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But how do you know if you are the exception or the trend? I'm also in the demographic they "made 5e for" but I like the direction they are taking post tasha's...
I don't know, but it is certainly true that every time anyone states what they believe to be a trend, someone will pop out to say they feel differently. That's discourse for you.

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Black flag was created in response to to OGL controvery. So they are now trying to get as many people from that event as possible. By telling them it is the only way to keep it in print, they might get one or two more customers.
I agree that the people upset about the OGL thing are their best bet, but I am not seeing how what they wrote is relevant to that group.

To me what is of more interest is their wide VTT support and the content / classes being available under a similar permissive license (ORC, and / or CC). This is how they can set themselves apart, not by wondering whether 1DD will have printed books.


But thanks for reinforcing my concern that the game I love has moved on from me, and that's apparently a good thing I should embrace.
It's neither good nor bad, it simply is. What you make of it is up to you.

You can decide that 1DD is not for you and play Shadowdark or Level Up or whatever else you want, you can stay with 5e or whichever edition you actually like best, or you can switch to 1DD. The 'problem' and the available choices have been there since 1e, only the titles of the games changed - and maybe this is the first time it has become a 'problem' for you.

Whichever way you go, I hope you can accept it and move on. This constant complaining / bemoaning does not feel helpful or healthy to me.

That's actually not true. Project Black Flag was being worked on as far back as July 2022 - at least 6 months before the OGL situation.

Please take a look at the full text on the Project Black Flag FAQ page:
Project Black Flag - Kobold Press

In particular ...

So Project Black Flag isn’t a new game?​

In July 2022 the Kobold Press team started work on Project Black Flag. Then, In January 2023, as our biggest fears were coming true, Kobold Press knew that Project Black Flag’s timeline had to change. Quickly.

In our initial announcements, it was necessary for Project Black Flag to be a new Core Fantasy Roleplay system. However, once SRD 5.1 was released into Creative Commons, it was suddenly clear that we could build on the same foundation that so many people already know and love. As a bonus, Project Black Flag can streamline the new building while ensuring a thriving future for 5th Edition.
Ok, I am sorry then.
I only heard about it after the OGL disaster.

I actually followed your project and liked the second playtest packed way more than the first one.
I still don´t like the way you promote it in this post. I think this needlessly keeping the fear level up.
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In July 2022 the Kobold Press team started work on Project Black Flag. Then, In January 2023, as our biggest fears were coming true, Kobold Press knew that Project Black Flag’s timeline had to change. Quickly.
Since your biggest fears did not come true (I presume...), does this mean you can change the timeline back ? Because being at playtest 2 now and having a Kickstarter in June does feel rushed to me. That right now is my biggest concern with this project, it feels rushed to me

One D&D and Black Flag seem to be going in rather different directions from the 2014 rules. I don't blame for them for characterizing 6e as a different game that is replacing 5e.
Yes, but they are also doing it to the same regard. Why not write that down? Why not present it as a different alternative.

And to quote someone wise:
"Why should I buy new versions of a book I already own?"

So just saying: "We keep it mostly the same instead of improving it" is not some advertisement that gets me in.

And also, I already own a different rules iteration LevelUP... so it really has to be good.


And I maintain that's a comparatively minor issue (with the caveat I mentioned before about how it's beneficial for WotC to maintain a closer orbit to D&D); someone who's become enamored of TTRPGs is far more likely to try a slightly-different-yet-largely-similar TTRPG than if they've never tried the hobby at all in favor of, for example, video games.
it is not so much me pointing out an issue as an explanation for why the grognards are not that important to WotC
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Its mostly the setting content to be honest. I would like to see that all opened on the DMsGuild. Don't care what WotC does after that.
Aren't most settings open by now? I am not expecting to see e.g. new 2e DragonLance content on DMsG, but there is new DL 5e content


Oh, I can think of ONE SETTING that isn't open.

Yep. I might have mentioned it in one or FORTY prior posts. ;)
I can think of at least one too, in fact of at least two ;) One of which should open up later this year and the other unfortunately never being opened based on some recent threads, despite me being much more interested in it that Planescape

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