Kulan: Knightfall's Crisis in Bluffside Game [OOC]

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World of Kulan DM


World of Kulan DM
Round Three
Brelish Thug Archer: 25 (double move) (new combatant)
Maggs, Loyalist Fanatic: 24 (shoots at Eeldai and Vitus with shortbow)
Vincenzo (bless, haste, lesser vigor): 21
Loyalist Enchanter: 17 (moves; casts Invisibility) (new combatant)
Loyalist Soldier [masked] (confusion): 16 (moves; saves vs. Falen's spell; attacks Vitus [miss])
Loyalist Soldier (prone): 16 (double move; falls)
Eeldai [djinni] (bless): 16 (withdraws)
Tymbeck (bless, haste, protection from fire; poisoned): 16 (delayed from previous round; moves and attacks [misses])
Kellam Black, Loyalist Fanatic Leader: 16 (Strength check [success]; full-round action)
Custodio (bless, haste, lesser vigor; poisoned [delayed]): 15 (moves into corridor)
The Knight (bless, bull's strength, haste, lesser vigor; cursed): 14 (moves into corridor to stand in front of Eeldai)
-- Blasphemy effect has ended --
Rockhorn (bless, benediction, haste, lesser vigor): 13 (runs; or double move?)
Akos (bless): 12 (moves; casts confusion spell)
Unknown Creature: 12 (double move) (new combatant)
Brelish Thug: 12 (moves) (new combatant)
Cassara, Loyalist Fanatic (confusion): 8 (attacks prone Loyalist; misses)
Kefax Fetolsson, Loyalist Commander (confusion): 8 (babbles)
Tuck (bless, haste): 7 (finishes his full-round action; 5-ft step)
Spritewing (bless, haste): 7 (runs w/petrified wizard tied securely to his back)
Vitus (bless, invisibility purge): 6 (delays; casts lesser vigor on Tim, defensively) ⬅️
Living Altar [construct]: 3 (delaying)
Falen (bless): 2
Gattas [prisoner]: 2
Ting [psicrystal]: 2
Lithia [prisoner] (unconscious): 0
Round 3 is equal what would have been round 13 of the previous fight.
Big Tim must make another DC 17 Fortitude save in round 5 vs. poison. If he fails, he takes 2d6 CON damage.
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World of Kulan DM
I've added a post for the end of round 2. I'm going to wait for @Aust Thale's Bluff check before posting for round 3.

Note that there are new combatants in this round. I have put them in spoilers until the PCs encounter them.

Here is a revised section of the map showing where Falen's grease spell is located.

Labyrinth Fight3-Rnd2_Falen's Grease spell.png


World of Kulan DM
At physio yesterday, it turned out my right rotator cuff and lats muscles are what has been hurting me lately. Both were really bad (completely inflamed?). It's better today, but I think I'm going to limit how much writing I do. So, no updates until tomorrow at the earliest.

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