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Knights of the Scarlet Woman

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Still waiting for a list of non-coercive spells that will be used to coerce a woman to have sex because being forced to have sex is sexual liberation and not rape.

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Edit: I am interested in the other examples, Dandu, which you think express my personal views.

I was bored so here we go. [MENTION=85158]Dandu[/MENTION] , you can thank me later.

Being ravished still rates as the most popular female fantasy so I consider the actions of this organization to be helping women who otherwise might not have the courage to break away from the conditioning of the society to do so.

Anyways, it's not like the organization is forcing women to do something they wouldn't already want to do if society did not stigmatize sexual freedom. They retain full freedom to choose their sexual partners, they just can't be chaste which is like forbidding something unnatural such as standing on one's head.

Edit: I do not condone any non-consensual sexual activity in real life. This is a role-playing game which is flirting with mature themes. I fully respect an individual's right to choose their sexual partner or to do things which are unnatural such as take vows of celibacy even though I may disapprove of such vows.

The majority of efforts have been in the opposite direction, to forcing sexual suppression which also received broad popular support in it's goals and efforts as it still does in many backward parts of the world.

In real life I support gay marriage, even though I think homosexuality is unnatural (not lesbianism mind you, just homosexuality.)

It seems to me that if such a knighthood were to ever exist and to seize power, whether in real life or in D&D, it would take place in a country like France.

There, and Europe more broadly.

I did not say full freedom, I said full sexual freedom. Sexual freedom does not include chastity.

And if you enjoy it, it's not rape.

A chaste woman is not sexually free but rather sexually suppressed.

Of course lack of consent is rape, but when the women choose which man they have sex with they are consenting.


Haha. Yeah, rape IS pretty hilarious.

Rape is not hilarious, but this is a game, not real life.

If I was advocating rape in real life it would be something else entirely.

And the knights are not raping the women. They are kidnapping them and educating them for sexual freedom. The women can choose among the many knights of the order. It is just chastity that is forbidden.


A Wicked Kendragon
...Knights of the Scarlet Woman...

...who seek to liberate women sexually...

...order of knights who see it as their duty to fight sexual suppression and liberate women from the prison of chastity...

...liberate women from the bonds of chastity...

...swore an oath that they would never rest until every woman on the face of the earth had been liberated sexually...

...One hundred years ago, the knights lead a revolution in one country, X, (unnamed to allow adaptation for different settings.) and seized the reins of power after the people had become cynical after repeatedly seeing the corruption, bigotry and false promises of the Knights of the Virgin. As a result popular opinion shifted in that country and the people of that country discovered a newfound dedication to love and romance which had been suppressed by the Knights of the Virgin as sin and godlessness...

...became the first knighthood in history to allow women to become equal members with all the rights and privileges as men...

...Membership is open to all men and women who are willing to abide by the rules of the order...

...Knights upon entry take a vow to remain bachelors all their life, to renounce jealousy and possessiveness and not to hoard their love by only loving one man or woman but many. All those seeking membership also go through an initiation ritual which includes the blaspheming of the symbols of the Knights of the Virgin, orgies, feasting and the ritual deflowering of a (willing) virgin...

...They have a duty to fight for the order when called upon and to be courageous (although not stupid) in the face of persecution and difficulty...

...The order regularly kidnaps beautiful women who would otherwise have been caged in the prison of chastity. The women are educated (and brainwashed if necessary) and trained to become scarlet women. They have all the rights and privileges of members of the order except for the following restrictions:
A. They cannot leave the order.
B. They can choose their sexual partners but they cannot choose to be chaste.
Most of these young women choose to stay in the order and those who are recalcitrant are enchanted by various charm spells into cooperating. They are not forced to have sex with someone they do not want to and they are not physically abused. Only non-coercive enchantment spells are used...

...The order is structured on democratic lines for the election of representatives to the senate and the senate then gives a charter to military commanders to carry out military operations in various areas. Men and women are equal participants in the senate and the proportion of men and women is roughly equal...

...The Knights of the Virgin consider the order to be evil while more pagan persons consider them to be heroes. The Knights of the Scarlet Women have found allies among druids, thieves guilds, the fey, bards and certain demons and devils. (such as Succubi and Eriynes.
So let me get this straight.

They are composed of equal amounts of men and women. These men and women then kidnap women, brainwash them, rape them, and make them members who are then expected to do the same.

They are against persecution, but they themselves persecute against gay men and virgin women.

They speak of love and romance, but to them that means sex and orgies?

They speak of sexual liberation, but to them that means sexual surrender?

They liberate women from chastity by imprisoning them within an order where they will be raped and forced to commit rape themselves never to be able to leave.

And the local druids, thieves guilds, the fey, and bards support this?

Oh, and they have vowed to liberate every woman, except they only take the beautiful ones? What, they just kill the rest to 'liberate' them?

And you say these women that they take consent to it, even though you yourself used the term brainwash?



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And the knights are not raping the women. They are kidnapping them and educating them for sexual freedom. The women can choose among the many knights of the order. It is just chastity that is forbidden.
So it's kind of like being in prison, where you have the freedom to choose who you end up... serving, but the service itself is mandatory upon pain of... stuff.


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Rape is not hilarious, but this is a game, not real life.

If I was advocating rape in real life it would be something else entirely.

And the knights are not raping the women. They are kidnapping them and educating them for sexual freedom. The women can choose among the many knights of the order. It is just chastity that is forbidden.

Many things...so many things.

One: I like the group as a whole and will probably steal your idea and cite no source because you are lost in whatever you call reality.

Two: My gods I hope you are trolling or else I suggest you either look up the definition to the words you are using. (namely rape, coercion, freedom, homosexuality, french [they make GREAT FRIES!] ) Or seek professional help.

Three: From here on out this is me assuming you aren't doing this on purpose. People are disagreeing with what you say because you are giving opinions that aren't debatable, or really even opinions, they are wrong.

Four: Your posts scream ignorance and promotion of rape in a large way. I personally find misogynistic jokes hilarious...when they are jokes. But you are pushing boundaries that are borderline sociopathic. (assuming that is the proper term)

Five: This topic, like the other has been derailed and crashed and thrown around in a horrific way. Please delete it or remove it if you can.

Edit: In response to my actual quote: Light-hearted usually refers to comedy in some form. Hence him saying "rape is funny" meaning that you are saying that in so many words and if you don't see that just...stop...posting.
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My respect for the French has gone up recently due to the Libya situation. Seems like they finally outgrew their surrendermonkey days.


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As something of an aside, I thought the most popular female fantasy involved a guy who cooks and takes out the trash?

(Which, incidentally, is something I do.)

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