D&D General Jennell Jaquays Appreciation

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And that's the second reason (beside keeping the thread positive) I didn't mention Justin's initial deadnaming either - he eventually did get it.

I agree with @FitzTheRuke , some things take time, and understanding is one of them.
As I’ve just said, I brought it up more as an appreciation of Jennell’s response. I like that she took the time to contact Justin, and I especially like that she pointed out that it should be “Jaquaysing” with an s.

I think that's more of a "Jaquaying sounds better than Jaquaysing" kind of thing.
Probably. “Jaquaying” sounds like “jockeying”, which sounds like one way to describe changing things up in a dungeon’s layout.

I just like that she made the effort to point that out.


Great Old One
The Enchanted Wood for Dragonquest is one of the great hexploring/sandboxes. Was blown away when I first played and has been an inspiration ever since.
All glory to JJ.

I did not know about this, but even the short blurb in amazon is a tribute to her design style: "A super-adventure with six completely different starting points to enrich variability of play and duration" :)


Jennell Jaquays was immensely influential on my D&D-related gaming back in the '80s. As a matter of fact, her Dark Tower kicked off my long-running Arduin game, and it was epic. Whenever I saw her name in JG-related materials they were pretty much a must-buy, as I knew that she would be providing top-shelf quality content.

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