Kulan: Knightfall's Crisis in Bluffside Game [OOC]

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World of Kulan DM
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Next up is Eeldai, Tim, then Kellem.

Eeldai withdraws down the corridor. Tim moves into her spot and attacks. @Tellerian Hawke rolled his attack and missed (see below). Kellem makes a Strength check to break free from the goo of the tanglefoot bag.

Rockhorn had an idea to charge the green-fire man, but between the young knight, big knight and the wall, he cannot use his best tactics. And he is slowest of the group. He decides to move behind them and then keep the line.

Full round action: RUN! he gets behind the group as far as he can, then turns and holds the line.
Who is the young knight? Is that Vitus?? Or are you talking about the Mute Knight?

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