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D&D 5E [Kobold Press] Deep Magic 2 for 5E Kickstarter is Live!

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Marc Radle

So. Many. Stretch Goals!!!
We’re just over halfway through this Kickstarter, and the more than 7,000 backers have unlocked SO. MANY. STRETCH GOALS!
Let’s take a look at everything that's been unlocked so far…


Similar to the Ignices: Chronicle of Flame found in the Deep Magic, Volume 2 pyromancy preview, these grimoires are fabled magic items, which are items that grow in power as your character grows in level.
  • Book of the Dead – A grimoire for spellcasters with an interest in necromancy.
  • Infernal Grimoire – A grimoire for spellcasters seeking fiendish power.
  • Mythos Codex – A grimoire oozing with forbidden knowledge and the corrupting touch of eldritch beings.


Several NPC spellcasters of varying power levels to challenge (or aid) PCs of any level.
  • Archdruid
  • Bard
  • Bard Maestro
  • Frost Mage
  • Mage Apprentice
  • Pyromancer
  • Master Alchemist

Random and Reference Tables​

More tables for those who love reference tables and randomly determining outcomes or for those who need a quick name or idea for the next session.
  • Chaos Magic – An expansion on the Chaos Magic table found in Deep Magic, Volume 1. This table will not appear in Deep Magic, Volume 2.
  • Familiar Reference – A reference table of all the familiars found in both Deep Magic books and in the Kobold Press monster books.
  • Magical Descriptions – A table of descriptions for spells and other magical occurrences.
  • Magical Encounters – A table of short encounters featuring spellcasters and magical creatures.
  • Magical Location Names – A table for giving any magical location that perfectly eldritch name.
  • Potion Effects – A table of descriptions for random side effects of drinking potions.
  • Tome Names – A table of names to make every tome sound ancient, dangerous, or mysterious.
  • Spellcasting NPC Names – A table for naming any NPC capable of casting spells.
  • Villain Magical Schemes – A table of short descriptions of villainous schemes by spellcasters to spark inspiration for your next game.


You unlocked four new subclasses that will go into Deep Magic, Volume 2.
  • Bardic College of Fortune – A college that teaches the bard how to manipulate luck.
  • Cleric Divine Domain: Saint’s Domain – A domain that includes themes of sacrificing the self for the greater good.
  • Wizard Arcane Tradition: Fey Wizard – An arcane tradition focused on using the catalogue of tricks employed by fey creatures.
  • Wizard Arcane Tradition: Vril Tradition – An arcane tradition that unlocks the forbidden art of vril manipulation, harnessing the potent force that flows through the veins of all spellcasting creatures.
See the rest of the unlocked stretch goals ...

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Whizbang Dustyboots

Gnometown Hero
I really like the spread of spellcasting NPCs we're seeing here. Every book should provide a bunch of practical NPCs to use in games, instead of a lot of weirdos that seem interesting but won't be used more than once or twice, if ever.

Marc Radle



New Sneak Peek: Epic and Legendary Magic Art!​

In today's sneak peek, we're showing off some fun new art for a section of the Magic in Your Campaign chapter of Deep Magic, Volume 2. This chapter will give information for different ways you can use magic in your campaign, such as new magical downtime rules, tools for creating exciting magical villains, and guidance on customizing spells. The Epic and Legendary Magic section of this chapter provides an overview of ways to incorporate high-level spellcasting and top-tier magic items in your RPG storytelling.

Find out more!

Marc Radle


Dice Soon…? And Miniature Painting Stream!​

Today’s update gives a bit more information about the dice mentioned in the next stretch goal, and it talks about the miniatures mentioned in an earlier update.

So Close to Dice!
The next stretch goal is at $750k for Deep Magic-themed dice, and we are so close to unlocking it! Our partner for creating these dice, Fanroll, was kind enough to send us some pictures to give us an idea of how the dice would look if the stretch goal was unlocked. We thought these pictures were too beautiful to keep from you, so here’s a sneak peek of what the dice will look like, if we unlock the stretch goal!

DM2 Fanroll Dice.png

Dice Not Your Thing but Miniatures Are?​

Check out our earlier update about the Deep Magic miniatures for more information about the Frost Mage and Pyromancer miniatures. If you want to see these two miniatures “in the flesh,” Broken Anvil Miniatures, the geniuses behind the miniatures, will be hosting a stream on Wednesday, February 15th, at 12 PM Pacific on their Twitch Channel.

Live from Broken Anvil Miniatures HQ is a full paint-along stream featuring our exclusive Deep Magic 1 + 2 sculpts! Come join Head Studio Painter, Josh Davis, as he lets the chat vote on which miniature to paint fully on stream. Feel free to ask questions, get tips and tricks, or sit back and relax as the minis come to life.

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