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Kulan: Knightfall's Crisis in Bluffside Game [OOC]

I was trying and failing to keep up with tasks and quests and people mentioned by keeping notes - this will definitely help. Although having a summary instead of bunch of link may still be useful, but this way, I will not miss something that I cannot immediately transfer.
I also just look at my ‘watched’ list to track my pbps

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World of Kulan DM
@Knightfall what part of the wall/hallway has already been 'altered'?
The western wall opposite the doors leading into the portal room. It includes the six squares along that wall. The two directly opposite of the open doorway and two squares to the north and two squares to the south. The construction done by Phelix altered the wall and the floor of those squares, as well as the hidden room.

The magically-treated walls and floors of those squares are compromised, so that stonework is at -4 to save vs. Vinny's stone shape spell, if he choose to cast it in round 2. The stonework on the other side of the corridor does not have any penalties to save vs. the magic. So, Vinny's stone shape could work, partially work, not work at all depending on the saves.

(I cannot remember if I'm supposed to roll for each square altered or for each 10-foot section. The latter seems more reasonable.)

Note, however, the alteration of the stonework was well executed, so it isn't apparent unless a character is a dwarf (or a kobold, etc.) or has at least 10 ranks in a related skill, such as Craft (stonemasonry) or Knowledge (dungeoneering). Thus, while the other PCs might have mentioned the secret room to Vitus, he cannot notice the altered stonework without a successful check (including Search).

Since the basic check to locate the secret sliding, stone door that leads into the room is a DC 25 Search check, then DC 25 is what is needed to notice the altered stonework. Note that opening that door without prior knowledge of its mechanism is a DC 35 Open Lock check. Since the PCs know where the sliding door is located, it is only a DC 25 Open Lock check. They did not open the door. The ex-guards opened it from the inside.

The metal door is a false door and was a poorly added addition by Phelix. Thus, the Search DC for that square is only 20.


World of Kulan DM
@Aust Thale:
Your check was so good that Falen can see all three of these approaching Loyalists. The closest one tries to crouch behind the low wall as she descends the stairs. (The wall rises with the stairs but is only 6 feet at its highest point.) The other two are harder to see but with his telepathic abilities and Mindsight, he is able to see them both mentally and physically.

The green glow is coming off the warrior wearing the horned helmet.

All three have cover against Falen with the strange glowing man being nearly impossible to hit from his current position standing behind the genie..

Labyrinth Fight3-Rnd2_Falen sees.png


I plan on living forever. Or die trying.
I need @Neurotic to confirm how much healing Spritewing gets from the blast. I think it is 8 hp. I know Rockhorn gets that much. I'm just not sure if it a chained blast or just two separate rays.

Since Akos isn't being threatened by anyone, he doesn't need to roll to hit.
Secondary hit is half of the original roll

Sorry all. Just got caught up. Where was Vinny suggested to place the wall? He will do so as soon as I am sure of what the plan was
Vitus suggested you block off the hallway so enemies get to us as we run away out of the room.

There wasn't really a specific plan as much as it was a suggestion.


I plan on living forever. Or die trying.
Can Spritewing hold the statue with his wings and just trot out and have Tuck bind it somewhere in retreat? So we don't get trapped all in here? I mean, it is levitating for some time, Spritewing shouldn't be encumbered, just needs to hold it enough to pull it along, right?

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