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Kulan: Knightfall's Crisis in Bluffside Game [OOC]

But I am approaching from the opposite side. Maybe I will bull rush him next round. (Round 8.) My round seven attack was a miss. 😕
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Depending on what the knight or genie does, if you approach from the south of the altar, you might have a flank? Still not sure if AC 26 is a hit.

And doesn’t haste give a second attack even if you move? Or am I thinking 5e?
Nope. Full attack only.

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I'm kind of confused what to do. I was going to flank if Falen decided to move and attack the thug. Taking the thug out would leave only the cleric. And now we are retreating? Can't we just obliterate the cleric with sheer numbers and by constantly hitting him with dispel magic?

And doesn't leaving the room just free up the cleric free to smash the altar?

And if we're worried about getting his by the altar, could we not take shelter in the anti-magic?


World of Kulan DM
Initiative Order (Round Eight)
Eeldai [djinni] (bless; dazed [1 rnd.]; weakened): 18
Parch (loyalist leader): 18 (dead)
Lithia (loyalist): 18 (unconscious; dragged into corridor by Vitus in round 7)
Vincenzo (bless, haste, lesser vigor; poisoned): 18
Gattas (dazed [1 rnd.], weakened): 17
Tim (bless, haste, protection from fire; dazed [1 rnd.], weakened): 17
Custodio (bless, haste, lesser vigor; dazed [1 rnd.], poisoned, weakened): 16

Tuck (bless, haste; dazed [1 rnd.], helpless [STR 0], weakened): 14
Bugbear, Cleric of Darkness: 13
Living Altar [construct]: 12
Akos (bless): 12 ⬅️
Dungeonbred Unicorn [summoned] (bless, hasted; dazed [1 rnd.], paralyzed [10 min.], weakened): 12
Rockhorn (benediction and lesser vigor [RH only], bless, haste): 11
Spritewing (bless, haste; dazed [1 rnd.], paralyzed [10 min.], weakened): 11
Mitrik (thug): 10
Falen (bless): 8
Vitus (bless, invisibility purge): 7

The Deaf-Mute Knight (bless, bull's strength, haste, lesser vigor; cursed): 1
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World of Kulan DM
@MetaVoid, so when Parch fell in the previous round, did Spritewing kick at him regardless? If that is the case, then Spritewing hit (as Parch was prone) and the damage inflicted would have killed Parch.


World of Kulan DM
BTW, I have physio today, but I'm going to try post a reply for the start of round 8 before I have to start getting ready. The battle map will have to wait until later.

But, lunch first.

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