong group of seven. Mando Fighter 1 Wizard 1 with blaster. Nap Retep Ranger 2. Craz Hermit Druid 1. Kerrick Durrant rogue 2. Art fighter 2. Thrivin Warlock 2.

As the group set through the portal, they hear the rules once again.

Rule of Hospitality. When a friend, an enemy, or a stranger enters your home, you are expected to be gracious and accommodating to them until such time as they prove, by their words or actions, undeserving of such hospitality.

Rule of Ownership. You must not steal from a friend, an enemy, or a stranger. To take something that doesn’t belong to you without the rightful owner’s permission is a crime and an unforgivable breach of etiquette.

Rule of Reciprocity. When a friend, an enemy, or a stranger offers you a gift, you are obliged to accept it and offer something of comparable value (be it a gift or a service) in return. Such reciprocation need not happen immediately.

This was repeated 5 times and the voice said it would be on your final. As the portal close a be red balloon flies by very fast due to a pegacorn popping it. Pegasus and Unicorn which was discovered in the wild during the 1970s. They hear the screams of the passengers as the balloon crashes in the distance on top of Slanty Tower.

The group come to rest on a broken bridge which is 120 feet above a swamp and the other dimensions don’t count. Nap and Art are able to fly the others down as some people lost the rope trying to tie it off. On the way to rescue the balloon people they come across a battle field and defeat two empty suits of armour which morph into duplicates of people they are attacking. They are robbed by the Triple Bs. Bugs Bunny Brigands. Most of the group just give up an article of clothing. But Hermit has his favorite Christmas memory stolen. Kerrick has his head beaten with a drum which makes a cool beat so the Bugs Bunny Brigands accept his beats as a good trade. Hermit can talk with Agdon Longscarf to get back.

At the Slanty Tower Art flies up and rescues Sir Talavar. Talavar is a noble fairy dragon serving as an Emissary of the Summer Queen. The Summer Queen seeks an alliance with Zybilna. Talavar tells the group the Feywild is the hands of three hags of the Hourglass Coven. He is locked in a silver cage with can not be picked but thinks Jingle Jangle has the key. He also offers the following information.

Bavlorna Blightstraw lives in a spooky cottage on stilts at the heart of Downfall, a bullywug settlement. The bullywugs of Downfall are quite courteous and welcoming, provided one does not offend them.

Bavlorna has the ability to conjure minions that look like tiny versions of herself.

Bavlorna has two sisters whom she loathes. Together, the three hags form the Hourglass Coven. Using an artifact called Iggwilv’s Cauldron, the coven has frozen time in Zybilna’s palace, trapping the archfey inside.

On the trip to Telemy Hill the group spies on hobgoblins on silts collecting Easter Eggs. Arriving at the hill and speaking to the Willow Not Whopping tree, they discover Jingle Jangle is sad because the Bugs Bunny Brigands have stolen her truffles. The group goes out their whey to collect some truffles for her. They trade her the truffles and some manacle keys to open the cage to free Sir Talavar. Once freed he gifts Art with is rapier which morphs into a +1 dagger.

Jingle Jangle likes the manacle key but does not want the universal crowbar as it is not a crow. Nor a bar. Nor a key.

The group starts to travel to the Bugs Bunny Brigand Basement but spy an inn on the way. Draken ticks off the owner by shooting her open for business sign with an arrow. He is forced to stay on the front porch as the inn takes the rest of group in comfort to the front porch of the Bugs Bunny Brigand Basement. She gives the nice people trinkets to accept her quest. Draken gets a rock.

Arriving at Bugs Bunny Brigand Basement, Agdon Longscarf takes offense at Monarch Mando Minion Thrivin not bowing quick enough. He starts to beat him black and blue but Nap, Draken, and Art jump in to help their friend. The Bunnies are hopping mad and kick some of the rude ones unconscious, others are beaten until they surrender.

Agdon, “Now that the beatings have improved my moral. What’s up Doc?”

We will continue next session at page 74. Remember the rules. And I did reskin the attacks.


Rotten DM
No more nice dm. I have told my players to take notes and use them. Going forward I am not reminding them of things they should know and use.


Rotten DM
The Wild Beyond the Witchlight Session 4

Burning Froggy

Day 2 2200 to Day 3 1300

Gain 2 levels. 50 GP. 20 Downtime Days

PC Killed 0 Monster Killed 5 Villains Captured 2 Villains Escaped 6.

I had an average group of five. Kerrick Durant Rogue 2. Art fighter 2. Majesty Mando Fighter 1 wizard 1. Nap Retep Ranger 2. Thrivin Warlock 2.

Note double check on Mando build heavy armour and a wizard.

The group wakes in a bunny hutch. Prince Longscarf and the current group make peace. The group finds out Prince Longscarf no relation to Long Shanks is deadly afraid of Bavlorna Blightstraw. And Agdon made a pact with Slack-jawed Lorna by which he is obligated to give her one item he steals from each victim. Though Agdon would never admit such a thing, the harengons suspect that their leader is terrified of Slack-jawed Lorna, who moves about on a crawling lily pad. Downfall is home to the Soggy Court, a society of bullywugs that clings to strange, noble customs and rules of etiquette. Agdon has Harvey and Roger pole them to Downfall.

Downfall is a series of seven or eight islands rising from the swamp surrounding a center island where it growing out a huge tree. Exploring the island clockwise they have some fun encounters. Kerrick helps the bullywug balloon team repair a blimp. He then gets in trouble with a submarine rock. The group does help put out a fire in the mostly on fire and mostly destroyed balloon factory. They meet the Kingsford trio and the Royal Oak Trio a hot rock group who are having fun burning down the house and falling into a burning ring of fire. His Majesty Mando gets the Animated Coals to chill out and go see Johnny about some Cash. Duke Ickrind thanks the party and tells them to go meet the king and tell him about their good deeds.

Crossing the next bridge, they are confused as a line of a dozen or more Bullywug heads are talking and yelling at each other. More confusing each head is called King Gullop. Some are King Gullop the Eye. Others are King Gullop Vee. The last one is King Gullop X Vee Eye Eye Eye. The group gets dragged into a long conversation with the talking heads. During this they met a Gord Gone Scarecrow. Actually, they meet Clapperclaw the Scarecrow who has lost his head and uses a bird gourd in replacement. He asking them to a Stag.

Mando, “I never been to Stag party what is that?”

Clapperclaw, “I need my stag head to really see. An evil rabbit took it.”

The group remembers Prince Longscarf having a stag head but he passed on to Bavlorna. The Gullop mentions Hag Bavlorna hates her twin sisters and has a beauty spa in her basement. And point out the huge tree in the center of the circle of island is her lair. The group moves with the scarecrow in toe. (I had fun with this bit and wasn’t until I was doing that, I notice the Roman Numerals for the current king was wrong.)

King Bullywug, “I am King Gullop the X Eye X. I see you have been a service to my people. I name you True Fruit Flies Emissaries to Her most Beautiful Bavlorna. And please present her with this nice book call “The Big Book of Bad Blood”. The group needing no more encouragement return to their swamp skiff and pole over to the center island. (This scene took about twenty minutes. And they ignored two plot points.)

They enter Bavlorna’s Cottage through the basement stairwell into her spa.

Book, “But I don’t have a basement stairwell and the closest thing is B 4 Rickety Stairs.”

DM, “Shut it. I wasn’t expecting them to get this far. The lily pad looked like a circular stairway due to the bad light. And I don’t see an entrance that does not require a cat being in the way of the screen or flying to her house.” DM removes cat from book and in front the screen.

While in the spa the group kills a huge jelly mold, some insects, and a dangerous hat. They also loot the beep out each room. They then take the stairway to.

Group, “Heaven.”

Sigh. The stairway to second floor. Majesty Mando chooses the first door and there in a tea room so filthy that college dorms bow down in awl, is Bavlorna Blightstraw having tea with Charm a darkling elder. Kerrick pulls out his STOLEN Chipped tea and invites himself to tea. Mando quiets down the witch but.

They have all broke the rule of ownership repeatedly. After some fast talking, (And not there is no rolling to get yourself out this mess.) They find out they have helped the witch out twice. So, the only two rule breakers Art and Nap Retep need to pole across the swamp to FeyEx to pick up a package for her.

While picking up the package, and due to amazing deals. Art and Nap lose all color in their eyes. Kerrick loses his rhythm. When they get back, the witch as another fetch quest for them.

For the ones who she holds their lost things they need to fetch a painting of her elder sister Skabatha and get back her before the end of eight days. Loomlurch is a giant, hollowed-out tree located deep in the forest of Thither. Skabatha uses it as a lair. Skabatha’s portrait is displayed in a circular room in the heart of Loomlurch, alongside portraits of her three sisters: Bavlorna, Endelyn, and Tasha. She gives the scarecrow his stag head as payment for the him being a guide to the group.

Since Kerrick has helped fix the balloon, the witch gives them a ticket which allows them free use of the balloon. The balloon takes off with the scarecrow, bullywug sergeant Morgort, and the group.

And ill wind springs up.

DM Note. I will have a copy of the scarecrow available. He goes last during combat and players can megagame with him.


Rotten DM
Mando has Medium Armour Master so that is why his armor is AC 18. And it looks like Beyond has no problem with him being a wizard fighter.


Rotten DM
The Wild Beyond the Witchlight Session 5

Art Steals Art

Day 3 1300 to Day 5 0700

50 GP

PC Killed 0 Monster Killed 5 Villains Captured 2 Villains Escaped 3.

Time 630 PM to 850 PM

I had a very weak group of three Majesty Mando Fighter 1 Wizard 3. Nap Retep Ranger 4. Art Fighter 2 Ranger 2.

Story Award. I Found One. If your lost thing was in possession of Bavlorna Blightstraw it has been regain. Even if you did not play this session.

Magic Item Nap. Rufio Board. You have gotten Rufio’s skateboard. Moves at your speed or you can use as a club. You look cool.

Our wayward three take the balloon Burg piloted by Henny. On the way to Loomlurch you accidently had a pegacorn deflate your blimp. Landing near Nip’s Cave you discovered some wanted posters for Willie of the Feywild and his lost children. Nip aka Ebenezer Scrooge told you his tale of woe and you believe him. And by keeping your hands in the pocket you were some nice departing gifts. (Note any magical gift does count toward your limit. And I will allow you to swap out during short rests or between sessions.)

On the way to Loomlurch you talked with Portabella Campestri who was stewing in his Port Spa with butter and briefly chatted with his trainer Kro’ah. Some evil Scottish Toadstools did not let you play in their fairy ring. The Wayward Pool was protected by forcefield you could not pass.

The Smurf village got your goats and theirs and you wisely went your way.

Coming to Little Oak which was short and only 70 feet short you met Willi and his lost boys. The Get away gang dressed you up in a good disguise which allow you to pass the forcefield of the pool. Meeting Lady of the Lake Lamorna she gave the following information dump.

The domain of Prismeer once belonged to the archfey Zybilna, but was usurped by her cruel hag stepsisters: Skabatha Nightshade, Bavlorna Blightstraw, and Endelyn Moongrave.

Zybilna was vainglorious and deceitful at times, but her magic kept Prismeer safe and isolated. That situation ended when the hags of the Hourglass Coven captured Lamorna’s mate, Elidon; stole his horn; and used its magic to imprison Zybilna in her stronghold, the Palace of Heart’s Desire.

Elidon’s horn might be needed to free Zybilna, but Lamorna doesn’t know the whereabouts of Elidon or his horn. She tells the characters that she believes Elidon is the hags’ prisoner. (If Elidon had died, Lamorna believes she would’ve sensed it.

When Zybilna ruled Prismeer, no one could enter her palace without an invitation. It’s unlikely that the Hourglass Coven is capable of enforcing similar restrictions on the palace.

A library on the second floor of the palace contains Zybilna’s most treasured tomes.

A dragon-like creature called a Jabberwock lives in Zybilna’s palace and frequently prowls the forest. The Jabberwock tries to reach Wayward Pool but is always turned away by the lake’s protective magic. Lamorna emphasizes that the characters would be wise to avoid the Jabberwock, for once it sets its fiery eyes on prey, it rarely gives up the hunt.

Granny Nightshade Schedule is 0700-1000 wake up and work in garden. 1000 to 1700 work in kitchen or study. 1700 to 1800 Inspection of Sewing Room. 1800 to 1900 Inspection of textile mill. 1900 to 2000 Inspection of toy workshop. 2002 Lights out in the Dollhouse.

The next day the group sneaks into Granny Nightshade tree house. They scare some kids and Boggles away. And steal four family paintings from the house. Clapperclaw the Scarecrow is able to summon a blimp back to Hither where you trade the pictures for some of your lost items.

Next session will begin on Unicorn Isle at 0700. NPCs will be determined then.


Rotten DM
The Wild Beyond the Witchlight Session 6

Showing the Cunning Plan

Day 5 0700 To Day 0700

Gain 2 levels, 500 GP and 20 downtime days

PC Killed 0 Monster Killed 13 Villains Captured 2 Villains Escaped 3.

Time 620 PM to 845 PM

Story Award. Dirty Mando. Due to your almost three hours talk with Nightshade you get advantage when identifying Feywild plants and animals.

Magic Item Dust of Corrosion. Wondrous Item, Uncommon As an action, you can throw this dust into the air, filling a 10-foot cube that extends out from you. Surfaces and objects made of nonmagical ferrous metal in the area instantly corrode and turn to dust becoming useless and unsalvageable. Any creature in the area that is made wholly or partly out of ferrous metal must make a DC 13 Constitution saving

I had an average group of five. Kerrick Rogue 4. Nap Retep Ranger 4. Art Ranger 2 fighter 2. Mando Fighter 1 wizard 3. Thrivin Warlock 4.

Due to the split party Mando did very good but did not get much game time.

The group needs a cunning plan. Charge is thought of and quickly rejected. Showdown at high noon between Granny Nightshade and Sherriff Majesty Mando is an idea which got lots of thought. But Deputy Nap thought Sheriff Majesty Mando would take the eternal dirt nap.

The cunning plan “Mando will talk with Granny Nightshade while the rest of the group rescues the kids.

During the first hour Deputy Nap rescues Naal, Sung and Phil. Naal has made a soap key to rescue Mishka the cook chained to hot oven in the kitchen. They also rescue Yevelda, Callybon, and Pogo from the Wonka Textile Mill. But they take some damage and need a short rest.

Sheriff Majesty Mondo enjoy talk with Granny. And Granny Tom Sawyer’s him into helping out in the garden. Turning the compost pile with the strange moaning gases. He also weeds (Not that type of weed Art) the flower beds and mushrooms bed.

At 945 posse reenters the house. The rescue Brottor, Pud, Wendel, Roff, looking at the clock the leave and make their escape. At 946 Granny and Mando enter the workshop and Granny wonders where the workers are.

Mando, “Coffee break. But you did promise me tea and crumpets.”

Granny takes Mando back to kitchen. Mishka is chain to stove where she slaves over every day. Mishka has been bad, she tried to escape with the help with the help of the dwarf Elkhorn who is currently shoved inside a small kids’ cage. Granny has not decided if she going to bury Elkhorn underneath rose buses because blood makes the flower grow. Or make meat pies and sell them to S. Todd on Baker Street. She pets her pet dragon Cradlefall who demands a treat. Mando speaks in dwarven and hints at Elkhorn rescue.

Granny, “What is with the yak yakky?”

Mando, “Just told shorty that he is going to be the main ingredient in kidney pie.” Granny laughs.

Book, “BUT what the three subplots with the rescued kids. You are not running this right. Did you even read the book?”

DM, “Shut it. The Sheriff Majesty Mando, Deputy Nap and Fey Posse have a cunning plan.”

Mando walks Granny back toward the parlor. But Granny suddenly stops in the workshop.

Granny, “COFFEE BREAK. This is not a union shop. By Wonda’s peanut pieces. By Hershey’s Kiss. I will Canbury Egg them. The kids have escaped. Guards. Guards. What do you mean I only have six tin solders and three boggles left in the house? Mando take three tin soldiers and track the kids down. I will secure the house. Get my tracking pig and saddle my rocking horse and check the north forty.”

Outside the posse hears the alarms. They send the kids running and beat feet to the kitchen’s east door. Popping the lock, they rush in quietly.

Kerrick, “We are here to rescue you princess. Um Mishka. Just run out the door. Deputy Nap will lock up behind us.”

Mishka, “Nope. Not going to happen.”

Kerrick, “Well walk out the door.”

Mishka, “Nope. Not going to happen.”

Kerrick, “Well Art just carry her out.”

Art runs around the stove.

Mishka, “Nope. Not going to happen. I am chain to the stove.”

Art. “Nope not going to happen. There a dragon sleeping on part of chain.”

Elkhorn, “This is a rescue party. Last time I put my faith in royalty.”

The group quiets down. Kerrick works on the locks. Nap locks the inside doors. Art feeds the dragon while it mumbles for crumpets in its sleep. Mishka flees out the side door. Elkhorn flees out the side door.

The inside south door rattles. Granny, “Mishka. Cradlefall. Why is this door locked during operation hours?”

Art flees out the side door. Kerrick flees out the side door. As Nap is slowly closing the side door.

Granny, “Cradlefall WAKE UP CRUMPEYS AND HONEY.”

The big green dragon wakes up and sees Nap trying to flee out the side. Cradlefall, “FRESH MEAT. RAW MEAT. MEET MY BELLY MEAT.” The chase is on. The posse dive into the north river.

Book pushes its glasses up, “Well, actually. It more of a fresh water stream which provides.”

DM, “The posse flee into the north river and start swimming downstream. Shut it book.”

The posse mostly escapes. They wave at Nap as he goes swimming pass their hide with Cradlefall just feed behind him. He dives deep to lose the dragon. As he surfaces huge teeth grasps his throat.

Lamorna slings the soaked deputy onto her back and teleports him to the Island of the Wayward Pool. She then rescues the Sherriff. The rest of the party walks to the island. Lamorna will get the kids home.

During the gardening session Mando learns Nightshade dislikes Moongrave. She asks him to disturb the play Moongrave is planning. Granny also wants the horn to her rocking horse steed.

Oilcan will lead the adventurers on next session.

Note. Thanks, Nap, for taking notes on the schedule and using them. Thank You Mando for keeping the witch busy but not being able to play in the combats. Thrivin was also playing Willie.


Rotten DM
The Wild Beyond the Witchlight Session

Me and My Shadow

Day 6 0700 To Day 6 1200

100 GP

PC Killed 0 Monster Killed 16 Villains Captured 2 Villains Escaped 3.

Time 6:52 PM to 9:15 PM

Story Award Me and My Shadow. Dawnson and Kreput have Shadow companions. Use the Shadow stats but they are Fey instead of Undead. As a bonus action you can command them. If they died, they regenerate the next session or day. But they remember what happen. They will serve you until Moongrave is defeated or you ticked them off.

Slow start due Pizza and four new to adventure league players. Welcome Dave, Bear, Kreput, and Comet. And Comet did run a Aarakocra which is the first one I seen.

I had a strong group of seven. Dawnson warlock archfey 4. Kerick Durant Rogue 6. Art Fighter 2 Drakewarden 4. Dave Fighter 1 Paladin 4. Bear Druid 2 barbarian 3 First Gem dragonborn at my table, Kreput Paladin 5. Comet Monk 5.

Oilcan gets the adventurers across the bridge only to notice Majesty Mando is missing. How? The Fey Wild ate him. Comet suggests the group goes south.

Note with large groups I assign a person the caller role who decides which direction to go. This speed game play so the group does not spend five plus minutes on a decision.

They come across a trio. Gleam a female elf. A one-foot large honey bee named Pollenella and Amidor the two-foot-tall Dandelion. A few minutes into the conversation about directions and weather Comet notices Gleam has no shadow. The group gets the following information.

Amidor is on the run after freeing Pollenella, a queen bee, from a cyclops beekeeper. The two of them crossed paths with Gleam, and, after hearing the elf’s sorry tale, Amidor resolved to help her.

Endelyn Moongrave snipped off Gleam’s shadow using a pair of magic scissors and has imprisoned her twin sister, Glister. The rule of hospitality prevents the hag from harming Glister, but Gleam can sense her sister’s distress. The twins work as an acrobatic duo, and they used to be star performers in the Witchlight Carnival. Gleam wants to free her sister and find a way back to the carnival—perhaps with the help of the Fey Beacons

Endelyn believes her own demise will occur during an eclipse. Because there is no moon in the sky over Yon, the hag assumes the eclipse will be a symbolic display, rather than a literal one. Since the Selenelion twins are the living embodiment of the moon and the sun, the hag decided to separate the elf sisters, releasing one while keeping the other as her “guest.” By keeping the twins apart, the hag hopes to forestall her doom.

From Pollenella the Honeybee

The mountains are home to clans of korreds—stout Fey creatures whose hair has the strength of iron. The korreds gather and dance at Lockbury Henge. (If the characters don’t think of it themselves, Gleam suggests they strike up an alliance with the korreds.

An elf prince named Alagarthas made a bargain with Endelyn and now finds himself trapped in Yon. He’s at the Fey Beacons, searching for a way home

Hurly, a bugbear, made a bargain with Endelyn and is quite unhappy with how things played out. Now he is forced to perform in her morbid theater. Like Gleam, Hurly used to work for Mister Witch and Mister Light, though Gleam and her sibling had already left the carnival by the time Hurly and his brother Burly arrived. (Gleam knows that Hurly is eager to see his brother again, and she’d like to help him if she can.)

Gleam goes off to scout and tell her sister they have allies and the bee and flower join the party. (I will have stats to hand out for this next time.)

Heading south the notice the various freaking huge lightning rods. And the number of lightning strikes they receive. Coming around a bend they meet a mummery wagon. Okay is really a stage play. No. Stage Coach with players. Who quicky perform a stage play which draws Kreput and Kerick on stage, they perform so badly the troupe fires them.

The group hear drumming in the south and continue south. But Kerick is able to warn them about an attack by shadow goblins. Or shadows of former goblins. Some of the group tries to make peace. Some of the group try to gamble with the goblins. Or try to kill the goblins and the party.

(This combat, betting, and peace outing took a long time at the table as each player had fun with their moment in the sun. Thanks for catching my dice mistakes, Bear.)

The group takes a Short Rest and talk to the surviving Goblin’s Shadow. They are victims of the Evil Moongrave also who cut the shadows from their Goblin. They want Moongrave gone too.

End of Session.


Rotten DM
The write up was short but we had fun. I did call the game early so I could talk to the Air Force guys. And as normal with new players to AL lots of pauses for game discussions.


Rotten DM
The Wild Beyond the Witchlight Session 8

To Bee or Not to Bee

Day 6 1200 to Day 7 1200

70 GP

PC Killed 0 Monster Killed 16 Villains Captured 2 Villains Escaped 9.

Time 6:58 PM to 9:24 PM

Story Award Killer Trees. You kill the Kind Kite. It curses you with Kite Eat Trees. Next three Treants automatically dislike you.

Story Award Unicorn Horn Found. You recovered the Elidon’s Unicorn Horn. He is currently a rocking horse in Loomlurch the Evil Candy Factory location.

Story Award. Korred Komrade. You allied with the Korreds. You can summon them in your fight against Moongrave in Motherhorn. You can summon 3 Korreds to assist you in Motherhorn. Note they will have to travel from their secret tunnel to you location.

Story Award You killed Kenny. You killed, wound, kidnap and all other nasty things to Brigganocks. Next three Brigganock encounters start with them hostile to the group.

Magic Item Quiver of Ehlonna. Remember it duplicates.

I had an average group of five. Toto Bard 5 and first AL game. Darius Star Druid 5 and returning player. Kerick Swashbuckler 6. Art Fighter 2. Ranger 4. Thrivin Warlock 6.

The group encounter some weirdness. A thick black line outlines each of them and their hands now only have three fingers and a thumb. Across a clearing they see a tiny young goblin in a yellow shirt being dragged by a kite. As the kite gets closer, they see if laugh at the child and stare evilly at them. They attack. Destroying the kite which curses the girl with fifty years of aging and Treants being hostile to them. As the bald head goblin in yellow shirt with black wavy line around runs off to tell Lucy, the ground shakes.

All but Toto and Thrivin hide or turn invisible. It is Mudlump the Cyclops the beekeeper looking for Pollenella. The group bluffs his hide out of him and lies to him about Pollenella being at the beach near the lake. Mudlump does offer a reward. Hearing more dancing they move to the Stonehenge.

Book, “That Lockbury Henge you moron.”

DM, “I have a highlighter and a pen. And my players know what Stonehenge looks like.”

Book, “Right. Shutting up.”

Toto notices a game of chess is in progress but footprints from the table lead to two of the stones. He moves the white castle.

Queen Argantle, “You take your hand off of that piece and I cut it off.”

Darius, “Cool a Hand Burger.”

Art, “That pun was Krystal clear.”

The queen puts her hand over Toto’s and moves the castle back to its original location. Some discussion and games later. The group agrees to clear out the Korred Mine in exchange of six inches of height to Toto and some star sapphires for others.

Toto, “Why didn’t I get star sapphires?”

DM, “You took a bathroom break.?”

The group travels to the mine. Protecting the mine is six scarecrows in the shape of clean cut Korreds and a line of Ivory Soap blocks entrance to the mine. As Korreds hate to be clean this is a great idea. Crossing the line, the group enters the mine complex. About 200 yards in is a small cave about ten by ten. Suddenly all but Toto and Art falls asleep. A Sleep so powerful the victims can’t be woken. From deeper in the mine, they hear movement and act like they are sleep. Eight Brigganocks pushing wheelbarrows full of rope, pitons, and superglue. The crew goes about nailing down Kerick. As they approach Darius, Toto and Art attack. Three rounds later, the south tunnel is collapse. They have one dead Brigganock and two captured. The duo hears mining. The Brigganocks will swap out the cure for the hostages and dead body.

Toto, “But what is for us. I want more.” Four cures and two trinkets are exchanged for the hostages. As they are leaving, they melt the soap and shatter the scarecrows. Queen Argantle is not happy with their failure but has not choice. She will meet the adventurers in Motherhorn when Toto blows the Korred Kazoo.

Along the way, the group decides to rescue Pollenella’s hive and murder Mudlump.

Darius, “We did not say murder.”

DM, “He is dead, isn’t he?”

Art, “You are right.”

After the looting to Mudlump’s home, they take a long rest and arise in the morning to head out to Motherhorn. They meet the three Elvis Billy Goats who have blue suede shoes.

The first goat says, “When the moon obstructs the sun, Creeping Lyn will come undone.”

The second goat says, “Play to her passions. Stay on script. A cat, a horn, or a shadow ripped.”

The third goat says, “The fool’s scepter is the key.”

All the goats, “How do you like our gifts.

Art, “They okay and we move on. “

The ground, “That would be an oops.” The ground explores and a Galeb Duhr attacks. They make rocks of the monster and move on. Approaching the Fey Beacons, they see Prince Alagarthas trying to light the beacons. They approach him and discover he must like the beacons to get home. However, the Perytons who were they famous 70s Disco band the Greyhawk Mummers are cursed to stop him. Darius and Kerrick come up with a cunning plan of a disco dance off. The DM stills says Disco Duck is not period for the Realms but they defeat the Mummers and tell what they won Johnny.

Johnny, “Well Our dance contestants won the prince’s freedom. He left in a hail of Purple rain.”

Johnny, “That is not all DM. Our dance contestants have won Elidon’s Unicorn Horn. See pass sessions for what that me.”

Johnny, “And that is no all DM. Our dance contestants have won the right to come back next session to fight or defeat the evil Moongrave. Tune in next session when you hear the DM say.”

DM, “Hey let me hold a dollar.”

End of Session # 333.


Rotten DM
The Wild Beyond the Witchlight Session 9

Wind Crown

Day 7 1200 To Day 7 1800

Take a level, 5,000 GP, and 10 Downtime days

PC Killed 0 Monster Killed 22 Villains Captured 2 Villains Escaped 9.

Time 6:49 PM to 9:00 PM

Skully, “What! They didn’t kill anyone one this session. You didn’t kill anyone. WIMPS!”

DM, “Yes once I updated both sessions. They didn’t kill anyone. I put the fear of Fey into them.”

Story Award Sir Talavar’s Gift. Chime of Opening. THIS does not duplicate.

I had a four person average group. Kerick Rogue 6. Art Ranger 4 Fighter 2. Thrivin Warlock 6. And Jorhim artificer 5 sat in due his table not making. Thanks, Jorhim.

The group was scattered and slowly working themselves back together.

Table, “IT was cold. Windy. Traffic was bad, so you started with two gamers.”

Wandering through the near the sickle moon lighting rod, the fey shifts into a class room. The class rooms of the pcs’ youth. Vomit green and Vomit light green. The ugliest evil teacher of them all is standing before them.

Teacher, “take your seats. Today we will be covering astronomy and the great Mazikoth.” Kerick vaguely remembers the person. He notices a chair with Mazikoth name on and plops down. The teacher waves her four foot yard stick at the others and the seats. The others take their seats.

Teacher drones, “Whack, Whack, Whack.” Kerick falls asleep and day dreams. The others suffer through the lecture. Finally, the bell rings. Kerick offers the teacher a Pente piece. Art offers her a bruised apple. Kerick’s gift is accepted.

Getting out of elementary school early, they go wandering the forest. They hear the sound eight tiny reindeers. Um Eight Tiny Tricycle bells. Coming around the bend are eight goblins hold the handle bars of a tricycle. The rest of tricycle is imaginary. The goblins evilly thumb their bells and roar around the group. Closing the circle until the group can’t move. They pull to a stop and get off their bike.

Gary Goblin, “We are the HECK RINGERS.”

Goss Goblin, “No we are the BEEP.”

Gary Goblin, “As I said we are the HECK RINGERS because Moongrave does not let us cuss. We have a deal with you. For one your trinkets we with let speak with the Great GONZO!”


The group is offered. A trinket for five question to speak with the great mostly dead fey of knowledge. Some good questions are asked. And I give them some good information. Spoiler territory so no write up. (DM rolls a d8. The result is an 8. Places in front of Kerick.)

DM, “Ok we can do the last wandering monster encounter for fun. Or on to Motherhorn and Moongrave.”

Group, “Last Encounter.”

DM, “I CAN NOT HEAR YOU OVER THE HIGH WINDS OF THE F-5 TORNADO.” (Tosses another d8 in the cup. Rolls it and hides the die.)

DM, “The tornado can take you to various places. Forward. Back. Sideways. You can take what is in front of Kerick. Or what is under the cup. Choose.”

Group, “Eight. The Eight in front of Kerick.”

DM, “Let us see what they would have gone. In front of Brigganock mine which would have been cleared by now. You choose. DAMN IT. I Haven’t read Chapter 5. Give me a few minutes.”

The group lands in the Garden of Palace

DM looks at Thrivin, “If you make an R rated or Vegas joke. I am touching your dice.”

The Garden of the Palace of Heart’s Desire is beautiful. The babbling brook. The Garden Gazebo tea party. The beautiful white cloud. The ten kilometer drop to the fey wild. The most frozen in time occupants.

At the Garden Gazebo a tea party is in progress. As they join, the Gazebo grows to fit the extra guest. Some nice conversations happen and Sir Talavar gift is delivered to everyone but Jorhim. It is his thanks for helping him out in pervious sessions. The group goes to the front door but can not get in due it being locked. They need the key. A crown key.

Due to spoilers, I will not mention the places they visit to get the key. But the front door is unlocked.

End of session 334.

This book is fun. But I am having a very hard time doing write ups do to some spoilers and just lots of stuff happen at the table but it hard to write up.


Rotten DM
The Wild Beyond the Witchlight Session 10

Breaking Bowl

Day 7 1800 to Day 8 Noon

Take a level, 2,000 GP, and 10 Downtime days OR

Retired the PC

PC Killed 0 Monster Killed 31 Villains Captured 2 Villains Escaped 10.

Magic Items Staff of Striking, Bracers of Defense, Flame Tongue Long sword.

Time 6:35 PM to 9:37 PM

Sorry About the rewind and Thanks Darius and Thrivin for playing the NPCs.

I had an average group of four Darius Star Druid 5. Art Ranger 5 Fighter 2. Kerick Swashbuckler 7. Thrivin Warlock 7.

The group opens the stag door with the crown of a thousand needles. The hallway has dozens of starry sky painting and panels. Opening one set of doors lead to a balcony over looking a hurricane. Just above the hurricane is a platform with seven extensions and four stairways from the corners attach the platform to the palace.

Book, “HEY that is not.”

DM, “Yes I know but the map made look like the platform is attached to the first level and I got confused.”

The group make the way down to the platform to meet Warduke and Kelek. Kelek tells them to kill the Jabberwock in the dining room. They follow directions.

AND DIE! OOPS. Missed the sentence of it is asleep. REWIND.

The Jabberwock is asleep and Art leads in exploring the rooms. Dining room has at least a dozen frozen cast members, a medium size iron pot and huge red dragon um huge Jabberwock which is snoring and giving off slight confusion clouds. Most of the norther part of palace has been destroyed by Jabberwock. But the spa has some loot. And the aviary has a really huge owl.

Inside the banquet room, is Betty Boop who is twenty feet tall. She is eating the meal in front of her and demanding cake. The teapot Ms. Lansbury um Dubhforgail instructs the group how to get to the kitchen. We will not talk how Darius got a face full of cake but jokes were made the rest of the session. Dubhforgail tells Art how to find the butler Thinnings.

Making friends with Thinnings start the ball rolling. They free the huge snow owl which eats the druid. The owl chases the Jabberwock out the castle. They free the wizard, who frees the cleric, who does not free the knight. The wizard mentions Warduke’s flame tongue could break the cauldron but hostess would not like that.

Group, “We break the cauldron.”

The wizard, cleric, and party attack Warduke and Kelek. Art breaks the cauldron and is put in a choke hold by Zybilna. Kerick calms her down. The spell is broken. Each person is given a choice. A limited use magic item and transport home. Or they never visited the Carnival. Darius and Thrivin choose never to visit the Carnival. The others get greedy. The greedy are sent home by glass carriage pulled by four white horses um mice. The two others are returned to when they were seven years old and were called into supper and did not follow the Carnival sounds.

The End.

End of Session 335.


Rotten DM
Okay i am going to blame the map a little bit. But I know Covid is affecting my memory so I having trouble retaining what I read. The other thing which the wrap up after game talk pointed out is Art would regularly talk over me when I was doing box text or giving clues. Which would throw me off my game. Maybe later I could revisit the book with new players.
Feel free to comment.

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