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D&D 5E Keys from the Golden Vault

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no worries, I will

not really my problem now, is it

I replied to what you were saying, so maybe stick to the speculation part then and do not complain about others focusing on the OGL topic instead of waiting with baited breath for whatever WotC wants us to consume next
I couldn't care less.


Dragon Lover
Admittedly I don’t ever use Adventure books, but I’m curious if there will be any interesting magic items or monster stat blocks I could snag. I could see this being a good book to create some interesting construct type sentinels for, or adding new types of sphinxs or other monsters known to guard things for others.

So one thing I noticed that may or may not indicate a connection to Honor Among Thieves is that in the Hasbro Pulse listing for the HAT toys, they begin with the words "OPEN THE DOORS TO THE GOLDEN ARCHIVE."

Golden vault, golden archive...could be coincidence, granted. There are lots of golden this and golden thats in D&D's history.

Also, that a Hugh Grant D&D action figure exists is throwing my brain for a bit of a loop.

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