D&D General Liquid Metal and 50 years of D&D!


Satan’s Echo Chamber! Muhahahaha
I was listening to SiriusXM’s Liquid Metal today and was thrilled to hear Ian Christie’s program, Bloody Roots celebrate the long history of heavy metal and D&D!

The program celebrated the 50th anniversary of the game and feature songs linked to D&D and explored the relationship between the game and the music it inspired!

I was happy to hear the host give a reasonable primer on the history of D&D as well as acknowledging the huge footprint it has had on video games, movies entertainment and…music!

Following this were songs and bands with clear links to the game.

I stepped away to write this but am probably missing some of the tunes so I will wrap up. But it did my jaded heart good to hear about my most enduring loves—-D&D and heavy metal.

Around the time we started being corrupted by older kids on the street and introduced to D&D, we were listening to records pilfered from older siblings at the listening station in the library at school.

Will never forget the look on the teachers face when she grabbed a pair of headphones to see what we were listening to. The look on her face said everything and made us love it more!!!

Long live D&D, heavy metal and beer!

(Beer was unrelated. I added that one cause it’s good).

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