Kulan: Knightfall's Crisis in Bluffside Game [OOC]

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Aust Thale

Humanbane Dagger : 1D20 = [11] = 11
Falen gets the dagger
You need two? I mean, why roll if you want dancing one?
Falen is a dagger guy. I have this image of him with bandoliers of sheathed daggers. 🤣 Might get a chance to nick Waldo. The venom feature is a novelty. But the +3 part is a nice finish. If I understand the venom part right, it’s a choice to use it or not. The humanbane is just an added bonus. If I’m wrong about the mechanics of this, I’m cool giving it up. Falen is definitely not lawful nor “Boy Scout” good, but he’s not sadistic nor evil either. As alignment is a “balance of actions” thing, I figure using the poison on Waldo is, well…on balance not a bad thing.
Of course, roleplaying that conversation was kinda what I was hoping to do. Just saying.

I would like the dancing one too. Forced into a choice by value or whatever, I’d pick the dancing one. If you have an idea for role play that needs Venom, by all means, be my guest. It’s yours. @Knightfall How does the poison thing work? Can the dagger be used without it? Or can the poison be changed to a non-lethal variety?

Aust Thale

Holy crap. Had no clue about the values.
Um…scratch the previous wants and rolls.
Gonna need to rethink this. Had no idea I was wanting the most valuable pieces. Was thinking about it from a roleplay or combat advantage.


I plan on living forever. Or die trying.
I'm fine with you taking the daggers if that's your thing. It's not like Breva or Tim will use them :p

Bane thing is a philosophy, you rolled for it, you won. We'll discuss in game when I'm back (tomorrow). From optimization point, I'm doing damage since I'm wasting money

Happy Easter!
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I plan on living forever. Or die trying.
Per person 70 000 or 58 000 ( I would go for taking Breva out until such time Scotley returns)

Only magical and alchemical items are listed.

First, all non-magical equipment should go to the guards YES/NO?

Not balanced at all :D
But everyone gets resistance item and armor item, cure potion or two...I took some liberty with taking a bit more over 30k for Akos since I'll destroy the item, but I understand if you want to balance things more.

Falen gets lion share of everything and Tim the next big part.

Note that this is based on what we talked about and preferences, take it as a suggestion

To sell: cca 7 000gp
  • +1 Breastplate of quickness 4 350 / 2
  • +1 Leather armor 1 160 / 2
  • Psionatrix 8 000 / 2

@Tellerian Hawke Tim (melee, tank): cca 76 000
  • RoP +4 = 32 000gp
  • Lucky boots = 22 500gp
  • Cloak of resistance +2 = 4000gp
  • Belt of giant strength +4 = 16 000gp
  • Cure Serious Potion 750gp
  • Cure Moderate potion 300gp
  • Barkskin +2 300gp

@Aust Thale Falen (rogue/wizard melee): cca 170 000gp
  • +3 humanbane Dagger of venom 96 302gp
  • +2 dancing dagger 72 302gp
  • Cure moderate potion 300gp
  • Cloak of resistance +1 1 000gp
  • skeleton keys
  • Disguise kit

Akos (ranged caster): cca 33 000gp
  • +2 Feybane cold iron rapier 20 340gp
  • Cure medium potion 300gp
  • Crystal mask of languages 2 500gp
  • Ring of protection +1 2 000gp
  • Ring of mind shielding 8 000

@JustinCase Tuck (ranged/melee, skirmish): cca 27 500gp
  • Tabard of resistance +2 4 000
  • Cure medium potion 300 gp
  • Gloves of arrow snaring 4 000gp
  • RoP +1 2 000gp
  • +3 glamoured mithral chain shirt 8 576
  • barkskin +3 600
  • bag of holding 2 500
  • universal solvent 50
  • money 6 035

@ScottDeWar_jr Vinccenzo (wizard): cca 30 000
  • spellbook 5 300gp
  • Bracers of armor +2 4 000gp
  • Barkskin +2 300gp
  • Bear's endurance 300gp
  • RoP +1 2 000gp
  • Cloak of resistance +2 4 000
  • Wand of Face in the Crows 157,50gp
  • Darkvision potion 300
  • Money 7 000
  • gems 6 830

Commence correcting since I didn't check who has what :)

Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
I have Rapid Metabolism as a feat, so the healing potions can go to someone else;

Does cloak bonus stack with boots? If not, someone else can take the cloak.

Wait, I must have skimmed too quickly. Since I would get the belt of strength, I could keep the cloak and let you get the boots 😎 Does that work for you? 🙂


World of Kulan DM
FYI, I'm writing my next post right now. It will be a long one. I'm going to wrap up the conversation with Oakfirst and move the PCs along to the candle shop.


I plan on living forever. Or die trying.
Well, I feel bad about taking both save items, so I will just take the cloak if Akos needs the boots. I am not a hoarder, I am just trying to make myself into the best tank possible. 😎
I have Anklet of translocation. Dont worry about the boots. And a vest of resist +1. I could take tabard if Tuck takes boots and my vest.

Also, I am interested in that special diamond, bith as a player and as a loremaster

Akos, Tuck and Vinnie got less this time. Just have it in mind for when we take the next loot :)

i'd rather have Tim with +million to damage undominated, thank you very much :)

Don't all magic items resize?

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