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Khorvanis, the Omega Watch


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Didn't want to derail Paradox's thread, so starting a new one.

Khorvanis is the most powerful immortal I've yet to (and very likely will) stat.

Note that K. uses my Immortals Metamagic abilities.

Any Transcendental Abilities in excess of those allotted by his template have added a flat +36 to his ECL.

His 3 swords are a total estimation on my part. I haven't a clue what their actual "+ value" is, they seem relatively appropriate, and as the easily most powerful entity in my setting, I'm not terribly concerned.

I know he should be at least Titanic, but he's Medium. Crucify me.

He uses the Damage Reduction progression my group uses (HD * Cosmic Firmament Modifier)

Avinion, the Eternal One, is in fact one of three dissociative identities of the Almighty, though he is doubly more powerful than his brothers, Esmeirith and Ba'auth'aal.

However, sitting upon the Throne Beyond Eternity, Avinion, who is Steward of All Times in wake of the Almighty's mind-breaking, Schismatic suicide, has not the gift to create. He rules in impotence over a diminishing Creation shackled by an imperfectly-formed Eternity, one which is hounded on all sides by the void of Oblivion. As Time hurtles ever-more quickly into the abyss, into its own final destruction, Avinion must watch helplessly, unable to intervene lest he rupture the fragile cosmic balance that permits this last legacy of the Almighty to exist, even if ephemerally.

Avinion knows that Creation's struggle against the void is doomed to failure, and knows that when the war is finally lost, that he will live on undying in nothingness, and that he, like his father before him, will take his own life rather than face what is to come.

And yet, he will not permit any to hasten its already-perilous descent. Should a threat arise sufficient to grant Immortal Darkness its utter victory, Avinion will dispatch his emissary, Khorvanis, to rectify the situation.

Khorvanis is the Omega Watch, something a son or avatar to Avinion, a separate, dissociated being empowered directly by the Eternal One to intercede where he cannot. Khorvanis is the Judge of Time's End, the Executor of Eternity's Will. Only something as catastrophic as the immanent, irreversible destruction of the known universe would be justification enough for him to intercede in Time. And, as such, he is also titled "the Sword That Has Never Been Drawn".

Khorvanis exists at the very pinnacle of the Argent Peak of Creation, with one (spiritual) foot in the Akasha whilst his other is planted firmly within Time. He constantly wards Creation against extra-cosmic threats, such that they are never permitted to enter the body of the demiurge. His power rivals that of Time Lords of other universes, and even the mightiest inter-dimensional anomalies fall effortlessly before his three Swords of Judgment.

Khorvanis also guards the Gates of Eternity, which open unto the Akasha, whence Avinion rests. Not even the oldest, mightiest Immortals and Sidereals have ever held knowledge of Khorvanis' existence. As a silent watcher, he has protected them from threats which, for all their glorious divinity, could see them all annihilated in an instant if the dimensional barriers were to be breached.

Never interceding in the internecine pantheonic wars descending from the Schism of old, Khorvanis lacks his father's impulse towards despair. He is unphased by the eventual doom of time, resolute in his duty to see his charge through. Where Avinion grieves for all which has befallen, and all that which shall, in sorrow, yet befall, Khorvanis stands undaunted, the champion of an entire existence.

Opponents (such as rival Time Lords, the greatest, the most impudent Umbrals, or Nehaschismic Dragons) daring to engage Khorvanis in combat will instantly be assaulted with an impossible barrage of attacks from his Swords of Judgment, staccatos of planet-sundering spells via his Alter Reality ability, and the ineffable doom of his awesome Astral Effect.
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What stands before you, it is of…ALMIGHTY bearing. Barely taller than a man, the figure has prismatic, shifting, ethereal skin. Its eyes are gems of infinite facets that gleam with colors you cannot even name. It wears the robes of the highest judge, diaphanous garments that absorb and reflect light of all hues. Its smoky wings extend into the very firmament, engulfing the whole of the sky. In the ground before it are planted three swords of silvery light, one fading, one steadfast, and one blindingly brilliant. The entire plane on which you stand is struck silent, rapt, for Khorvanis, the Intercessor, the Omega Watch who stands the very Gates of Eternity, has come to pass judgment.


The Intercessor, Executor of Eternity’s Will, the Omega Watch, the Sword That Has Never Been Drawn

Stage II Demiurge
Medium Outsider (Extra-Planar)

Hit Dice: 480d1000 +141,600 x32 (19,891,200 hp)
Initiative: +399 (+295 Dexterity, +96 Divine +8 Superior Initiative), Always Acts First
Speed: Superluminal

Armor Class: 1,207 (+295 Deflection +295 Dexterity +295 Dodge +96 Divine +96 Luck +120 Natural)
Flat-Footed: 912 Touch: 1,087

Space/Reach: 5 ft. /Infinite
Base Attack/Grapple: +480/+1,166


Forever’s Lament (192 attacks) 10d1000 +51,920 +50 Permanent Ability Damage 10-20/x10

Yesterday’s Horizon (192 attacks) 10d1000 +51,920 +10 Divine Rank Annihilation 10-20/x10

Tomorrow’s Eclipse (192 attacks) 10d1000 +51,920 +50 Hit Dice Annihilation 10-20/x10

Special Abilities: Alter Reality (180th Level Spells), Divine Aura (156,800 ft.), Immortality, Immunity to Natural and Supernatural Effects, Interdimensional (50%), SR 586

Special Qualities: Divine Bonus (+96), DR 15,000/--, Integrated Class Features (Fighter)

Saves: Fort +928 Ref +928 Will +928
Abilities: Str 600 Dex 600 Con 600 Int 600 Wis 600 Cha 600

Skills: Omnicompetent, all skills= 579+Relevant Ability Modifier

Feats: Alertness, Bounding Assault, Cleave, Combat Expertise, Combat Reflexes, Dodge, Great Cleave, Great Fortitude, Greater Two Weapon Fighting, Improved Bull Rush, Improved Disarm, Improved Initiative, Improved Sunder, Improved Trip, Improved Two Weapon Fighting, Iron Will, Leap Attack, Lightning Reflexes, Melee Weapon Mastery, Mobility, Power Attack, Quick Draw, Rapid Blitz, Slashing Fury, Spring Attack, Two Weapon Fighting, Weapon Supremacy, Whirlwind Attack

Epic Feats: Combat Mastery, Dire Charge, Double Standards, Epic Fortitude, Epic Reflexes, Epic Will, Greater Sunder, Great Smiting, Greater Three Weapon Fighting, Heavy Fortification, Improved Combat Expertise, Improved Combat Reflexes, Improved Dodge, Improved Power Attack, Improved Three Weapon Fighting, Improved Whirlwind Attack, Light Eradication, Light Fortification, Moderate Fortification, Perfect Three Weapon Fighting, Perfect Two Weapon Fighting, Power Attack Mastery, Perfect Cleave, Preemptive Strike, Sixth Sense, Shadow Strike, Spellcasting Harrier, Superior Cleave, Superior Initiative, Superior Three Weapon Fighting, Superior Two Weapon Fighting, Superior Whirlwind Attack, Supreme Dodge, Three Weapon Fighting, Three Weapon Mastery, Timely Dodge, Two Weapon mastery, Uncanny Power Attack, Uncanny Two Weapon Fighting, Weapon Abatement

Divine Abilities: Apport, Enlarge Aura, Heavenly Body, Heavenly Mind, Heavenly Soul, Heavenly Spirit, Moderate Eradication, Perfect Disarm, Perfect Initiative, Perfect Sunder, Perfect Trip, Perfect Weapon Focus, Perfect Weapon Specialization, Spell Abatement (10), Spell Absorption (10), Spell Reflection, Superior Combat Expertise, Superior Power Attack, Superior Smiting, Sure-Footed, Sure-Handed, Sure-Minded, True Seeing, True Strike, Uncanny Cleave, Uncanny Dodge, Uncanny Whirlwind Attack, Uncanny Weapon Focus, Uncanny Weapon Specialization

Cosmic Abilities: Alter Reality, Apostasy, Cogency, Cosmic Consciousness, Cosmic Firmament, Heavy Eradication, Numinous, Perfect Charisma, Perfect Constitution, Perfect Dexterity, Perfect Intelligence, Perfect Smiting, Perfect Strength, Perfect Wisdom, Slipstream, Spell Amplification, Time Dilation, Uncanny Smiting, Unearthly Combat Expertise, Unearthly Power Attack, Unearthly Weapon Focus, Unearthly Weapon Specialization

Transcendental Abilities: Astral Effect (6), Dead Zone, Perfect Defense, Rectify, Transcorporeal, Transversal, Utter Eye, Ultimate Power Attack, Ultimate Weapon Focus, Ultimate Weapon Specialization, Unreal,

Metamagic Abilities: Annihilating Spell, Automatic Metamagic Capacity (171), Cataclysmic Spell, Devastating Spell, Dire Spell, Dolorous Spell, Doomsday Spell, Empower Spell, Energy Admixture (4), Energy Substitution (4), Enlarge Spell, Heighten Spell, Masterful Spell, Maximize Spell, Metamagic Freedom, Prodigious Spell, Quicken Spell, Quintessential Spell, Repeat Spell, Resonating Spell, Split Ray, Surpassing Spell, Theurgic Spell, Telluric Spell, Transient Spell, Twin Spell, Ultima Spell, Widen Spell

Alignment: Beyond Alignment
Environment: The Crystalline Eyrie of the Akasha
ECL: 1,449
CR: 966

The Three Swords of Judgment

Khorvanis tri-wields these three almighty swords. They appear as little more than rings of light orbiting his form. They have a base damage of 10d1000 damage and threaten a critical on a 10-20, dealing x10 damage. Khorvanis’ number of attacks doubles when he wields all three together. They deal an extra 1d1000 damage for every Divine Rank possessed by the target and quadruple damage to anything with a non-neutral alignment.

Forever’s Lament

The first of Khorvanis’ three swords of light, Forever’s Lament strikes with the sorrow of what shall always be. It deals 5 points of Permanent Damage to each of the target’s ability scores with each strike.

Yesterday’s Horizon

The second of Khorvanis’ three swords of light, Yesterday’s Horizon strikes with the glory of what once was. It annihilates a single Divine Rank from the target with each strike.

Tomorrow’s Eclipse

The third of Khorvanis’ three swords of light, Tomorrow’s Eclipse strikes with the implacability of what is to come. It annihilates 5 of the target’s Hit Dice with each strike.


Khorvanis has infinite reach and perceives the entirety of the dimension in which he currently exists.

Khorvanis may make a Full Attack against everyone he can perceive as a Full Attack Action. He receives an additional attack against everyone he can perceive every time he drops an opponent. Every attack he makes counts as a Disarm, Sunder, and Trip Attack; he Sunders for triple damage.

Khorvanis Power Attacks at an 8:1 ratio and may Power Attack for a total of 480 points. He Power Attacks at a 16:1 ratio on a charge, on which he receives a Full Attack. All damage he deals is multiplied by his Critical Multiplier (x10). Khorvanis never misses. He uses Combat Experitse at a 4:1 ratio.

Khorvanis may use Alter Reality to duplicate the effect of any spell of 180th level or below or an Epic Spell with a DC of 874 or lower. He may freely apply any of his Metamagic feats to these spells. These effects have a DC of 497+Spell Level

Khorvanis’ spells have no cap and deal use d100s in the place of any variable numeric effect. All Khrovanis’s damage from spells is considered Divine Damage (Thus, a basic Fireball cast by Khorvanis deals 480d100 Divine Damage.)

Khorvanis maximizes all die rolls, while all his opponents minimize theirs.

Khorvanis cannot be hit by any effect requiring an Attack Roll.

Khorvanis is immune to damage from all weapons (save Cataclysm).

Khorvanis is immune to the effects of any spell (save the Convocation of the Elder Lords)

Khorvanis is surrounded by a 156,800 ft. Dead Magic Zone which does not impede him.

Any opponent Khorvanis slays with his Astral Effect is erased from having ever existing.

Khorvanis is immune to time-based attacks and acts twice in every given round.

Khorvanis absorbs any spell cast at him, and is able to release it as a Free Action, amplified by his Automatic Metamagic.

Astral Effect: Khorvanis’ Astral Effect checks 4 times each time a target is struck

  • Beam: 19,600 ft. Ranged Touch, 25% chance for annihilation
  • Blast: 19,600 ft. Range, 1,225 ft. burst, 12.5% chance for annihilation, a Reflex Save (DC 726) halves the percentage.
  • Blood: 5% chance for annihilation when struck in melee, a Reflex Save (DC 726) halves the percentage.
  • Breath: 1,225 ft. Cone or 4,900 ft. Line, 25% chance for annihilation, a
  • Reflex Save (DC 726) halves the percentage.
  • Hand: Melee Touch, 50% chance for annihilation
  • Immolation: 156,800 ft. Burst, 50% chance for annihilation, a Reflex Save (DC 726) halves the percentage.
  • Storm: 5% chance for annihilation each round, 156,800 ft. Emanation, a Reflex Save (DC 726) halves the percentage.
  • Strike: 5% chance for annihilation on each melee strike
  • Wrath: 1,225 ft. Gaze, 12.5% chance for annihilation, a Will Save (DC 726) halves the percentage.
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Howdy Belzamus mate! :)

Just wanted to say awesome stuff. I'll post more thoughts on it in a day or so (last night tonight of work this week). I can't help thinking to myself a 4th Edition version would be even better. ;)

Wow, that's powerful... what kind of monsters does this guy face? Seems like he would take down a nehaschimic dragon in one round. You mentioned Umbrals ... they get up to Eternal level? The Epic Bestiary (IIRC) mentioned them appearing when an Immortal dies; so I had assumed they were Immortal type power. Or do they appear when Sidereals & Eternals die, too?

I really like the three swords, cool names and cool imagery with the rings of light thing.

And all the titles are awesome, makes him sound like an actual mythological figure...

{nitpicks} Shouldn't it be "Astro Effect" not "Astral Effect"?

Why do the swords do +10 Divine Ranks, +50 permanent ability damage, etc. in the statblock, but 1/10 of that (1 Divine Rank, 5 permanent ability damage, etc.) in their descriptions?

EDIT: Never mind, this is probably because of "All damage he deals is multiplied by his Critical Multiplier (x10). " {/nitpicks}

What Divine/Cosmic/Transcendental Ability gives him the no-spell-caps/d100 spell damage thing? That's pretty scary ... a 480d100 basic Fireball is bad enough, and metamagic'd up ... I can see where he gets "planet-sundering spells" from.

Who is this Avinion? Is he meant to be MORE powerful than Khorvanis???
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Wow, that's powerful... what kind of monsters does this guy face? Seems like he would take down a nehaschimic dragon in one round. You mentioned Umbrals ... they get up to Eternal level? The Epic Bestiary (IIRC) mentioned them appearing when an Immortal dies; so I had assumed they were Immortal type power. Or do they appear when Sidereals & Eternals die, too?

I really like the three swords, cool names and cool imagery with the rings of light thing.

And all the titles are awesome, makes him sound like an actual mythological figure...

{nitpicks} Shouldn't it be "Astro Effect" not "Astral Effect"?

Why do the swords do +10 Divine Ranks, +50 permanent ability damage, etc. in the statblock, but 1/10 of that (1 Divine Rank, 5 permanent ability damage, etc.) in their descriptions?

EDIT: Never mind, this is probably because of "All damage he deals is multiplied by his Critical Multiplier (x10). " {/nitpicks}

What Divine/Cosmic/Transcendental Ability gives him the no-spell-caps/d100 spell damage thing? That's pretty scary ... a 480d100 basic Fireball is bad enough, and metamagic'd up ... I can see where he gets "planet-sundering spells" from.

Who is this Avinion? Is he meant to be MORE powerful than Khorvanis???

Let's see...

Canonically, he's never actually fought anything (lol), I was just brainstorming things that might nab his attention. (Hard to come up with, I admit. :p) I thought the idea of an Eternal-level Umbral would be interesting, considering how my Time Lord (Avinion) is contemplating suicide.

Thanks about the swords, they're my favorite part of him too.

And yes, it should be Astro, I just like the sound of Astral better. (Unless someone's already come up with an Astral Effect...?)

Honestly, I'm not sure his swords' bonus damage should be multiplied by x10, it's a little absurd. Dropping it down would be a lot less game-breaking (yes, even at this level.) Ultimate Weapon Specialization is just worded so poorly, it gives no insight into what does and doesn't get multiplied. Still, I think a reduction might be in line.

As for he metamagic, all the abilities are in my Immortals Metamagic thread... here /url]. Doomsday Spell raises (a Trans) the die-size to d100s and Surpassing Spell (a Cosmic) removes the cap. Of course, I don't allow Empower to stack anymore, since it gets ludicrously out of hand. Still, his spell damage is (in a lot of cases) worse than his melee damage. (Twinned, 4xAdmixed, Split-Ray'd, Empowered Polar Ray whose base damage is 480d100.)

I'm honestly not sure he still needs Metamagic Freedom, since Resonating Spell increases his spells' area to his Divine Aura (who needs Widen?) and Empower no longer stacks. Extend is the only other one that works, I believe, which isn't all that big of a deal at this level.

Oh, and Avinion is the Time Lord, and his stats are actually quite boring, in all honestly. He just has 3 Omnifics, a handful a Trans's, and a small smattering of only the most essential Divines (Perfect Initiative, etc...). His whole write-up, minus flavor, is noly about a page and a half long. Plus, even Khorvanis would have a tough time effecting him in any way, Time Lord's are so far above even the mightiest Demiurge, they really almost ought to remain statless, I think.

Thanks for the feedback, Khisanth. Much appreciated, :)


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I'll chime in here with an observation that Khorvanis here is actually the first-ever Eternal-level NPC we've ever seen, unless one counts the Mortiverse (and that was statted up as a monster so doesn't properly count). Even if the higher being's stats are boring, it could be interesting to compare the two. Khorvanis is meticulously done and has a flavorful description and context; I for one am intrigued about what else you have at his level or above him.

Even if I can't use him directly due to my game Reality being very different in actual statwise rules, who's to say I won't do something in another Reality someday? :) Also, my PCs are presently hoping to be able to get some Eternal help against their Demiurge when it finally wakes up, since it's increasingly clear that even their First Ones are badly outclassed (partly by their own habits and hands, but that's another story), so perhaps having an idea what an actual Time Lord can do will be useful.


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*dramatic sigh* Fine, Paradox, if you insist.

There was stillness in the Eternal Void, and it was named Immortal Darkness; higher than Light, older than Time, wiser than Truth. And above the Void, was the True. The Almighty, the Lord of All and Nothing who sat upon the Throne Beyond Eternity. First Creator. Artist in the Rift of Dreams; Time his canvas, Truth his brush, and Highest Light his prismatic paint. For ages uncounted, he wove tapestries of glory and resplendence, filling the Void with the wonders of Light constrained in Time, exalted by Truth. With but a single, masterful stroke, he wrought the Argent Pinnacle of Creation from nothingness, a monument to His splendor.

But Immortal Darkness was first; old as the Almighty Himself and loathe to yield its dominions to Creation. Swirling in defiant vortices of black, abyssal waters, it rose up in ire, an ebon tide of nonexistence crashing against the Throne Beyond Eternity.

And the Almighty despaired.

As waves of entropy and annihilation engulfed his Argent Pinnacle, the Almighty raged at His impotence, at the impossibility of this defiance. Yet, He, embodying all things and none, in part emphasized with the serene nothingness of Immortal Darkness, of its transcendent stillness, and could not bring Himself to cast it away.

Forces raged within Him, elemental ideals of Abominable Splendor and Splendorous Abomination dividing from His supreme consciousness, of Perfected Imperfection ravaging His mind in Schism.

Thus, He broke, self-annihilating in the very birth of Time. From that part of Him which loved the Light and all its innumerable joys arose Esmeirith, Judge of all that stirred in darkness, unyielding sentinel of Highest Light. And from that part of Him which saw beauty in the Void rose forth Ba’auth’aal, wrathful hoarder of its serenity, who desired to tear down the Argent Pinnacle, to rend apart the Three Precepts of Light, Time, and Truth.

And from that which remained, of His temperance, His wisdom, His grace and lordliness, came, in grief, Avinion, their Highest Brother, left to sit upon a Throne too grand for him to ever hope to fill, coronated with a Crown of Broken Wonders, unequal to the doom of Time.

For it was all incomplete, a shell of perfection withering from within. Grain by existential grain, the roots of the Pinnacle tumbled back into the abyss as Immortal Darkness ever gnawed at Creation from all sides. Time became a prison for Eternity, stretching it perilously thin, feeding it into the vacuum of nonexistence to extort Light and Truth for fleeting aeons.
And Avinion knows this all. Rendered impotent by a duty that broke the Almighty Himself in the full height of his awesome glory, he is devoured by grief, shedding solar tears into the firmament as each moment passes, never to be renewed.

For Avinion cannot Create. His hands are numb and unskilled, weighed down by sorrow and ravage, sufficient only to destroy.
And destruction is what he loathes most. For, indirectly, he is bound to the Argent Pinnacle. Trapped within the prison of time, yet undying, he ever beholds the end of all, the return to cold, unchanging oblivion, to the Black Eternity and the undying reign of Immortal Darkness. A fate bereft of gods or stars, of Highest Light and all its splendors.

Consigned to rule over a cosmic wasteland, from an empty throne, empowered by a broken crown, Avinion knows that he will fall to the same devouring despair that saw the end of the Almighty. He will take his own life and blast Immortal Darkness with such searing guilt and glory that it will reel in mute, surpassing agony for all its timeless reign.

Broken by the doom that awaits him, that awaits All Creation, Avinion is a helpless god, too consumed by wretchedness to even defend himself against any extra-cosmic predators that might drift into the dead body of the demiurge. He is warded by Khorvanis, a dissociated preservation-aspect of phenomenal cosmic power who serves to guard the Time Lord, battling anomalies and rival Time Lords. And yet, the two have never exchanged so much as a single word. Avinion is closed to all, living in a microcosm of anguish and despair.

An Eternal, waiting for his universe to die.


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You stand atop the uttermost Pinnacle, a singularity of existence, where all dimensions overlap, the wellspring of dreams which ever flows into Creation. Beyond you is the Black Eternity, yawning in malign nothingness into infinite, endless horizons. And yet…there is something else, something BEYOND, both detached and intrinsic to every dimension, a Throne lording over the firmament itself, unfathomably massive, pervading all that is, and all that is not. And that throne is NOT empty. Though it seems small in comparison, atop it is a being of such awe-inspiring majesty that you – yes, even YOU, cosmic lords without equal – are driven to your knees in reverence. One instant, it is a silvery dragon, its infinite wings each a mirror; the next, an orb of coruscating radiance, a universal star, shooting forth jets of prismatic fire. Again, it shifts before your eyes, now a gaping void of crushing sorrow, weeping tears of fire. Now, a desiccated corpse, dressed in tattered robes, head surmounted by a broken crown. It continues to shift before your eyes, and you begin to realize that the being before you exists beyond Time, beyond Eternity itself, and that you are beholding it in all its many aspects. And what strikes you most poignantly, is that it DIES. Before your eyes, this glorious, Eternal being dies, over and over again, devoured by cosmic nightmares. Wracked with sublime agony, it cannot help but afflict you with the eschatolic visions that torture it so. And you realize, in an instant, that the greatest curse of all, the paramount doom of the undying, is to REMEMBER.


The Eternal One, the Transcendent, Highest in Lordship, Steward of the Will Divine, Perfected Imperfection

Time Lord
Macro-Tiny Outsider (Extraplanar)

Hit Dice: [1000d1000 +420,000] x1000 (1,420,000,000 hp)
Initiative: +620 (+420 Dexterity +200 Divine), Always Acts First
Speed: Superluminal

Armor Class: 1,500 (+420 Deflection +420 Dexterity +200 Divine +200 Luck +250 Natural)
Flat-Footed: 1,080 Touch: 1,250

Space/Reach: 1500 ft./ Infinite
Base Attack/Grapple: +1000/+2,040

Attack: Expression of Power +2,040 6,000d1000

Special Abilities: Alter Reality (337th level spells), Divine Aura (All Creation)

Special Qualities: Cosmic Consciousness (All Creation), Cosmic Firmament, DR 1,000,000/--. Divine Bonus +200, Godly Realm, Immortality, Immunity to Natural and Magical Effects, SR 1,210, Spell Reflection

Saves: Fort+ 1,122 Ref +1,122 Will +1,122
Abilities: Str 850 Dex 850 Con 850 Int 850 Wis 850 Cha 850

Skills: Omnicompetent and Maven, all skills= 1,203 + Relevant Ability Modifier

Metamagic: Annihilating Spell, Automatic Metamagic Capacity (328), Cataclysmic Spell, Dire Spell, Dolorous Spell, Devastating Spell, Doomsday Spell, Empower Spell, Heighten Spell, Masterful Spell, Maximize Spell, Metamagic Freedom, Quintessential Spell, Omega Spell, Prodigious Spell, Quicken Spell, Resonating Spell, Repeat Spell, Split Ray, Surpassing Spell, Telluric Spell, Thaumaturgic, Theurgic Spell, Transient Spell, Twin Spell, Ultima Spell, Unreal Spell, Widen Spell

Divine Abilities: Heavenly Body, Heavenly Mind, Heavenly Soul, Heavenly Spirit, Perfect Initiative, Telluric Effect

Cosmic Abilities: Apostasy, Slipstream, Spell Amplification

Transcendental Abilities: Dead Zone, Utter Eye, Invincibility, Transcoporeal, Transfinite, Transmortality, Transtemporal, Transversal, Ultima Effect (6), Unreal

Omnific Abilities: Akashic Immolation, Omnipersonal, Omnipresent

Alignment: Beyond Alignment
Environment: The Crystalline Eyrie of the Akasha
Cr: 1,333
ECL: 2,000


Akashic Immolation: Burst (infinite range) on death, Destroys 37 Divine Ranks, Reflex (DC 1,330) for ½

Apostasy: Avinion has no Alignment and is immune to all Alignment-based effects

Alter Reality: As a Swift Action, Avinion may duplicate the effect of any spell of level 337th or lower or any Epic Spell with a DC of 1,623 or lower. All his spells have no cap, deal d100 damage in place of their normal die-size, and deal pure Divine damage. (Thus, a simple Fireball cast by Avinion would deal 1,000d100 Divine Damage before any modification by Metamagic). These effects have a DC of 830+Spell Level

Cosmic Consciousness: Avinion perfectly perceives the entirety of Creation at all times.

Dead Zone: Avinion can evoke a Dead Magic Zone within his Divine Aura (All Creation) that prevents the function of all magic and supernatural abilities without impeding his own abilities

Godly Realm: Avinion’s Godly Realm encompasses All Creation. Any enemy facing him from within suffers a -200 Divine Penalty on Armor Class and all rolls as cosmic forces of unspeakable potency prevent them from harming the Eternal One

Invincibility: Avinion can ignore the effects of any affect by making a Fortitude Save equal to his attacker’s ECL

Omnipersonal: When Avinion is injured, all damage he is dealt is dealt also to every entity within Creation

Omnipresent: Avinion’s Divine Aura encompasses All Creation

Slipstream: Avinion cannot be undermined by time travel and is immune to Temporal effects

Spell Reflection: Any spell which fails to penetrate Avinion’s Spell Resistance is reflected back upon the caster, modified by 328 levels of Metamagic of Avinion’s choosing

Telluric Effect: Avinion’s Effect-abilities double in power every time he uses them against the same opponent consecutively

Transcorporeal: Avinion cannot be physically injured by any matter native to Creation

Transfinite: Avinion’s Divine Rank is inflated by the Divine Rank of the most powerful opponent within his Divine Aura (All Creation)

Transmortality: Avinion cannot be permanently destroyed by any means

Transtemporal: Avinion receives infinite actions against any opponent without the Slipstream ability and receives triple actions against opponents with the Slipstream ability

Transversal: Avinion can attack any target he can perceive (All Creation) regardless of distance)

Ultima Effect: (Effect repeats itself for 200 rounds)
  • Beam 4000d20 Divine Damage, 40,400 ft. Ray, No Save
  • Blast 2000d20 Divine Damage, 40,400 ft. Range, 2,525 ft. Radius, Ref Save (DC 1,330) for ½
  • Blood 1000d20 Divine Damage, Ref Save (DC 1,330) Negates
  • Breath 2000d20 Divine Damage, 2,525 ft. Cone or 10,100 ft. Line, Ref Save (DC 1,330) for ½
  • Hand 6000d20 Divine Damage, Melee Touch, No Save
  • Immolation 6000d20 Divine Damage, affects All Creation, Ref Save (Dc 1,330) for ½
  • Storm 1000d20 Divine Damage, affects All Creation, Ref Save (DC 1,330) for ½
  • Strike +1000d20 Divine Damage on each attack
  • Wrath 2000d20 Divine Damage, 2,525 ft. Cone, Will Save (DC 1,330) Negates
Unreal: Avinion cannot be affected by magic born of Creation

Utter Eye: Avinion always uses the most favorable result of a die roll, while all opponents within his Divine Aura (All Creation) use the lowest possible result for all die rolls


Utter Eye is what I call the Dimensional Mastery that gives both Inner and Evil Eye.

His Expression of Power is a Melee Touch attack multiplied by his Cosmic Firmament Modifier (so 2x1000x1000d6 = 1,000,000d6 = 6,000d1000). If he had a physical attack, it would do billions of damage thanks to VSCs which just seemed way too high.

He's traded both his Portfolios and his Integrated Class Features for a ~90 ECL. (Counting a TL's ability to change their classes at will)

Also, Avinion as presented here is without access to either of his artifacts (the Throne Beyond Eternity and the Crown of Broken Wonders) as he does not accept himself as a successor to the Supreme Being. Were he to, for some reason, see the light (so to speak) both artifacts would inflate his power massively, both providing a mutlitude of Transcendental and Omnific Abilities. I imagine the Throne would provide Absolute, Omnific Toughness, and Superior Dominance, while the Crown would accord the wearer with Transilient Fortitude, Reflex, and Will, Ninth Sense, Perfect Defense, and Perfect (Str, Dex, Con, Int, Wis, Cha).

Do bear in mind that the addition of those would bump his ECL by 800 or so.

Also, it just crossed my mind that perhaps some sort of anti-being should have arisen in some form from the Almighty's suicide. Might be worth looking into, though there aren't a whole lot of entropy-aspected abilities at the Omnific scale. (Oblivion, Undimensional, Lord of Necessity I guess would work).
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Well, the other two (Esmeirith and Ba'auth'aal) are so viciously diametrically opposed that any form of alliance or union is beyond anathema to them; both perceive the utter annihilation and absorption of the other's quintessence as the only means by which they might acheive their respective ends. Which...leads to their mutual destruction, eventually. Though technically as demiurge, they can't die, much of their power was displaced into their children, most of whom also have been annihilated.

Of course, there are still two other (more literal) demiurge, in Eriahim (who embodies incarante the Argent Pinnacle) and Baalzoth (who is Immortal Darkness in all its limitless oblivion), and were both their powers to be combined (even more impossible than the former scenario) something like a new Almighty could possibly be formed with or without Avinion's assistance.

It should be noted that in the present era of my campaign setting that all the Sidereals have annihilated themselves in a horrific patheicide called the Sorrowfall, and all the Immortals are so broken by the tragedy that they're largely useless as gods. Eriahim is maimed and broken with grief, nearly mad, and completely powerless to act in any meaningful way; while Baalzoth is barred from the Argent Pinnacle by a divine barrier evoked by the sacrifice of the Sidereals in their last moments, which tenuously holds back decay, but without gods or Lords to guide it, the world is in a sorry, sorry state. far from the paradisical perfection envisioned by the Almighty.

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