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D&D 5E Keys from the Golden Vault

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Either I've never heard of this, or I glossed over it because it's a heist; I don't recall it at all.
They announced it the same day they announced OneD&D, along with the rest of the books of the year. It's a Radian Citadel/Candlekeep style anthology book, but we don't know much about it yet. We will soon, no doubt.


Well, toy do you:
no worries, I will
I'm looking forward to the book and the media propwrties, and am rather annoyed by the distractions.
not really my problem now, is it
Well, then, why post in a thread where people want to speculate about an upcoming D&D product...?
I replied to what you were saying, so maybe stick to the speculation part then and do not complain about others focusing on the OGL topic instead of waiting with baited breath for whatever WotC wants us to consume next

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