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Kulan: Knightfall's Crisis in Bluffside Game [OOC]

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World of Kulan DM
Round Two [Updated]
Maggs, Loyalist Fanatic: 24 (double move)
Vincenzo (bless, haste, lesser vigor; weakened): 21 (casts stone shape; spell fizzles)
Loyalist Soldiers [x2]: 16 (double move)
Eeldai [djinni] (bless; weakened): 16 (readied action; attacks Kellam)
Kellam Black, Loyalist Fanatic Leader (entangled; stuck to floor): 16 (moves; attacks Eeldai)
Custodio (bless, haste, lesser vigor; poisoned [delayed]): 15
The Knight (bless, bull's strength, haste, lesser vigor; cursed): 14 (puts dagger in sheath on belt; moves towards doorway)
-- Weakened effect of bugbear cleric's Blasphemy ends on Initiative Count 13 in Round 3 --
Vitus (bless, invisibility purge; weakened): 13 (casts entropic shield; moves; hit by AoO by Kellam)
Rockhorn (bless, benediction, haste, lesser vigor; weakened): 13 (runs w/haste; throws tanglefoot bag at Kellam and hits)
Akos (bless): 12 (moves to living altar; resets time dilation to lowest setting [standard action])
Cassara, Loyalist Fanatic: 8 (moves; casts magic missile)
Kefax Fetolsson, Loyalist Commander: 8 (moves; drinks potion)
Tuck (bless, haste): 7 (moves to help Rockhorn and Tim; Use Rope skill check [full-round action completed in round 3])
Spritewing (bless, haste; weakened): 7 (delays until after Tuck; then runs)
Tymbeck (bless, haste, protection from fire; poisoned, weakened): 6 (delays until Eeldai withdraws?)
Living Altar [construct]: 3 (manifests body adjustment)
Falen (bless; weakened): 2 (casts grease)
Gattas [prisoner] (weakened): 2 (delays until after Falen; hands potion to Falen; takes out holy symbol; casts CLWs on Vinny)
Ting [psicrystal]: 2 (warns Falen)
Lithia [prisoner] (unconscious): 0 ⬅️
Round 2 is equal what would have been round 12 of the previous fight.
Big Tim must make another DC 17 Fortitude save in round 5 vs. poison. If he fails, he takes 2d6 CON damage.
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