D&D 5E Long Rests vs Short Rests

Would you rather have all abilities recover on a:

  • Short Rest

    Votes: 23 32.9%
  • Long Rest

    Votes: 47 67.1%

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OK. So more a hybrid Short rest/Long rest like the warlock, but with each class having the same pattern?

Sounds cool, if you can equalise it so the At-wills, Short rest, Long Rest and Utility stuff is balanced across classes.
Yeah, check out the other thread, I'd love your input. It's kind of an attempt at 5E 4e, but also from my experience of seeing multiple warlocks in play through level 10.

Warlocks are fun to build. Spell choice, cantrip choice, boon, pact, invocations, there's lots of customization to the class. But, only having 2 spell slots from 2nd to 10th is a small amount. I thought, what if they gained more slots, but the spell level was lower (half caster progression), but they get long rest slots earlier to make up for it.

I'm curious to see if I can finesse the numbers to work smoothly and then try it out. Building NPCs on that chassis would be better, too, since they wouldn't be able to nova so hard so their offense/defense split wouldn't be as drastic.

Rarely have I seen the entire dungeon level flock to the PCs for one giant encounter. Generally speaking its a group of 5 or so people, exploring rooms, and dealing with each room on a relatively individual basis.

That's been the basic premise of DnD since for ever.
Heh...you haven't played PotA...there are so many places that you can have the whole area on you...My party had to high tail it out of the Water Temple when they set off the glyph(coming in from the back way) and they were fighting hordes of cultist in the Large Dining hall when the Dragon Turtle showed up...

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